Align Text Baseline , by Soutaro Matsumoto: Align text layer vertically based on its baseline and cap height. It would be crazy for me to try to teach you how to use the program since Google has already done that.There are also TONS of blogs and Youtube videos out there where other individuals have lessons on using Sketchup and it’s 3-D Warehouse Instead I just want to introduce it to you and show you how easy it is to create fast, easy and accurate floor plan layouts and perspective drawings for free !

John Higgins shows us how he puts together an image he had in his head of an old street scene ( in Yorkshire) to complement a project he had been working on. John says that its not his usual method of modeling, but just another take on how versatile Google SketchUp can be. He also uses Photoshop and V-Ray for SketchUp in this fascinating little project.

Sefaira , the market-leading daylighting visualization tool, has just announced a new feature for their software plugins for Autodesk Revit and Trimble Sketchup In addition to the real-time visualizations announced last year , the new update adds customizable, exportable graphics which offer both a point in time analysis or an annual overview, and analysis tools which help designers easily identify overlit and underlit spaces and review heating or cooling requirements.

In this detailed tutorial Scott shows us his work-flow in producing a digital watercolor using a SketchUp output image and Photoshop. The first thing you have to know about SketchUp is that it has 10 simple tools that are all useful for making a model. It;s not stls files that are the problem, it;s the stls that sketchup generates, they are full of holes for some reason. The 3D text tool actually creates the text as a 3D object that is part of your design. The real fun however is when you export your SketchUp drawings into Google Earth.

In this first part, Eric shows us his modeling techniques and use of readily available plugins to create this 3D base model. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. These pathnames depend on the Google SketchUp version (7 or superior) and/or the operating system (XP/Vista/7). Given that you’re working with a 3D program, you’ll find the 2D figure is horizontal.

When architects use SketchUp Pro as a tool for making more-accurate bubble diagrams, they create rooms” whose areas match the ones in the program, group each one, and arrange them three-dimensionally. Unity is able to determine if a node should be imported by it’s visibility setting in the SketchUp file. Angle between the warp and the red SketchUp axis (by defaut, the warp direction follows the red axis). Type a question or some key words in the Search box, and click Search SketchUp Help.

Based on the availability of tutorials on using SketchUp for comics specifically, I’d say that there are at least some artists using it. SketchUp has less of a learning curve than say Blender or Maya so it’s easier to download the program open up a model and get what you need. Alternatively, you can geo-tag them in one-step using Google Maps which has now been integrated into Sketchup.