How To Make Cool Things Out Of Duct Tape

Take duct tape beyond home improvement with this imaginative book full of 99 duct tape projects! She loved it and is now slightly obsessed with what she can make with duct tape! Whether you are making duct tape items for a children’s craft, home-based business, or personal enjoyment, the possibilities are almost limitless with this almost indestructible crafting material , but some of the most popular items to make from duct tape include wallets (think Father’s Day), handbags, backpacks, and shoes.

And I made them all with zebra-printed Duct Tape and random accessories laying around the house. All that was needed was a strip of duct tape, a few paper clips, and a pair of scissors. She gets many of her patterns from Youtube but you can also find duct tape projects on the DuckTape brand web site. Years ago I made silk roses but never gave a thought to making some out of duct tape. She added some duct tape-leopard of course-to the binding of one of her composition notebooks.

Create promotional items to jumpstart your business: If you’re looking to beef up your clientele, start creating easy-to-make promotional items, like these duct tape hats to get the word out. Build sets: If there aren’t enough drills to go around, whip out your roll of duct tape to keep working on sets. Using surgical tape as a base the new invention soon became everybody’s secret weapon. Make it wide enough and long enough to go around the bottle but not cover up the top. Make your own cell phone case: Follow this simple guide from the Duck Tape Club to make your own snazzy cell phone case.

A central area of the tape is double-taped, sticky to sticky; the ends are then folded over onto the two sides of the SB. I then DT’d two of these blankets together to make a really large and useable and super-lightweight cover. As you can see there are quite a few phone-based projects, which is cool because…”When I was your age, it was much harder to decorate a tin can,” she says as she shakes her laptop-cane. The pens only cost $.10 each at the dollar store, so the girls were able to make more than one if they wanted to. Both items are readily available, relatively inexpensive and easy to tote around.

For proficient duct tape enthusiasts, pictures can give creative ideas for brand new interesting patterns. The start of this book gives you the ins and outs of different types of tape, materials needed, materials to stay far-far away from, and the basic how to’s of duct tape. Do the same thing with the second strip of Duct Tape but make sure this one covers anything the first one missed.