HVLP Spray Gun Kit

Actually, a skillful painter with the correct spray gun (notice I said correct,” not new) is the right recipe for an outstanding paint job. What really impressed us was the negligible overspray from the gun compared to our old conventional Devilbiss. The challenge is to have a large enough air compressor to handle the necessary air volume demand. It would be nice to get some more information as provided by an INDEPENDENT TEST FACILITY but doubt that is going to happen for all paint guns being tested under the same exact standards. To spray acrylic (or latex as it may be advertised on US sites) you will need a minimum 4 stage turbine, but in reality you would be better with a 5 stage.

With a slightly negative air pressure will help the spray pattern in the pulling mode to wrap around the edges and profiles of the parts. A standard HVLP spray gun is specifically designed to be used with an HVLP air turbine and is not compatible with high pressure, compressed air typically used for conventional spraying. Clean the inside of the cup with a small amount of the proper solvent (water, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, or denatured alcohol depending on the paint used). When the material is directly below the guns, the guns begin to paint the material.

I honestly use cardboard almost anywhere I paint and do projects (in the garage, house, or on the back patio) and we just pick up the cardboard at Costco… because everything at Costco is bigger. Turning the knob clockwise closes the valve and reduces the amount of liquid that flows from the cup into the gun. Well, that is the process of taking the coating that is the paint cup and breaking it up into smaller parts (drops) and applying it to the surface being sprayed. You may be surprised at how little air pressure you really need to get satisfactory results.

Although HVLP Turbine Systems were not designed to spray walls/ceilings, thousands of people have used the Fuji Systems to paint walls with Latex and they are very happy with the result. Applying too much too quickly, gun distance too close to surface, gun travel speed too slow, over-reduced material, air pressure too low, painting on a cold surface. Before use I tested for any air leaks, I also adjusted spray pattern by running water through the gun and dialing in. Overall the build quality is average, but the gun is more than capable of painting a car.

Place 1 to 1-1/2 ounces of clean solvent inside the cup, attach it to the spray gun, and spray the solvent through the spray tip into an empty bucket. On an HVLP gun, this spec is usually found on the gun, and is the maximum PSI it can have while still maintaining the maximum 10 lb at the cap for legal HVLP transfer efficiency (68 %). You are now ready to do a test sprayout.

So after reading a few posts and seeing a few pins on Pinterest I went to Harbor Freight and purchased an inexpensive ($15 on sale) HVLP gravity fed spray gun. The spray gun comes equipped with a high quality stainless steel cup that can be used with acetone based cleaning agents without causing corrosion. Then the filter on to the regulator (if your filter is plastic like mine, you won’t need teflon tape because the plastic is soft enough to keep it air tight).

Sharpe told me via email that they do not test their paint guns in this method and therefore do not provide information such as provided. True HVLP guns use 8-20 cfm (13.6-34 m3/h), and an industrial compressor with a minimum of 5 horsepower (3.7 kW) output is required. Some of things that sounded good about it are it doesn’t require a large air compressor (you save on size and on space) and you just use mason jars to attach to the gun to hold the paint or sealer you are spraying.

Graco-Sharpe Mini-HVLP FX1000 is a reliable spray gun that delivers high quality finish and unmatched spray pattern size. They are easier for us to handle, clean up and we just don’t need the top feed feature. Now we are in the booth and we’ve opened our fan all the way, the fluid adjustment is open all the way, and we can set the gun to the recommended air pressure, let’s say 22 psi at the gun. If this is the case, after finishing the job empty all the paint out of the gun. Conventional air spray painting is well suited for quality wood finishing and fine painting.

TCP Global Model G6600 Series Spray Guns include a professional needle, nozzle and air cap set along with a full baffle assemby that enables it to produce a Fully Atomized and Consistent Spray Pattern! Gun features stainless steel needle and 1.4 mm nozzle with anodized finish for easy cleanup. Ultimately, I ended up returning the Kobalt spray gun kit to Lowes since the siphon fed gun would not work and the other one wasn’t suited for working with the acrylic paint I use. The regulator at the pot is only pot pressure (shoving paint from the pot to the gun).

Another way is to use a Metal Conduit going through the wall and attach the standard Hose to this conduit in the spray room and attach a shorter Hose from the Turbine to the conduit in the other room. If you are planning to use your gun on a regular basis our suggestion would be to purchase a professional gun. Painted silver base coat / clear coat (which is a difficult enough color to spray / match) on a BMW. I wanted to spray latex with an airless gun run off my compressor and everyone seems to say that it can’t be done without major thinning. A small amount of compressed air for final atomization is used to provide a very soft spray pattern.

In any event, if you ever get any future inquiries regarding the used of a spray gun with boat bottom pain, the HVLP with the #5 projector is the answer. Please note that the chart offers you a starting point only as to the setup size to be used. The linear motors of hydraulic or compressed air drive pumps, are more efficient in converting engine power to material power, than crankshaft driven units.

Many compettitors have inferior designs that do not include a proper baffle with multiple airflow holes at the head of the gun, and therefore will not provide near the atomization or consistent spray pattern that ours will provide! An HVLP gun requires more VOLUME of air to operate (the V in HVLP) than older gun types. In most cases no. For those guns capable of conversion, the range of air caps will probably be limited to light production air caps.

Good flow rates, minimal overspray, high finish quality, and excellent transfer efficiencies are the features of AA spray technologies. If one of the air passages become plugged, the spray pattern is not going to spray evenly. Do this spray out every time you spray and as material change, temp, and humidity change. Spray to color stains, shaders, and toners; and heavier bodied materials such as sealers, primers, and top coats. HF is known for lacking support and parts are made of unobtainium, but the price makes it worth buying a new set when that time comes.

Most users report that the preferred Aircap Set for water-based (water-borne) coatings is the #3 Set (1mm) – this is because these coatings are best applied in thin, wet coats (layers) to prevent orange-peel and bubbles in the finish. You should however, be aware of any warranty nullification that may happen by using latex paint in your gun and use it at your own risk. I also have tips on adjusting a spray gun, spraying techniques, and how to properly clean a spray gun.