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Rabbits Giving Birth: Everything about taking care of baby rabbits on the day they are born, including checking the rabbit nesting box. We made a new nest in a box, when the babies got big enough, they tried jumping out of the box, breaking their necks in the process… If I knew then, what I know now, I would have just left them alone, but now raising rabbits for food, I understand that when they were jumping out of the box, they should have just been let go. Wild animals are wild animals, no matter if you raise them domestically or not, and should be left alone.

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I, as a young stuborn child uncovered a nest and recovered it.. I was afraid that when they mowed the grass to the field they were in, they would be killed…. my mother watched to see if the mother mother had come back… dont know how she would know… but evidently the mother either didnt come back, or my mother got tired of waiting 3 days and wanted to make sure they were taken care of… not knowing about rabbits in the first place, and trying our best.

Not only did Mr. Krummen raise Flemish Giants, but he had a variety of rabbit breeds. The the most common pen is made of all wire, which is the most sanitary, as the waste from the rabbit will fall through the wire floor onto the ground or into a pan which can slide out from under the pen for cleaning. I have fostered kits up to the age of 2 weeks(14 days) when fostering kits at a older age (something that is not recommended) I removed the doe from the cage and added the new kits to the box.

To prevent a rabbit from getting its head caught while reaching for hay, the openings in the hayrack should be no larger than 1 x 2 inches. They allow your rabbit to have a comfortable place to sit, while still allowing the droppings and urine to fall through the hutch floor. If you wish to have more than 1 rabbit share the same space, we suggest introducing them at a young age – keeping a close watch for aggressive behavior. I think your bungie idea will work but I am concerned about her jumping down into the box with the babies. Thrust your fist into the middle of the rabbit nest box, simulating a little burrow.

As a rabbit breeder backyard or commercial fostering litters is a very important skill to know how to do. Even if you have only a few rabbits you should know how to foster kits. A finished nest box will have a floorspace of 12×9, suitable for Med/Sm breeds such as Mini Rex, Fuzzy Lops, Mini Satin, Tans etc. Additionally, when a rabbit stands up on its hind legs, its ears should not touch the top of the cage.

Rabbit nesting boxes can be purchased in many places, made from wood, sheet metal, wire or a combination of these. Other members of our local rabbit club have also purchased Americans, which gives us a fairly wide range of diversity for sustaining the breed locally. Although there are a number of breeds with the body type suitable to the commercial meat venture, the most popular is the New Zealand White followed by the Californian.

Please avoid using hardwood ply unless it is stamped ‘ FSC Approved ‘. Consider the proposed location of the box when deciding on the position of the access hole and internal baffles. When I beagle found a nest in our yard, I used a paver to cover most of the nest and a couple well placed cinder blocks to allow the mother access. If a kit is outside the box, it will stay outside the box until you pick it up and move it. The doe will not pick up and move her kit, you need to do it for her. We are a service organization that caters to anyone interested in the rabbit or cavy hobbies on a pet, fancy (exhibition), or commercial level.

The rabbit or cavy must be at least 6 months of age, and you must have a 3 generation pedigree for the animal being registered. The American breed is a large size rabbit and we’ve purchased an extra large nesting box that we will use with our next pregnant American doe. Before each use, I disinfect the nest boxes with a mixture of bleach and warm water. The Little Giant Single Nesting Box is made of high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene that will not rust, rot, or corrode. Because you’ll be needing to check on the baby rabbits frequently (ideally every day), put the nest box where it will be convenient to your reach.

Cage size for medium sized meat breeds are 24″W x 36″L x 18″H or 30″W x 36″L x 18″H for breeding cages, cages for bucks or young replacement breeding stock can be housed in a 24″W x 24″L x 18″H or a 24″W x 30″L x 18″H. Place the nest in the doe’s cage 1 to 2 days before she is scheduled to kindle, usually at the 28th day of gestation. Unless your pet rabbit is really very sick do not use a heat pad because rabbits love to chew things and they might just electrocute themselves by chewing through the electric cable.