DIY X Clothing Rack

Today’s Totful Tuesday topic contains insider secrets to making the most money possible selling your outgrown kid’s clothing and toys at consignment sales. Pipes are perfect to use for clothing racks as they are very sturdy and will last a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about them breaking under the weight of the clothes. Feel free to secure your rack to a wooden floor by drilling screws through the holes in the flange pieces. I know automatically that three wash rags fit across the bottom bar of my rack and the two socks will fit next the that particular t-shirt. And she used used to put her little diaries/books and etc that she liked to have hidden away from little brother (he used to like to look and go thru all of her stuff all of the time.

It not only seems easy to make but also takes so little time to create and I sure will try this out when I have the time. Paint them in accent colors to add a little fun pop to your wall, or paint them in the same color of your wall to make them a little more seamless. Once dry, go back and hit the elbows with a brushed or antique gold spray paint to give it a vintage look. Tighten the adjustment knob on the cutter until it is tight against the pipe, then rotate around the pipe. Add two sides to the base, and clamp the pipes both to the bottom base as well as the sides.

Made from common hardware store materials like galvanized pipe and plywood, this clever clothing rack perfectly showcases Keely’s collection of vintage dresses and is sure to add a stylishly industrial touch to any room. Make a cross section with two of your drilled planks, lining up the freshly drilled hole. Little shavings of plastic will stick inside the pipe when you cut it and will come out when you start taking apart and reassembling the rack!

This is slightly off subject but for any of you that have room for clotheslines in your back yard and particularly for us seniors or people with medical problems that make carrying heavy baskets difficult here is a suggestion for a clothesline system my son built for me that helps tremendously. After each rotation, slightly tighten the adjustment knob, until the pipe is severed.

Here is a genius way to keep your shoes by the door – get a coat rack and hang it by the floor. A step inside blogger Christine Keely’s West Philadelphia apartment reveals a stunning collection of found art, thrifted treasures and antique heirlooms that would make any vintage-lover drool. Now use your union to join each 18″ pipe and create a finished rectangle frame.

One of the advantages of this makeshift clothes rack is that you can use the ladder steps to display other items, such as hats or shoes. Depending on the width of your pipe (we used 1/2″ pipe all throughout), you’ll want to cut out at least that width or more. Finding ways to make the most of your small space doesn’t need to include boring storage solutions. You can hand tighten and then use a wrench to finish or, if you need to tighten a T or an elbow, you can thread a smaller pipe piece and use it to tighten—it will give you a lot more leverage.

We’ve got a number of durable and reusable bags that keep moisture out; perfect for storing things in the garage or shed. As you plan your clothing store fixture layout keep in mind that the main goal is create good customer traffic flow and effectively present your merchandise for sale. Now lay your piece centered at the base of your clothes rack and measure how far in, on each side, the 4′ pipe comes in on the wood. However the photos were super helpful for many of the steps, so I do suggest taking a look there before beginning.

Young children’s clothes and hand towels go on the middle layer and the top rack is for towels, jeans, pillow cases, sweaters, sweats, pajama bottoms and t-shirts. You can use superglue to really hold the pipes together or skip, which allows for easy rack disassembly when needed. If all else fails try to convince your family that those rougher towels are good for the sick.

You’ll need the pipe to stay upright as the concrete dries, so wrap some parcel tape around the pipe and over the sides of the container to secure it in place. Go to a nature trail or park and embrace the fact that everyone will look at you like you are crazy while you crawl around picking up branches off the ground trying to find the perfect one. When choosing clothing store fixtures, consider the size of your retail store space as well as the theme or mood that you want to set for your store. Gator Tube has a heavy duty coating that resist corrosion better than standard pipe.

I was at a consignment sale this past weekend and I saw a lot of tags that, at the end of their item description, said Originally $__” and it was highlighted! Opt for industrial black plumbing pipe and consider finishing with a meddled copper spray paint. Start with your 3′ pipe and screw on your 90 degree elbow fittings on either end, finishing with your pipe wrench to get a tight fit and to ensure the open end is facing downward properly.

He then put 3 – 15 Foot treated poles set in cement spaced about 10 ft apart and 30 ft. out in the yard. It is unbelievably easy to make with the help of a handy man/woman who is willing to do some measuring, cutting, drilling and screwing. Cut two pieces of pipe for the top and bottom of the rack, each 48 inches in length. When you don’t have any sale items, create a focal point by hanging featured items from your curtain rod.

I’m saving up for a nice, big heavy duty dryer rack I found online that is hand made. Everyone else goes to the laundry mat, but I like to use the wringer washer and hang the clothes on the line between those gigantic Jeffery Pines in her yard. They make a good exfloiater (sp) and saves on going to a spa or buying exfoliating products. Robin’s known for creating looks in a pinch & on a dime, giving Thrifty Vintage Chic fans masterful insight on how to make their own home & personal style vibrantly expressed.

Cut two pieces of pipe for the sides of the clothes rack, each 60 inches in length. If you think it might help here is an article which will help you maybe look at things differently. This was a simple project for the most part as you’re simply screwing together pipes with fittings and the materials can be found at your local hardware store that carries plumbing supplies. The amount of vinegar you use for laundry and cleaning will be way diluted down so much so it won’t make a difference. I also plan to put up a shelving unit right beside the rack for his folded t shirts with fabric draw inserts for socks, underclothing, ties, belts etc.

Or you can skip the stain altogether and simply seal the wood with polyurethane. Use a scrap piece of wood or two to nail down width-wise to join your base together. So I have my feelers out for an electric dryer to trade or whatever but in the mean time (going on 7 months) I’ve been air drying with no clothes line or drying rack. Screw an eye hook into the wood on each side of your garage door opening about five or six feet from the ground.

Now to hang out clothes all I have to do is unload my clothes from the washer into one of those metal rolling shopping carts, wheel it out on the landing, hang my clothes on the line and reel it out into the yard and snap the ring at the t-pole to hold it in place. The concrete feet keep the clothes rack freestanding, so you can adjust the lengths of the copper pipes to suit if you would like to build a smaller or larger rack! You can build your own or you can buy one, but just make sure you give yourself enough room to sit up in your bed! To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox.

Next thread the rail into the right T. This means turning the pipe in the opposite direction you turned it to insert into the left side and so the rail will unscrew on the left side by a couple of threads. Simple Rack heavy duty clothing racks are made with Gator Tube – a pipe that has a weight and strength equivalent to schedule 40 pipe. Easy DIY for yard sale rack and since my yard is a slope one side can have longer poles to compensate and keep it from falling over when loaded!