Smoker Trailer Options

Smoker trailers are popular with barbecue cooks who travel from competition to competition, who cook for big crowds or who set up for football stadium tailgate. Both of these Oklahoma Joe’s trailer mounted smokers are counter-weighted so that the doors open and close easily. Along with our basic lineup of smokers within this site, we also build custom units to order and offer shipping options upon request. With the added options one smoker can cook brisket, charcoal steaks, and smoke links all at different temperatures and at the same time! After consulting with other Experts, the first thing I would recommend is a new axle for your trailer frame.

Kamado’s Ceramic Barbecue Grill is probably the most artistic and beautiful BBQ grill we’ve ever seen (and yes, it’s from California). Think about it this way: it’s the BBQ grill that your wife won’t complain about lookin’ ugly in the backyard! On more than one occasion, Scott has driven home from a contest without a trailer because a cook at the event decided they had to have his rig now, and bought it out from under him, lock stock and smoker! Free plans, how to build a smoker, bbq smoker, build a smoker, build your own smoker, how to build a barbecue smoker. Smoker trailers and concession stands are freestanding units equipped for cooking and serving barbecue.

These trailer mounted smokers all feature Stumps ‘reverse flow’ design, stand on a heavy duty trailer frame with 14” or 15” radial tires and come with a towing light kit. Because nothing says you’re a serious outdoorsman like building a house in your backyard for smoking meat. I was going to wait until completion to post the pics, but I am getting too anxious, and figured having a build thread to accept thought/ideas would be a good thing! The open space on the right side of the trailer is where I plan to put a tool box.

We offer a complete line of Custom Mobile Kitchens, Catering Trailers, BBQ Smoker Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers and Concession Trailers ranging in size from 10′ – 48′ in length. Scott formed a partnership with Freedom Trailers and worked to create what has become the pinnacle of rigs for BBQ competitors – the mobile kitchen porch trailer. The standard rule for trailers, as far as I know, is to put 12 to 15 percent of the trailer weight on the tongue. Having spent 20 years ‘on the circuit’ there wasn’t much that this man didn’t know about smoker barbecuing.

Once Southern Q smoker designs had been proven on the circuit, Scott turned his attention to the second most important piece of equipment in the BBQ Team’s arsenal – the cook trailer. After many revisions and refinements, a trailer mounted version of what has become the 500 Series, has become his favored competition setup. At the tongue of the trailer was 2-propane tanks and 2 water tanks both with optional heat.