65 Free Rabbit Hutch Plans

Discover thousands of images about guinea pig cages on pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Even though Mr. Bun is kept outside, a litter tray can still be supplied to make your job of cleaning the cage far easier, and it provides your bunny with a specific spot to go in so that they will not always lying in their own filth. Built low to the ground with an easy clean, removable litter tray, this cage has 4 casters on the base to facilitate easy movement of the cage. Choosing the perfect rabbit hutch for your rabbits should not be taken lightly.

Think of their indoor housing as a base for them to return to (for security, if scared, and for bedtime). Wrapping the rabbit in a towel can help to restrain it, but make sure it is not restrained so tightly that it gets hurt. To accommodate this natural behavior in caged rabbits, it is important to provide appropriate objects for your rabbit to chew on. Cardboard pieces, untreated wood, and hay provide enrichment while promoting chewing behavior. You can build or buy your rabbit a two-story condo” with the floors connected by a ramp-they love this! Shredded paper is a relatively cheap option for rabbit bedding, but it has limited absorbent qualities.

Never leave your bunny unattended with children or other animals as they are fragile and disaster can happen quickly. Choose one with a higher back so that the rabbit does not kick the bedding out of the litter pan. If you want rabbit babies, then having both sexes is fine, just make sure you read up on rabbit breeding practices and know what you need to do to encourage healthy rabbit babies being born. We recommend not holding the bunny more than a couple of times a day for the first few days.

You can do an outdoor bunny hutch in a hot/cold climate but it will require a lot of effort on your part and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you live in an area with a moderate climate, having a bunny hutch is a great option so the rabbits can enjoy the outdoors. If you have to make do with a smaller cage than ideal, just make sure that your bun receives plenty of exercise time every day to stretch out his legs. Avoid placing your rabbit too near a doorway, in a drafty area of your home or direct sunlight. However, check the entire cage in the event that your rabbit did not use the litter box.

DIY or furniture hacks for bunny housing is def the thing to do at the moment, during my research I came across some scary unsuitable rabbit homes! In order to make this rabbit hutch, you will need a good supply of plywood, mesh wire, hinges, lock and nails. Below is a video about how to make a standard bunny condo for less than $60 with NIC grids and zip ties. All of our products are vetted to make sure they are the best available for your house rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other small animal. Rabbit cages come in many different sizes and shapes to suit a wide range of budgets and bunnies!

Now the kits are all in one corner,together, hair is on top of them, but there is nothing underneath them but the cage. A cage or pen would be equally suitable for a rabbit, although pens often do not have a roof, so you would need to make sure that it was tall enough so your rabbit could not jump out. Some people prefer rabbit cages with wire bottoms because a litter pan can be placed underneath.

We also recommend that little children hold the bunny on the ground and not carry them around because one accidental drop could really injure your bunny. While a large traditional hutch is not cheap, general over $100 for even the most basic model, they are typically much larger than the standard cage. A cage should be at least 4 times the size of your bunny when he’s entirely stretched out-more if he is confined for a large amount of the day. Often a bathroom or laundry room is a safe place for your rabbit to stay while he can’t be supervised. Buy cheap vinyl flooring to put under the pen and bunny can even live in a carpeted room.

At what age can a rabbit be neutered, and I am going to make a cage of my own, prob a double floor, any advice. The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center ( ) warns that overfeeding of certain greens can be harmful to rabbits, so keep a close watch on how much grazing your bunny does. While your bunny make not be able to chew its way out of your new cage, keep in mind what kind of predators might want to chew their way in. Be especially careful about access to snakes if they are a problem in your area. If you do decide to use a cage, make sure you are letting them out for supervised play time every day.

But remember, rabbits are very social creatures, so choose a location in your home that won’t leave your bunny feeling lonely and abandoned. It should be stressed that the combination of an animal carrier and an x-pen to set up at your new location is probably the easiest way to travel with your rabbit. The top rated models we reviewed are all excellent quality and provide the things that we have covered when looking for a good, long term rabbit hutch. Outdoor rabbit hutch plans can be built on stilts, use galvanized roofing material or even PVC piping.

Rabbit hutches can be used for other small animals too like guinea pigs, ferrets (if the spacing between the wires is small enough) and other furry small animals. You can creatively design your own rabbit hutch, in lieu of following traditional patterns, to keep your loving pets happy. Anyone deciding to invite a pet rabbit into their home or garden will have a number of purchases that they’ll need to make in order to ensure that their new friend’s life is a comfortable one.

Click this link to read a tutorial on how to make a dog crate into a multilevel home. Germs from your rabbit can easily be transferred to human food that is then consumed by humans. P.S. Just a little cabbage or kale is oaky for rabbits -these foods produce a lot of gas, which literally can kill bunny. I like To hang treats high so he can stretch and try and work for it. The bedroom is partitioned off so it’s nice and dark, it leads to the hall way where I used a brass mesh to make it a bit more stylish. For the first few days with your new bunny, keep it low key and not stressful so your bunny has time to adjust.

Put the tray in the spot your rabbit has chosen as a toilet and they will learn to use the tray instead. It is ideal for those who want some customisation similar to what cube houses has but has neither the time nor skill to build from scratch. The cage must be tall enough that the rabbit can stand up on its hind legs at full stretch and long/wide enough that the rabbit can take three hops in any direction. He is a little skittish around me so I have tried lying near his open cage in the living room with cm pieces of carrot, and in the last 2days he seems far more relaxed and will give me a small nip when he wants more carrot!

When a rabbit is put in a new cage he will explore it and then mark it with his smell. Make sure there is nothing he can reach that he could damage or that could harm him, including any cables and wires. It is possible for a rabbit litter to be entirely male or female, but usually a rabbit litter consists of a mix of male and female babies. Be careful not to leave unintended gaps in the slats as your rabbit could get stuck and suffer an injury. Many hutches these days are very attractive and would make great indoor enclosures.

Often pens do not have a floor, so you would need to make sure the floor on which you are going to place the pen is safe for the rabbit, and can’t be dug up or damaged. A main advantage is that you are able to build a cage to suit your bunny’s needs, it can be big, have several levels, be made to a certain design to make the most of the area you have. My House Rabbit is an educational website that promotes keeping pet rabbits inside the home. Rabbits need exercise Unless you build an extremely big hutch with a run outside or let him run around outside occasionally, the bunny will be unable to stretch his legs.

Cage systems vary in accessibility, supervision and comfort for the animals, as well as in convenience of waste removal. Indoor rabbits will probably live longer out of stressful influences such as predators and poor weather conditions. Yesterday’s News is a recycled paper pellet litter that absorbs the smell of rabbit urine. The rubber matting was also helpful over the ramps because it had treads which makes it easier for the bunny to climb.

This helps house rabbits to stay healthy, because damp and drafty conditions can cause rabbit health problems. Crates offer a bit more room than a cage and a lot more height than a cage, however, they do not offer as much space as a pen might. If you’re making a 3 high cage add 2 levels, one 1/3 of the way up and another 2/3rds of the way up. The top level can be three squares and the middle one can be 2 squares. If you decide to have free ranging bunnies, you might want to start with something small like a dog crate or a small pen to train your rabbit into using a litter tray ( See more details on litter trays and training).

If you must house a single rabbit outside, please spend a couple of hours a day to interact with your rabbit so he will not be depressed. A 16 – 20 sq foot NIC cage would cost about $60-70 (including flooring and zip ties) and will last your rabbit it’s entire life. All and all, the rabbit seems pretty happy, although I don’t know exactly how you can tell for sure.