Wood Store Shed

Advice on how to build a log shed to store and season your firewood supply. It’s ideal if you do not have a log fire every day or have another, larger, store elswhere in your garden. Adirondack sells unfinished wood furniture from a variety of manufacturers, including some regional businesses and the vaunted Amish furniture makers stock. A new addition to our range, this Mercia Log store offers a tidy and organised way to store logs. This handy wall log store has a large capacity, providing plenty of space for storing your logs. Wood is not cheap, relative to pressboard, but we’ve priced their stuff against internet-ordered, places like Huck Finn’s, and equivalent finished furniture at the mainstream furniture stores, and Adirondack does quite competitively.

With our sizeable Wooden Log Store you can continue to enjoy the warmth and homely atmosphere of your open fire, with a perfectly organised supply of logs, kept dry and protected. Drying is dependent upon type of wood, diameter and length, split or not split, this process can take anywhere between six months and two years if you are seasoning your own wood. This store is good for placing near your door, since it does not take up too much room.

If you live in a very wet area where your log shed is in a very exposed position you would want to protect the wood a bit, as it would otherwise be hard for the wood to dry out to any degree. The other thing i do when i have too much wood at the start of the season – pile it against the wall and stick a laminated MDF plank i keep just for sticking over the top for rain protection.

Put your stacks of wood a few inches (or several centimeters) away from walls and other stacks of wood to increase air flow to the wood. Whether you just want to buy a Rowlinson Rowlinson 4 Ft. W x 2 Ft. D Wooden Log Store or shop for your entire home, has a zillion things home. This will protect your wood from getting soaked by the rain, but it also allows it to get fresh air to help keep it dry.

This log store is an ideal size not too imposing but can still fit a considerable amount of logs in it. I was very happy with the quality but used longer screws and added a few more for extra stability. As we hand-craft and design these stores on site, if you’d like us to make you a Log Shed that will fit your space (or store more than 1m3), we are able to make these in custom dimensions – just get in touch to discuss! So good air flow needed, a solid roof to keep wood dry, slatted sides if not in prevailing wind otherwise a solid structure to keep rain out of that side and stacked up on pallets. We put a wood shed against a stone outbuilding, south facing, /slightly/ sloped roof.

We also left the airbrick clear (wood cannot be stacked in front of it) to ensure good air circulation. You are buying a log store either to season wet logs prior to burning them or to keep logs dry that have already been seasoned. If you are planning to locate your log store in a passage way, please let us know as we will manufacture the log store in a slightly different way so that it can be assembled in a confined space. In France, it’s popular to build a ring of logs with the bark facing out then the middle filled with the rest of your wood. Starting this Saturday August 1st, all furniture in the store will be 30% off and all furniture orders will be 25% off!!!

All buildings can be left untreated or can be treated in light brown or dark brown wood preservative which is included in the price. Or if that is a little bit too much, you could always treat the wood with a treatment that is coloured or even one that will lighten or darken the wood. Wood for burning needs to be as dry as possible: this means that it should be stored in a well-ventilated environment to dry and to maintain a low moisture content.