Hardwood Speaker Stands

This collection will be a great thing for fans of music but perhaps also for other people. How about the natural and normal electrical activity in your neck muscles which certainly introduce gyroscopic instability in the precise position of your head relative to the speakers… perhaps a million times more than even the most wobbly stand will do. It wouldn’t seem logical to me to worry too much about the stand unless you clamp your head in a vice, Clockwork Orange style.

In my current place, I’ve used No 10 x 38 mm stainless steel screws for the 350, but the entire floor and joist assembly is actually quite springy (they are quite far from where the joists are anchored to the wall) so I am pondering how to get them a bit more solid (I am even thinking of getting a rear extension leg engineered to fit the back of the 350 stand, so I can then add a 5th spike and wood screw to also pick up the next joist behind them.

We already know you can amplify the sound from tiny speakers with household items— whether it’s a bowl , some paper cups , or a drinking glass —but if you want a better solution that doesn’t cost as much as a portable speaker (or run on electricity), you can hollow out a few sides of a wooden block, create a slot for your device, and play music through your device’s speakers.

They are also slightly taller than my old stands which has raised the tweeter level perfectly to ear height. Speaker stands come in all shapes and sizes As trivial and seemingly inconsequential as they may seem, they actually serve a rather important, yet often overlooked, purpose – achieving optimal listening height. That’s a really small mass and I have trouble believing it would produce any measurable movement of the speaker. The materials used and the design will affect the resonance properties (think speaker cabinets).

Each product available on eBay comes with a product description that makes it possible for the buyer to learn more about an individual product, and what features it contains. As part of my upcoming speaker comparison articles (about ten pairs), I decided that I needed some decent speaker stands. The top and bottom of the stands screw into the plastic fill tubes… I was a little disappointed with this design aspect, but it does feel quite solid.

While we were at it, we sanded the PVC piping, then painted it with a Satin black to give the stands some contrast. These spikes may also serve to make the speaker stand more stable on a carpeted surface, which helps keep it from tipping over due to speaker weight. I have to admit I have not tried different stands like I tried different speakers. The stands are quite stylish, functional, and feature a solid black finish, matching a variety of décor patterns. Mass loaded stands IMHO tend to thicken & add more body or weight to the sound & no doubt some Harbeth users like that effect. Buy or make at least a short stand to protect your tech from an unexpected flood.