Cat Enclosures & Confining Cats

Our readers have been kind enough to share with us pictures of cat enclosures and cat runs they have built. The other option that is often used for DIY is to take an existing object, e.g. a rabbit hutch, or bed and add chicken wire to turn it into a cat enclosure – what can I say, yes it is an option, but no it will not necessarily look good in your garden! The expansion took me two days this time, but in the end I had added another 500 square feet to the enclosure. The cat enclosure is very simple to put together with fencing wire and overlapping poles placed at the top of the fence.

I will either have a house with a large yard to build a large space, or a charming townhouse where I can size your ideas down to ‘fit within the small spaces’ … with multiple spaces. Cathy keeps the cold out of her house by having the enclosure access in her basement. An old sisal-wrapped cat tree, a carpet-covered climbing ramp and condo, a planter of catnip, and by the end of the day my first cattery was ready for occupation!

It is important to make sure your kitty always has water and food if she will be in the enclosure long. I want to build one just like that but I am worried i will end up spending too much money. This enclosure suits a more a rural setting as it blends in with the surroundings. By installing a cat door to your house and using Runner to connect it together.

You’re literally about a half hour away from me so if you ever want to come out to get a look at the enclosure in person, you are more than welcome to. I am envious that you’ll be moving to Prescott as it’s beautiful up there 😉 Thanks for dropping me and line and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! We stock a large range of accessories to assist you with your DIY Installation. The safeguards for our outdoor cat enclosure are the Cat-Proofer extender arms, which enable the entire upper section of the fence to pivot. Enclosures can be partially or fully covered; large or small; seasonal or year round; permanent or temporary.

Looking to the future, this new line of British designed and manufactured enclosure products will be suitable for the containment of other pets such as dogs and chickens, as well as cats. These pricey but handsome kits come in a range of sizes; you can also purchase cat trees, shelves, catwalks and window connector kits as add-ons. My cats watched in eager anticipation through the windows urging me on and occasionally scratching at the locked cat doors.

Also for reference we do have the connection panels, which are designed to fit an Eglu house onto the enclosure but could be used to connect a tunnel etc. As you might have guessed from the photo, the cats get into the enclosure via the window. They create open-air wired, latticed or screened enclosures for their feline friends by constructing an entire outdoor playroom. Perfect for owners of pedigree, indoor or poorly pussycats, this outdoor cat shelter has many fantastic features and it will blend into your garden beautifully.

Ultra-large cat tree with funny design that resembles a real tree with four perches where a cat may relax on. It is covered with fluffy carpet fabric in two colors. The gazebo will not only make the cat enclosure more engaging for the cat to have fun in this special area, but it will also serve to provide a pleasant spot for you as well if you wish to spend time outdoors with your pets. He used cement pavers for the bottom of the enclosure, and extended it out to cover some of the lawn so his cat could enjoy lounging (and nibbling) on greenery.

I found that over time there had been places where something (mice?) had bitten through a piece of mesh right at the bottom of the enclosure. Made from the same heavy gauge steel weld mesh as the Eglu runs, and with strong supporting poles, this outdoor pet enclosure for cats offers your pets maximum protection from unwanted visitors. Catios can be as simple as adding an extension onto a window or screening to balconies to keep your cat from slipping between the rails or jumping onto the roof.

If Tyb starts up with his pee-pee habit again, everything is pretty much plastic in the third bedroom And if things get really crazy, the cat door has one-way lockability in either direction. Limited as it maybe, we never have to worry about the cat crossing big roads that we live near or have to worry about her getting tangled up with the neighbor’s dogs. It is perfect for cat owners with a big yard or large outdoor space who want to build a safe and spacious sanctuary for their cats. I recommend this system to any cat owner who has concerns about allowing their cat outdoors. You and your feline are going to love the benefits, from having a cat enclosure, they are not a cat cage.

With an outdoor enclosure, territorial disputes about which cat gets a good window view can diminish, since all the cats can have a great view of the outside from in an enclosure. It is a fantastic cat house that has got a sky blue and white color, solid wood construction and is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. A judicious application of weather stripping on the interior door, and a small perforation in the window for a cat door, served well. We used a spinning drainpipe system together with wire mesh to keep our cat safe outside.

I decided to leave the original cover in place as a sun guard, replacing the fence panel supports with lengths of PVC pipe. You can build off an existing window, door, patio, or a cat door” can be installed through an exterior wall to provide access. It must be carefully constructed, as you need to keep other animals OUT, as well as your cat in. Screen porches work well, too, just be sure to give the kitty some way to get back into your house if they need to.

Then I moved to the middle walls, then the middle top, then the other end of the enclosure walls, followed by the end top. After doing some research I came to the conclusion that they’re three very good reasons to build an outdoor litter box! The manual includes 65+ detailed drawings with instructions for building your own outdoor cat enclosure. If you’re not great at construction, some companies sell pre-made catios that simply pop together as freestanding enclosures for your cat.

For areas without an existing fence, our Houdini-Proof Free-Standing cat enclosures offer a ground-up fence system specifically designed to contain even the most agile cats. If you’re looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It is a cat cave that is available in five colors: beige, blue, brown, gray and green. Cat enclosures made from powder coated steel wire, such as those from Omlet, make great outdoor runs.