20 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Great coffee tables are no longer just means of holding cups for when guests arrive -they have turned into integral parts of cool interior design. Some end-users might want the display feature of that last table without needing the flat files, and there’s where shadow box coffee tables come into play. The use of colourful lacquer on the table top ensures that it is a spectacular piece of modern design. Regardless of whether your coffee table is carefully sealed, water rings have a way of leaving their mark. But remember that like a sofa or favorite chair, the hard working coffee table tends to see a lot of use.

If you’re shopping for a classic rectangular coffee table, this should ideally measure no more than two-thirds the sofa’s total length and allow two to three feet between it and the surrounding furniture to avoid knocked shins and stubbed toes. Placed in the middle of the vast, empty stretch of a new coffee table, a tray serves to break up the open space with a platform that both unifies and showcases your personal and decorative style pieces. Granted, the three06 watt LEDs don’t hold a candle to, well, a candle but this is one design project that favors form instead of function. The humble coffee table should be more than a supporting player in your living space.

In many people’s minds (although I know some of you disagree), one of the main reasons for a coffee table’s existence is to have a place to kick up one’s feet after a long, hard day. With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Matt Blatt leads the way in providing coffee tables you can try before you buy. Glass coffee tables can become beautiful focal points in your overall interior design if chosen properly. Unimposing as it may be, a coffee table tray plays a vital role in the coffee table styling process.

While your other coffee table accouterments appeal to the more visual and cerebral senses, a scented element caters to our generally underserved sense of smell. Not everyone has 35 grand to blow on a coffee table these days, but that doesn’t mean one must do without. So I second a request for the ottoman coffee table round-up if you feel like doing one. All tables are available for prompt delivery to UK, many are fully customisable and most come no assembly required. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our coffee tables will bring sophisticated designer style into your space.

HomeTalk blogger Laura Jane Fox used wood varnish to polish off her DIY coffee table made from four crates turned on their sides, but you can experiment with bolder colors of paint to create even more of a statement piece for your living room. Any successful living room suggests a sense of peace and harmony to the user, and the latter quality is best expressed by the Fender Stratocaster coffee table from Fender Custom Furniture of Portland, Oregon. Solid wood coffee tables are almost always a beneficial choice: durable and versatile, they can withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use. Another example of marrying coffee tables with trees is this white table with a built in planter.

FCF has enjoyed great response with the Strat table and will be following it up with a coffee table based on the rockin’ Telecaster. Maybe you’re not so lucky and are limited to using an ottoman or pairing smaller accent tables together. This deceptively simple design leaves plenty of space for entertaining comfortable and for storing reading materials.

Some table models of our luxury coffee table collection have established themselves as contemporary classics – they are always up to date, although they have been designed many years ago. Geek furniture doesn’t get much more geeky than the ZAP coffee table , a one-off, home made Space Invaders tribute from Sean Ragan of Austin, Texas. Not So Newlywed McGees created a beautiful tufted coffee table ottoman by upgrading an old coffee table with some foam, batting, gorgeous printed fabric, nail head trim, and a lot of love.