Framed Ledged & Braced Garage Doors

A true framed, ledged and braced garage door (otherwise known as FLB garage doors) with a solid, full thickness head/top rail and bottom rail. To get the board size, divide the width of the door by 95mm (my current board width); my door width is 672mm wide and this gives me 7.07 boards, so I’ve rounded this up to 8 boards. Luckily our aluminum straight edge we’ve been using for routing is long enough to span this area and helps us to find the correct angle we need for the cabinet frame. I also use biscuits to attach the face frames to cabinet case when I build kitchens.

Of course, if you really want to block sound, you’ll probably also want to seal off gaps around the doorway between the wall and the door. My plan for using the door was to treat the whole thing as a double door most of the time. That is why i suggested making the doors as flush hung, but sitting inside the exhisting rabet that exhists in the face frame….. sometimes you guys go off on tangents and just make things harder/ more complicated than they have to be.

This gives a mortise and tenon look to the outside edge of the mitered raised panel door. The width of the vertical boards is determined by the width of the doors; these boards, ideally, do not want to be too wide (the wider these boards are, the more prone they will be to movement – twisting, warping, cupping etc) so I’m aiming for boards no wider than 100mm (by the time I’ve machined my boards, I’m left with 95mm in width, however). I always double check the width of a door when clamping by measuring at each clamp.

Bathroom Doors – Our tongue & groove with louver doors allow air flow while providing privacy. For the planks to lay evenly on the door you now need to cut a rebate with a router into the inside edge of the top rail and both stiles. The traditional basic ledged-and-braced door design – described as having a rustic” feel – would certainly work for us. In short, you lay out some planks side-by-side, then nail or screw two horizontals and a diagonal to keep them together, and there’s your door.

I still don’t know how I did it but I have missed one set of cuts on one of the door pieces so had to go back and try to recreate that exact setup to finish that one piece. I had bought four heavy-duty tower bolts for securing the doors to each other and the frame, so I used one of them to keep the doors from swinging freely, then called it a night. Fit them together and then put the braces on. By not glue both sides you let the wood move without twisting the door. I realised later they need to be a little smaller to allow for the swing of the door.

The top door was now removed so that the lock mortise could be drilled out using some good old-fashioned technology in the form of a bit and brace. I may have a prejudice, because the cottage I grew up in had batten and planks in the kitchen and the dining room cabinetry. Some of these doors are thicker than the standard width of just under 2 inches, and may need special hardware or modifications to the latch-bolt area.

In any case, the design concept behind the joinery of panel doors can be applied to all kinds of furniture, objects and flooring. Timber cost for an average door I would guess at about £35 if you use a timber merchant. Windows can come in a full range of RAL colours and have an energy rating A to C. Backed with energy saving glass and solar control qualities an aluminium window can really make a difference to the look and feel of your home.

This style of panel is commonly made from man-made materials such as MDF or plywood but may also be made from solid wood or tongue and groove planks. Next, with the tongues and grooves on all the boards, grab the board with only a tongue moulded on and the board with only a groove within it as we need to run a chamfer on the still square edge. Before the groove is cut into the rails and styles is a good idea to pre-finish your plywood panels (if using plywood). The flush trim bit trims off the end of the tongue so the tongue fits into stopped groove cut.

I don’t think you can really make your own biscuits – as biscuits are made of compressed wood. The look of the door is completely customizable, so look around and see what you like best. Really lovely old vintage stripped PINE door ideal for a cupboard /Pantry professionally stripped small ledged and braced door with the original obscure glass panel intact and complete. The outer edge of the doors can be routed with a decorative contour if you like before final sanding and finishing.

If you try this with the tongue on (tongue side down) then the boards will twist over, as the thicknesser takes them through! We designed our 16-ft.-wide door to resemble a pair of smaller carriage house doors, but you could come up with other designs. Forty years ago as an apprentice in a cabinet shop I learned to keep a small bowl of fine sand on hand when glueing up pannels. About a year ago, I stumbled on a dedicated mortising macine and tenon sled both on clearance to make room for new models.

The shelves themselves were slightly harder to make templates for with the odd shape of having to bend around the aluminum frame, but after minimal cursing and only a few wrong cuts with the jig saw on my part, we had them snugly fitting inside and it was time for my favorite part. They are especially suited to exterior situations and are ideal for security storage, commercial buildings and egress doors. Hi, Ken – The Groove bit does have two cutters that allow the groove to be cut between 7/32” and 3/8”.

Using our calipers to measure the blade height of the table saw and getting a few more practice runs in with our pine, we brought the cherry boards over to cut the groove in them, sending them across the table saw twice, rotating the board after each run, front to back, to get our desired width of 1/4″. The best product for this job — polyurethane caulking — wasn’t available when I made my first doors , but I certainly do recommend it now. A good way to cheat on coming up with these dimensions is to check out ready-made panel doors in a furniture showroom.