How To Choose The Right Cordless Battery Platform For Your Power Tools

Whether you are a home improvement enthusiast, or you just want to do a few projects around your house, you know that you can’t go wrong with a cordless drill. Most people don’t know that Scotts makes yard power tools, but obviously they do. This 10″ lightweight SYNC battery chainsaw is the only chainsaw they make and it’s a solid little chainsaw for small jobs around the home. If you only need to do light cutting there’s no need to buy a heavy duty chainsaw, but if you know that you’ll need to cut 14″ hardwood trees on a regular basis then don’t waste your money buying a battery powered chainsaw — they weren’t designed for that — they don’t have the power you need.

I had to buy him a new charger and he modified the 4.0 batteries to fit his made in China Makita bullshit tools. We’ve even read up on how customers were able (or not able) to get warranty service for their cordless drills. Choosing best cordless drill for your needs can be quite a daunting task with all the products on the market today. Premium tool companies sell their tools sans battery so you can just expand on the tools without paying for expensive batteries each time. Black & Decker cordless drills are widely available online, in hardware stores, and at Lowe’s and Walmart. Drill Speed- rpms or rotations per minute, is how the speed of a drill is measured.

Makita’s 18-volt version of the cordless drill comes with a 4-pole motor that can deliver 480 in-lbs of torque (again, how this compares to the 300UWO of the Dewalt is anybody’s guess). You may be a person looking for a simple drill to get those jobs done quickly and efficiently, while others may be looking for some slick side features that make your experience and work a bit easier\hassle free. If I didn’t have access to more power tools than I know what to do with, I would stick with Bosch for additional personal purchases. Look for a drill that comes with two batteries, as you can charge one while you use the other.

Cheaper cordless drills typically have batteries which require charging more frequently, so try to balance the cost and the amount of life that your new cordless drill can provide to get the best drill possible. The Bosch PS31-2A has a 12V battery that powers the motor to a hefty 265 inches-per-pound of torque and 350 and 1300RPM, which is 15% faster than competitors. It’s an excellent system that allows you to buy one battery and use it between any of the compatible tools.

With this head to head we’ve taken on a larger investment, an 18-Volt Cordless Combo Kit, consisting of 5 tools; drill, driver, light, recip, and circular saw. Fortunately, the batteries charge fairly quickly so I haven’t been stuck without battery power…..yet, but the bigger batteries are the way to go if you are working with the tool all day. The one deciding factor for me is that ridgid offers a lifetime warranty on both the tools and the batteries. No crucial negative points that we can think of that can be given to this drill.

With the brushless FUEL tools, however, the performance is now equal to (or better than) many corded products and with 4.0Ah batteries the runtime is more than double what we’ve seen from cordless tools in the past. This lightweight (2.5 lbs with battery) electric drill is an excellent all-around work horse, especially for those who operate in a small business.

Battery-powered: Battery-powered drills have the benefit of not needing to be charged (which makes them truly cordless); when they run out of power, simply replace the batteries. The PCC606LA 20-volt max 1/2-inch cordless drill gives serious capability when needed. Cordless Screwdriver – Cordless screwdrivers are a fantastic tool to have on hand for assembling furniture, putting up pictures, removing cabinet doors and other lighter weight jobs.

Side note; if i was buying up new tools today, i would skip the regular drill driver and buy the impact driver and hammer drill. If you’re more serious, a contractor-grade drill trades some lightness for the extended run time you’ll need for decks and other large projects. The Metabo has an electro-mechanical clutch that cuts power to the motor after the clutch engages. Since there are so many different options available to you, be sure and do your research, so you get the best impact driver that fits your situation.

This drill produces 480 of torque, enough to tackle any job in the workshop or on the jobsite. A friend once told me the best way to judge to see what power equipment to buy is to take a look at what the really good contractors use. Many companies separate cordless drill warranties into two categories: the drill itself and the batteries. First of all, you need to choose whether you want to have a corded or a cordless drill.