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Have you ever wondered what is so special about teak wood that it is in high demand globally? With wood, you’re usually handed a block of wood, typically finished with a stain and/or sealant, or you’re asked what kind of wood is this table, or that cabinet, or this old walking stick. If you have an old piece of ercol furniture that you wish to identify, then here is the ideal place to look. This is a tough one but once you are familiar with the iconic designs or can identify the materials used in good furniture buying something with no markings won’t mater much. I asked about the weight to get a rough idea of how heavy the wood was — density really should not be used too precisely for ID’ing.

Hi, I just purchased this table on eBay and the lady selling it could not remember what type of wood it was. Contacted the carpenter who said it couldn’t possibly have come from him as the wood was bought from the timber yard with the bark still on – I now know that this is just the type of wood they love! Shannon, let me apologize in advance – If you want help with identification, you should take a picture of each from about 7′ closer to the furniture. But, it is important to determine which type of wood is most prevalent in your antique to help determine the age. This made it so furniture makers could provide more affordable furniture to more customers.

Solid wood products have included oaks from North America and the Far East (Quercus alba, Q. robur/petraea, Q. mongolica), ‘Brazilian pine’ (Pinus taeda or P. elliottii), Albizia saman, walnut (Juglans mandschurica), beech (Fagus), ash (Fraxinus), alder (Alnus), acacia, rubberwood (Hevea) and Dipterocarpaceae. When you’re trying to determine the age of an antique, take a look at these parts and look for tool marks, slight variances in size and shape, and elongation of round parts (round wood contracts across the grain, resulting in an oval shape after time).

So the best way to continue our discussion of Old Hickory” vs. Hickory” rustic furniture is by describing the various Indiana hickory furniture companies. The assignment of origin based solely on microscopic wood identification is virtually impossible; other factors need to be considered when assessing an object. At Carrocel furniture store , the construction and restoration of custom-made furniture is an intensive process. This wood is used for cupboards, linen chests, and cabinets as the wood’s natural oil is a reputed insect repellent. Faux wood or faux marble laminate – Tables and credenzas with fake wood or marble plastic laminate tops are not good pieces.

This multiple-wood construction isn’t always easy to see until the old finish is removed – a table you think is walnut, for example, may turn out to have gum legs, stained to match. Just barely sand it enough to rough up the surface so that the paint can grab” onto it. I have a furniture painting tutorial which you can find here: -to-paint-furniture-a-beginners-guide/ – just take extra care with the laminate part. As the furniture dries, the weak joints split leaving substantial gaps visible to the naked eye.

Take a close-up photo perpendicular to the middle of a drawer, and post that for confirmation by me or others on wood species. Thanks a lot for your informative website and ur quick responsesI hope you can advise me as i became really obsessive since i found lyctids and anobids ( furniture beetle) in my kitchen, i had the names from the dept. I remember buying some wood (sight unseen) salvaged from a chair that was supposedly Brazilian Rosewood.

If it’s iroko (or some other very hard wood) I’m gonna use it to make the fretboard of a ukulele, as I’m planning. Once you have discovered your furniture finish, a good general guideline is not to use wax products on oil finishes and polyurethane finishes, and not to use drying oils on non-oil finishes. If the wood is a part of a finished item that you can’t adequately weigh, you might be able to test the hardness by gouging it in an inconspicuous area.