New & Used Pet Accessories In British Columbia

Outfit your outdoor rabbit hutch with all the necessities to make your pet rabbits comfortable, including a nesting box, resting board, feeder and water. Rabbit lovers like the wood and wire hutches because they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Also, if the rabbit has digestive problems, you’ll notice the mess not falling though and be able to adjust diet issues. Make the roof panel from a piece of 12 or 18 mm shuttering plywood or waterproof plywood. This particular link is to amazon but the Chartwell hutch is often on offer and sold by lots of other sites so its worth searching around for the best price. Gradually move your rabbit into the warmer temperatures, or try placing it on an enclosed porch or shed rather than into your home.

Keep your hutch close to the house and make sure your bun has somewhere to hide if they get scared. FEED- It takes more energy for a rabbit to keep warm they are burning more calories during frigid temperatures trying to generate more body heat. Just be careful to not place any items next to the edges that your bunny could climb up on and make it easy for them to jump out. The Cypress Fir that is used for these attractive and functional rabbit hutches naturally resists rotting and decaying.

Eventually after attaching several clips (usually no more then 2 inches apart) you’ll have what is starting to look like a really long, floor-less cage. You can probably expect a small amount of chasing each other, or even mounting each other to affirm which rabbit is the dominant one. It is safe for an outdoor pet rabbit to remain outdoors during winter, as long as you take care with his living environment.

This can be done by having one rabbit in a cage and the other free in the room with the cage. It also needs good ventilation that can prevent hot air from becoming trapped inside the hutch where it can kill the rabbit. The smallest cage suitable for keeping a dwarf rabbit is 18×24 inches, and at least 14 inches high. Apart from the bending problem is when you are living at a place affected by winter season, cages that are designed with a bottom near the ground can be unhealthy for your pets. Different rabbits like different toys so you may need to try several out to discover what your rabbit likes. Rabbit and chicken droppings are mixed in the bedding material by the chickens, creating great compost.

With a pencil, mark the angled cut you’ll need to make at the side roof support’s ends so it snugly fits between the tall front legs and shorter back legs. Hundreds of years ago people used to convert old tea chests and barrels into storage areas for rabbits, but now with the advance of modern packaging, these types of boxes aren’t available anymore, although for some strange reason a trend began to recreate these cramped containers and the ‘boxed’ rabbit house is a concept most just can’t shift.

They charge 3 or 4 times as much as the same item can be purchased from rabbit producers and rabbit equipment suppliers. For exact quantities and measurements look at some of these rabbit housing plans – go with these directly or create your own using these as a guideline. The bunny should still have a home base such as a large cage or pen with a den available to him. Make sure the shingles overhang the structure about 1″ on all sides, to enhance the water drainage.