Selling A Commercial And Industrial Cabinets And Cabinet Makers Business

It’s a misconception that no one is buying commercial or industrial cabinet and cabinet maker businesses these days. However, the problem is that the cabinet contractor should not be charging sales tax to the customer and all Florida sales tax auditors are trained to tell the contractor that they have been illegally collecting sales tax from the customer, and even worse, the contractor still owes use tax on the cost price of the materials (materials plus shop labor).

St George Newsagency is a business which shows high retention of its profitability even during difficult seasons making it an ideal business venture in a truly authentic country opportunities to significantly increase the future benefits of this business are now enhanced by recent developments in the area which will strengthen returns in normal agricultural seasons.

In addition to the hire service, the business also imports and sells (both wholesale and retail) a large range of battery-operated LED products for the special events industry and other clients. Third, you will be competing with HD and Lowes and a zillion other cabinet stores that have low prices because the cabinets are made overseas with dirt cheap labor. Proven returns from this productive business with options to further diversify if so desired. This business has been operating for 8-plus years and has gained a strong reputation for providing quality products and impeccable service throughout Australia.

This friendly Queensland town sits on the Leichhardt Highway, about 5 hours from Brisbane and halfway between Taroom and Miles. Everything is here for you to continue with the business and owner is only selling due to ill health. With a home and a sound business all in one, this is a great opportunity to be your own boss in a friendly country town. This is the only business in town which can carry on trading in the case of a blackout – a major advantage.

With experience and knowledge gained from 35 years, the business has acquired a growing reputation for the beautification of both family residences and commercial premises. You then inject your unique skills into the operation without getting in the way of the craftsmen (like I said, I’ve owned my shop for some time, and I still couldn’t build myself a cabinet to save my life). Before starting my cabinet manufacturing business in 1990, I sold decorative and functional hardware, software and machinery to cabinetmakers around the southeast.

I purchased a mid-sized cabinet shop and hired the previous owner on to run the cabinet-making side of things. This business would be an ideal addition to an existing hire business and could be relocated to another State, without any detriment to its operation. With a mix of locals and visitors, and an excellent reputation, this is a great business to buy.

Company wishes to outsource because of capacity constraints, a range of sculptured faced MDF cabinet furniture including articles such as wardrobes, bookcases, writing desks, occasional tables, chest of drawers etc. The first shop I was in had about 45 bench carpenters (cabinet builders); a majority had had their own shops at one time and eventually had to shut down and go to work for a larger shop.

Search our business listings or ask one of our 6,753 Business Brokers and Agents to help you find a busi­ness or franchise for sale. Our business brokers have over 100 years of cumulative experience & the expertise to help you buy or sell a business in the LA County, Orange, Inland Empire areas. Bowen is a Queensland tropical paradise with all the amenities and services required for the perfect place to live. He understood because he had gone through the concerns in starting his business.

For the majority of the cabinet companies we talk to, an audit notice has been sent and we are hired to minimize the damage and/or negotiate a compromise with the state. An existing business is looking to relocate some of its supply sources to the UK and is interested in speaking to companies with CNC machine capability for producing 100-200 naked unpainted loudspeaker cabinets per month. When it comes to selling a commercial or industrial cabinet and cabinet maker business, successful sales sales often boil down to the business itself – not the economy. This is something we can usually negotiate with the state on and help the cabinet contractor correct the methodology going forward.

I have a great deal to rent space in the warehouse I work at and my Boss understands that my goal is to go full into this business and slowly drop hous from him. Leyburn is situated on the Toowoomba-Karara road to Goondiwindi and the Newell Highway with a growing amount of tourist traffic and further opportunities for increased business. The store operates on the Princess Highway in Stratford, ensuring high visibility by a heavy traffic flow of Melbourne to Sydney commuters. The business services eBay buyers & sellers, students, business customers and private individuals.

For over 25 years I have provided niche business purchase financial advisory and loan placement services with SBA and Non-SBA Loans, Retirement Plan Conversions, Private Investors, etc. The second group of cabinet fabrication/installation companies that contact us with problems have simply been paying sales tax to material suppliers on all materials purchased. Back 30 years ago I worked 8 hrs a day at my day job and 8 hrs at night making cabinets for architects who were building 4 and 5 story office bldgs for let. Currently based in South East Queensland, this business specialises in providing a room styling service for large special events held by corporations and organisations.

A new furniture and interiors business based in London is looking for a manufacturer who is able to supply high-end look and feel console tables, armoirs/cabinets, side tables, coffee tables and foot stools to be upholstered and topped with leather and faux leather. You asked what the range of possible profits for the first year is. If you are starting from scratch and not buying an existing successful business you should consider how much you could afford to lose your first few years. This business purchase is also a great opportunity to come and live in Phillip Island.

Approx 2 tons of high quality seasoned oak, elm, yew ,mahogany, walnut, maple and ome other woods for sale. They buy state of the art equipment I can’t even dream of owning and spend their free time making stuff and selling it to cover the cost of their materials. Our Resource Center is the complete business source for helping busi­ness buyers and sellers through the business exchange process.

Using a newer browser means that you can continue to get the most out of SEEK Business & won’t miss out on any new features. In addition, the current owner has a profitable earthmoving business of 40 years’ duration, which could be sold with the property. A question sellers ask: how do I sell my business without getting sued, isn’t a subject just for discussions with lawyers.

The current owner can help run the business for 6 months and is willing to carry the finance over a period of time, similar to a lease (upfront amount monthly repayment) or take cash plus real estate. Roofguard Roof Restoration is located in the Queensland coastal city of Townsville in North Eastern Australia. Pitch it to business executives and lenders until they are anxious to fund your venture.

This is already a very popular and successful business but it comes with the potential to do even more! Buy a Furniture Manufacturing Business in UK or find a Business Broker at If you own a Furniture Manufacturing Business and are considering selling, visit our Sell a Furniture Manufacturing Business section. It is the responsibility of each individual Seller to respond to enquiries from potential buyers, or remove their listing if the business is no longer for sale. The beauty of this business is that the majority of houses are acquired at no cost.

This is a solid business which has shown a continued increase in the bottom line for the past three years. A Swedish business organisation is looking for producers or wholesalers of traditional English furniture i.e. coffee tables, dining tables and chairs of high quality. We are only the 3rd owners in 30 years and offer for genuine sale so as to move on with other interests. I am proud to say that last weekend I had one of my cabinets in a remodelers parade of home with my business card on it. The inclusions list for this business is amazing, and includes about $500,000 of steel beams and tripods, numerous tools, 2 welder generators and 2 compressors.

Perfectly suited to a husband and wife team, this business offers a very attractive lifestyle with flexible hours and a strong regular income. With retirement approaching, this business & commercial property is now offered for sale for the first time in its exceptional trading history. This well established, family-owned business is located in Croydon, Queensland, in the historic Gulf Savannah region.

The business would suit a young couple looking for a dependable and solid income from their 1st business venture plus the added benefit of a 2 bedroom residence, or a husband and wife seeking a change of lifestyle away from the ‘big smoke’ but not too far away. Select one of our valuable resource guides below, and start educating yourself on how to buy and sell a business. Many business owners don’t know that commercial or industrial cabinet and cabinet maker businesses are still a hot commodity, to the extent that sellers have properly prepared them for the marketplace. If your making six figures then you run in a crowd that can afford your services.

All Buyers Receive A Personal Meeting With An Ace Acquisition Specialist So They Can Recommend The Perfect Business For You. As a longtime entrepreneur and small business owner, I have been involved with the acquisition and disposition of several of my own small this reason, I am uniquely qualified to help Bay Area small business owners buy or sell their small business. Some buyers search for an absentee business to own, wanting to collect profits generated by a successful enterprise without having to stand at the sales counter or cash register, without having to cook, operate equipment or talk to customers.