Building A Plywood Smoker

Hi all, I’m looking to build a smoker and after some tips, searching the forum hasn’t come up with much. The best method is using a smoker, in which the turkey should go breast side up. The best way to ensure a properly cooked turkey throughout the smoking process is to build the fire at a higher temperature of about 250 degrees F before putting the turkey on. Because smokers gradually cool down, an initial higher temperature will easily fall on the required temperature of 235 degrees F. The turkey’s internal temperature should be a minimum of 165 when finished.

Put cover on firebox and place wood cover on top of drum, weighting it down with a stone or brick. Make sure everyone in your group is well aware of the check-in (2pm) and check-out (11am) times and dates; Monteagle is in the Central Time Zone. Make sure the edges are flush before inserting the screws, for a professional result. Really, a new smokehouse needs a few burn offs to condition it before smoking anything, just so all the resins from the timbers inside get displaced. My smokehouse follows the tradition except that the walls are poured concrete and the roof is metal. With my smokehouse arrangement I get only a 10 degrees temp rise when I fire up the smokebox.

It is a long, slow, indirect, low-heat method that uses charcoal or wood pieces to smoke-cook the meat. The following picture is what I turned out with I hope that you like it, and it inspires you to build your own smoker. The smokehouse project came after burying our nearby cistern so that the dirt would be readily available. A good quality pellet smoker will set you back between $900-$1000; but we don’t recommend pellets, real cooks use real wood. Smoked products are NOT fully cooked, remove meat from smokehouse and cook thoroughly before eating.

Higher quality units will include deflector plates, extra racks, and other add-ons such as cooking surfaces and storage, heck, some of ‘em even have directions on how to us it, (that’s what most people use to start the first fire, we don’t recommend that) to make smoking more fun and convenient. I have created this page to document my journey on how to build a smokehouse On this blog I will take you along with me so that you may experience the ups and downs when building your own smokehouse.

Constructing a smokehouse is not something that you should do without consulting close neighbours. Attach trims to the end of the rafters to enhance the look of the homemade smokehouse. When you use wood chips of hickory, maple, apple, birch, ash or oak, you will be able to generate a flavor which adds to the taste of the meats that you are smoking. An electrical smoker is similarly constructed, except the smoke is controlled by pre-moistened wood chips rather than charcoal.

Avoid any wood that contains pitch, such as pine, because the pitch will be in the smoke and the pitch will therefore get into the hide (or meat) and the hide will feel sticky and somewhat stiff after smoking. I then begin to build the custom chimneys for both sides that could be regulated from the inside and also keep out all invaders (critters). The wood I used was aged.. I would probably season fresh wood or let it dry (before building if possible).

Then I used traditional framing to build walls, and then I also built the roof trust and sheathed the roof with half inch plywood. Smoking with fruit-flavored wood gives off a sweet fragrance which will be absorbed by the meat- apple or cherry are good options for a slightly smoky, fruity flavor. Place the pieces of lumber in their correct positions so that the wide flat side of the lumber is facing into the interior of the smokehouse.

You can do this by tossing in some scraps of wood to burn for about 35-45 minutes with all the vents open so that everything from the factory and transportation process is burnt off; be sure to do this outside in a well ventilated area; if your smoker is gas or electric, then just use that heat source, don’t build a fire in these. My aim is to create a website to show other people like me who are wanting to know how to build a smokehouse at home. You can control the heat and smoke generation to an extent with the amount of wood chips and the size of vents. As I set the smokehouse up on my driveway, I decided to line the floor with bricks to stabilize the structure.

I’m just getting started building the little smokehouse and mine will be slightly different in dimension, the roof, and the base configuration. When using a framing hammer make sure that you practice on scrap wood before starting actual framing to minimize waste and mistakes. Better quality smokers have doors that close and seal tightly, preventing smoke and heat from escaping; which make it hard to manage the flavor & moisture of your meats. Looking to build one and I am not sure if I need to somehow insulate the wood from the inside.

On to the top construction – I decided to make the top construction flat and have the center plank (5.5” wide piece) slide from end to end of the smoker to allow indefinite adjusting of the exhaust. These two top side support pieces of wood will need to have both ends cut at a slight angle so they will fit flush against the front and rear upright supports. When planning to build a separate structure, the general rules regarding height and placement should be observed – the structure should be no higher than 4 metres with a pitched roof, or 3 metres without, and no closer than 5 metres to your house. Jean-Francois, I forgot to mention.. Apple and Maple wood is great for flavoring.

You may notice some of the smoke (and heat) escaping from the smokehouse around the edge of the roof where it is attached to the smokehouse. One picture I did not get….the bottom of the smokehouse has a metal strip attached to protect it from direct contact with the quickcrete/block base. The lid will allow you to control the burn by letting more or less air to the burning wood. What type of heat source would be safe for this wood structure and would you place it directly in side the box. Once your fire is going, you can add green sawdust or green hardwood to cool the fire and make more smoke.

On the page for December, a pig is being slaughtered, a wooden tub sits ready for the salted meats, and a fire has been kindled in the little smokehouse. Collectively, they weigh nearly a hundred pounds, but handles on the smoke chamber make it easy for two people to tote around. You should confirm the dates and the number of people at your functions & events and number of rooms & cabins in your group; make the Sales Manager aware of your groups special needs, blocks, and banquet services that your group requires.

One of the other posters asked you how difficult it is to clean your smokehouse. Do not use pressure treated wood to build the interior frame of the smokehouse. It is also a good idea to build in a digital thermometer and hydrometer that a user can read from the outside to keep the smokehouse operating at optimal conditions. Connecting firebox to smokehouse: The smoke will travel through the six-inch, clay sewer pipe that is laid underground with an upward pitch.

Since building the smokehouse during the summer of 2014, we have smoked sausage and bacon from pigs we raise, and have had success smoking a variety of cheeses. One friend did line his wooden house with metal and can hot smoke around 225 to 250 degrees F. He has had no problems. Jesse’s uncle, a mason by profession, came over to help in building the smokehouse.

Just make sure you set this firebox on some bricks or rocks, so the heat from the firebox doesn’t melt the bottom of the refrigerator. Hopefully there will be a way to conceal your smokehouse behind a hedge or garden wall. If your neighbor is using a smoker or smokehouse and it bothers you, then maybe you should ask them to use it farther from your home or light it at a time when you wouldn’t be in the yard. As you see from the picture below, the smokehouse sits on several rows of cinder blocks with a stove pipe that will link into a separate firebox.

This DIY smokehouse by Smoking Meat Forum user Nick is a great addition to any outdoorsman’s backyard. If you simply want to make batches of barbeque for eating and freezing a good option is the Chargriller ?cPath=21&products_id=35&osCsid=7a30d12d700c609366c15e3a76b8649f with the optional side fire box. If not well-seasoned (i.e. dried), sap will slowly trickle from the wood while cooking, causing a burning taste and odor.

When I first built my smokehouse I used a clear weather sealant on the outside. For the size of my smokehouse the smaller burner will only bring the max temp up to around 210ish depending on outside temp, which is not high enough for ribs or muscle meat. Following are the general steps I performed to make an 80-inch-by-96-inch cement block smokehouse on my property. You can visit is online at and visit our online store for a huge selection of our SmokeHouse barbecuing sauces.