Lessons Learned From A Disappointing Kitchen Remodel

How many samples of paint does it take to find the right color for a dining room? I could always ask Sherwin Williams if they have less toxic options… again trying to save money though, and if I could use the paint I already bought, that would be great! I’m struggling right now with what color to paint our dining room which is off the living room. I have always noticed that the best, most durable water-based paints are easiest to clean up, even when somewhat dry, not sticking badly to skin, to brush bristles, brush handles, and other things the paint comes into contact with.

Home Depot Landscape Supply , with only a few stores each in metro Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth , was founded in 2002 and closed in late 2007. If you are used to painting larger than a 10×10 room with a gallon of paint I would suggest that you are overapplying it and that you will have poor dry film thickness (i.e. poor scuff resistance, light colour fastness/depth, etc).

I mean… I’ll paint a small table, or an occasional frame, but I actually have most of our large furniture sent to my friend Sausha who sprays everything flawlessly, when I need something refinished really well. Obviously, if my husband REALLY hates something I won’t go with it. Same goes for actual wall colors because it is really the only thing my hubby will notice. I have painted a few laminate pieces (they are not my favorite to paint..but the Chalk Paint did do well on them).

American companies will and should charge what ever the market will BEHR” ha ha. If people want to spend $80 a gallon for paint then god bless. We are in the process of repainting the exterior of our home and the painter we have chosen uses Rodda Paint. No my opinion is all the mainstream brands are great, and basically the same, it is just the experience you may have had with the paint itself. The second area I would invest in is developing a paint that delivers quality but can be agreed upon by pros and DIYers alike. I prefer a good washing with TSP and a scuff sanding of the old paint with fine sandpaper.

But I would like to paint them that white colour you have used ( what colour did u use please ) and I am a bit worried about the brush lines can u reassure me please. Paint will never have an exact match unless you buy a huge amount at the same time mixed by the same person and same pleasae dont blame the company. Use Paint and Primer In One products when freshening up existing interior spaces with simple color changes.

In these situations, Paint and Primer In One may help you get better results in just one coat. The Home Depot now faces competition from Lowe’s as they have moved into the Canadian market effective the end of 2007; Lowe’s now has 35 outlets in Canada. I checked with 3 different Home Depot paint salesman and they said they never heard of this problem. The solution is very simple though: Take the tape off before the paint has dried. Even with clean prepped walls and their suggested high-end rollers and paint brushes it didn’t cover, smelled horrible and looks terrible. Its interesting how some brands of paint really work for some people and not others.

Funny thing, my choice of paint was the only picture that I paused at long enough while I was reading your novella, was Behr Dark Granite. You can get a very fine sandpaper and lightly rub over the paint to smooth it before you apply any more coats of poly. I bought the Valspar Signature paint that is supposed to be a one-coat paint with primer. Applied a second coat after about 4 hours dry time, and I did a pretty poor job of slopping paint over the tape near the ceiling.

I use a soft white, not pure stark white but any color will do. Just brush it on following the grain of the wood. That showed a sample of this paint with ONE COAT (as the primer) and then a sample of this paint with the SECOND COAT (as the paint). Ace Hardware’s Cabinet, Door and Trim Paint  – If you can’t find it at your local store, then ask them to special order it.

Red paint is translucent and it reflects the light off of the wall and exposes unevenness in coverage. We only used the Behr Deckover on our porch floor and stairs, not our railing or spindles. Rolling back into paint which has already begun to set guarantees lap marks or uneven texture. No knowledgeable painter would ever expect a paint job to be complete with the application of one coat of paint.

Part of it is because those materials are expensive, but part of it is because there’s no reason for IKEA to make solid wood desks when they can make ten particle board desks for the same price and sell them to people who don’t really care. Additionally a full brushed coat allows the paint film to be heavy enough to self-level” which a good paint is formulated to do by its surface tension produced as drying begins to occur. I am just checking as I wouldn’t have thought to use wax on top of household paint. I used Behr exterior last year to paint a previously redwood-stained picnic table.

I am doing some quick research on chalk paint and so glad I stumbled across your page! I worked in the paint department at Home Depot and I am an avid painter.” I have painted with Glidden, Behr and Ralph Lauren. If the contractor assures you based on his experience that a 2 in 1 paint and primer will do the job, consider asking him to back up that claim by providing a longer guarantee for the work. I have no clue what the final formula for the paint color was, but at least it’s a color we can live with…for a few years, until my daughter changes her style” again. This is why the pure whites and ceiling paint feels a little ‘heavy’ for a gallon.

Although this is possible, I would hazard to guess that you might have been sold a tintable base rather than a ready to use paint (especially if you found this issue with a white). All the drawers pulled the paint off the dresser where they made contact with the paint. These companies are making money on homeowners ignorance, most homeowners to not paint for a living.

I work for thd in the paint dpt and have a lot of firsthand experience (used it to paint my parents’ home, inside and out, and the inside of my own home) and secondhand experience (feedback from contractors and prof painters) with the behr premium plus ultra. Now we’re really stuck trying to decide if we should stick to the SW that we already purchased or go the chalk paint route. The average gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feet, depending upon how well sealed the wall is. If it is not sealed well, a primer and finish coat, or two coats of the paint itself should be used, assuming it is of the self-priming variety.

In another spot I had gotten some paint on some molding, and took a damp cloth to try and remove it. Well it took it off AND some of the new paint on the wall (wasn’t rubbing hard). Because deep colors lack titaniom-oxide (another word for white pigment) and their hide is not one of their better qualities. All in one paint and primer products work best when you are painting over a surface that is already painted. They did not pull the paint off, but the color on the bottom of the items stuck to the Vaspar Clear Protector.

The trial initially was concluded in June 2006, but in April 2007, U.S. Department of Labor Judge Pamela Lakes Wood ordered the case reopened after the Home Depot’s law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld revealed that the retail giant’s in-house counsel had told them that two Home Depot employees who testified at the trial had lied. So I would say to you, first, examine the color wheel and find the other colors in your room on that wheel. Until I can see test of the paint on various surfaces/applications, it just a marketing trick to make you think you don’t need to primer.

BM’s, Aura is a great product for a primer and paint combo, very washable and the finish has depth, richer then other paints I’ve used. Have switched to Sherman Williams and have never been happier….I will not use Behr due to all the problems and repainting expense I had 1.5 years ago…from this thread the paint is not consistent. This paint dries very quickly, so by the time you’ve put a coat of paint on the entire piece of furniture (unless you’re painting in very humid conditions), the area you first painted should be dry again.

I think had I used our more saturated colors of paint to begin with, maybe I would have left the dark stain, but I like the white woodwork. Now, miss smarty pants, go test some of that Annie Sloan chalk paint and give tips. Paint ompanies startered claiming that any acrylic paint could be called paint with primer. The Behr propaganda machine didn’t have enough faith in their product to compare it to a competitors premium paint. I have used Valspar paint for years and have always been very happy with it. This is the first time I’m painting in about 10 years. For those of you washing color off you wall; some paint finishes are made to be washed and some aren’t.

I have never EVER HAD issues with BHER paint honestly I used it many times but I had to go with Ralp Lauren because they were the only company with the color I wanted and it looks like crap. Another pro tip for selecting paint colors is to always purchase several samples that are a few steps lighter than your chosen hue, because paint almost always dries darker than it appears on the swatch and when wet.

There are many paint snobs out there that are more interested in bragging about what brand or how much they spent on paint. Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes. I have found that this paint i 2 coats can cover even a very dark colored wall with a lighter color beautifully.