18 AMAZING DIY Play Kitchens!

This morning my two year old poured me a cup of coffee out of his toy watering can. Alphabet stones are perfect for a game of outdoor hangman” or to simply teach your child their letters through open-ended play. This toy kitchen also has some cool features that your kid will surely enjoy like the realistic sounds and parts. Make sure to mount your play kitchen to a wall using a wall mounting kit made specifically for bookcases. Over time, kids tend to accumulate a lot of accessories for their play kitchens.

What You Should Know: It’s made of solid wood and child-safe paint, and while it’s a grill, it’s meant for indoor use. I sprayed them with leftover spray paint (Rustoleum’s Titanium Silver that we bought to test on our old kitchen hardware ). It’s not a perfect match to the new shiny chrome door hardware ($5 each from Home Depot) and our sleek sink and faucet, but it’s close enough. If you are turning your bookcase into a play refrigerator, paint a base color then add on details later with a contrasting color. Picture frame – We bought a plain black picture frame at the dollar store to be the window” for the play kitchen.

I attached another small piece of wood with a screw so the kids could have a handle to turn the faucet on and off. Brighten your kitchen with the playful style of kate spade new york’s Rainey Street Kitchen Towel. You’ll often hear certain individuals referred to as ‘worldly,’ and it might not have anything to do with how many countries they’ve set foot in. They’re deemed to be higher up on the social ladder, and it’s because they have enhanced language skills.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your child or something your children of different ages can play with, we have presented some great options, but if you are still undecided – check out the full range of toy kitchens here as you will surely find one (within the hundreds!). Total Workshop search results: 6. Displaying Page 1 of your woodworking search phrase FREE TOY KITCHEN PLANS.

You’ll always know what your kids are cooking up for dinner with this kitchen island. And it keeps most of their play food, dishes and utensils from being permanently spread out everywhere! John used some of the leftover craft wood (that he had from the Plan B oven window frame) to cut some little arrows that would later get glued over the bolt head on each knob. Buying a play kitchen without making sure there’s room for it is a big mistake.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Set – this food set is perfect for a pretend kitchen, and has the added benefit of helping your child learn all important cutting skills without a sharp knife in sight! My two boys LOVE their play kitchen – and the Melissa & Doug pizza is one of their favorites. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox.

This is the perfect pink play kitchen for kids who love girly things or a boys colored one for boys that like playing chef. To finish, I added a coat of Mod Podge to seal everything down because the vinyl didn’t stick very well to the wood. I wanted to paint a faux countertop” to make it more realistic, and even paint the back kitchen wall” a different color, but, yeah. As a single father, this summary of these kitchen playsets has brought me a lot of happiness and relief. It is made from wood and is large enough to allow several children to play in the kitchen at once.

The back of the entertainment center was open so we used some beadboard that was leftover scraps from our friends’ dining room project , so it was free which is always nice. Once everything was dry, I attached the faucet handles and burner handles to the top of the kitchen by using screws from underneath. This is a great little kitchen and my 2yr old adores it. It isn’t huge but we didn’t want something that would take up too much room so it’s perfect for us, and light and very portable. The Kid Kitchen from Nikkis’ Nacs ~ This fabulous play kitchen started out as a nightstand.

It comes with everything your sous chef needs, including a removable kitchen sink that can be used as a bowl or filled with water to wash dishes. I know a lot of people who have this kitchen and swear by it. It is very cute, similar in style to the PB Kids, but much less expensive. This play kitchen is made from the popular Oddvar stool, and it the perfect size for your little kitchen.

How to Make Your Own Play Kitchen from Paint on the Ceiling ~ I love that you can use all sides of this little kitchen. We do not have too much play food but that is fine as they can make any object into what they want it to be. More than 2 kids (with normal height) can play with this Kidkraft play kitchen at the same time. I made sure the back looked good and solid too (instead of having a flimsy piece of wood stapled to it) and decided I’d cut it in half. But if you are ready to tackle your first play kitchen, it’s something you can do!

The only thing I could think to myself was how I have to get him a play kitchen as soon as possible. All the other ones are so cute- I may have to add a little bit more to my little girl’s kitchen. That PVC faucet” is so smart as was painting the bottom drawer in chrome and black to make it look like an oven door! I’ve been combing craigslist for the right one for us to make into a play kitchen, but haven’t found it yet. He’s very busy in the kitchen so he won’t notice her dumping tons of spices on Frank’s culinary labor of love. This life-like kitchen set includes 2 pots, a pan, a pizza cutter, a stirring spoon and much more to encourage creative fun.

JI: Toys that can be used differently each time a child plays with them have the most play value. I’ve got all boy grands but I think they might like this too, or I could alter the spects just a little and make a little workshop. Nothing is more disappointing to a child than opening a play kitchen and being told that it will be hours before she can play with it. It’s generally best to assemble a play kitchen before giving it to a child, so set aside enough time to do so.

Although play kitchen dishwashers don’t actually clean dishes, kids love to load and unload them just like their moms and dads. Green Toys Dish Set – this set is made from recycled milk jugs so it’s environmentally friendly and sturdy too. Get the matching Melissa & Doug wooden play food and pots and pans to go with then kitchen set also as they are super cute, check them out by clicking the button below.

When I had the play kitchen put together I primed then painted the body of each unit with a soft blue-mint color (Tranquility by Valspar) I had a test pot of from when Valspar was giving away free samples last year. Just remember that if you order online, these often come in boxes that have a photo of the kitchen on the box, so if you are looking for a holiday surprise, you might consider shipping to a friend or family member, just to be safe that your little ones don’t see their gift coming off the UPS truck!

The dining area attached to their kitchen will allow them to invite you for some pretend food, and if you can’t finish it they’ll learn how to save leftovers using the fridge with an actual stainless steel door. Then I finished it off by adding a decorative scalloped edge wood piece at the top. All of these kitchen sets come with awesome different features that you and your kids will surely love. Encouraging creativity, the Teamson Enchanted Forest Play Kitchen Fridge brings plentiful amusement to your child’s playroom. Every interactive parts of this wooden kitchen set helps enhance the child’s imagination and imagination can lead to learning.

All of my dcs love the play kitchen, we did but an expensive one that has lasted really well, but I don’t see why a cheaper well looked after one wouldn’t do the job as well. If you haven’t already, read my post on 5 things to consider when making a play kitchen It will give you the steps to go for it! Camden’s Kitchen is crafted from solid cherry or curly maple wood and it’s designed for multi-generational play.

If you know how to make yourself happy even when you have nothing to do, you’re far less susceptible to falling into a state of mild depression. I’ve been waiting to have a granddaughter to make our daughter’s chiffarobe into a kitchen for her. Glue the dowels into the holes in the handles (Project Diagram, Drawing 4). When the glue dries, set the handles aside.

So after a dash to the craft store (we had to buy materials for some oven knobs anyway) we grabbed some thin pieces of craft wood and cut a miniature frame to trim out the imperfect opening. The countertop was made using Contact Paper from Target for $5 a roll with plenty left over for other projects or maybe more play kitchens. There’s so much to love about this set – it’s made of preservative-free rubberwood, designed to stimulate creativity, and the colors make us happy. Next, navigate over to the Pretend Play & Preschool category, and then click over to the Kitchens subcategory.

Because with a little bit of imagination you can turn that Ikea kitchen into something amazing too! For that reason, look for a play kitchen that has a removable sink for easy cleaning. With just a low price you also get 22 pieces of kitchen accessories when you purchase the kitchen set. We are delighted to hear that you are happy with your Kitchen and hope your little one has hours of fun with this! Try this Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen (check price here) that comes in two different designs and colors.