Wood Stove, Spark Arrestor Screen Seem Plug Quickly

Serving the Greater Houston Metro and surrounding areas for over 19 years. However, if you look up at top of the chimney and the cap appears opaque, it is likely that creosote has collected on the cap screen and the flow of smoke is restricted. The portion of the wood that does not turn into heat energy is transformed into ash and mostly smoke, which includes hydrocarbon particles and gasses such as carbon monoxide. Make sure combustible material is kept well away from the fire, flue, canopies and any connecting stovepipes. Make sure that your chimney is long enough and angle it away from your tent and you shouldn’t need a spark arrestor.

The combination of green wood and a spark arrestor on the chimney top, had, like the hardware cloth in New Hampshire, gotten completely clogged with soot and fly ash. Just make a little fire outside dude, then when you want to go to sleep go into your tent and nice warm down sleeping bag. Do a video of the stove on fire, half the fuel consumed and then have a fan simulate a 10-15 mile an hour breeze onto it and see if it arrests the sparks. Burning wet wood produces moisture, which in turn creates creosote in addition to rusting the firebox. Check with your stove manufacturer for instructions on safe use of propane stoves.

I don’t know what your roof pitch or height is, nor your physical condition, but it is not difficult to clean the chimney yourself. Running it wide open each time you load it will keep the chimney cleaned out for a long time; I usually get it cleaned and inspected every 5-6 years, and even then it only requires a light brushing. Ashes will sometimed build up and start blocking the area around where the metal tubing exhausts out of the top of the stove.

Last thing would be if you choke down the fire so that it is Smoldering rather than burning the smoke then will contain more unburnt material to clog the screen. While they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, they are typically either made of a metal screen or curtain, or they have multi-paneled glass doors. The spark arrester should be cleaned at least every time you clean the stovepipe.

I’m looking to extend my frontier stove flu to go through the top of my helesport tipi and have been offered a boiler flue which consists of 1metre of 65mm Aluminium pipe and 1metre of 100mm ali outer pipe. In some cases, an extra straight piece of pipe may be used to get high above the tent in order to not use a spark arrestor. The only bad experience I ever had with the stove was burning pine on a cold night.

Now fold the legs together and set them on the bottom of the stove so you can see where the hinge gets riveted onto the bottom of the stove. There are many factors to be considered in a scenario, including: tent model, stove, fuel, wind, precipitation, cleanliness and many others that can contribute to the functional and safe operation of your tent and stove combination. I began to get calls from her saying politely that she was having some smoke problems each time she lit the stove and put it in the down draft mode after initially firing it in the updraft mode.