To Use An Angle Grinder On Wood

The carpenter is not the best who makes more chips than all the rest…if it’s piles of sawdust you seek grab your angle grinder for havoc you soon will wreak. I quickly decided that I wanted a grinder with a paddle switch simply because that seemed like an important safety feature for me. Since the home depot I was at does not change or repair their floor models very often all the angle grinders were already pretty beat up. I considered this a good thing since it would show me which one was most likely to hold up over time.

My Arbortech grinder with the mini-grinder attachment is 7amp so I figured it would be fine. The problem we faced was how to produce the wood dolphins without hand-carving each one, which is prohibitive because the time required would raise the retail price to a point where the dolphins were not saleable. If you aren’t familiar with Arbortech, you can visit their website at or check them out at the Woodworking Shows coming to a town near you! I bought the industrial blade a while back but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. For wood sanding, work your way through 120, 150, 180 and 220-grit sizes to achieve a furniture-grade surface.

I didn’t want the box to be too long as the wood generally comes out at 80 to 100 cm and as it would be fed by hand, it needed to emerge from the end of the box before the end of the wood entered the front of the box. It’d work for cutting wood, but the cutting depth would be pretty small I’d imagine, not more than an inch or two, and it wouldn’t be a particularly smooth cut either I’d guess. The Arbortech Power Chisel is designed to attach easily to most 100 and 125mm angle grinders to make a common tool even more versatile.

Once the grinder is operating, you can remove one hand and keep it going with a single pad. Although the arbor is not a perfect fit you can center it and clamp it down with no problem…at least the blade I use. And when the blade eventually becomes sluggish, by simply loosening the screws and rotating the round cutting teeth you have a fresh sharp edge in minutes.

When shopping for an angle grinder make sure you consider the durability and strength of the blade and ensure it is suitable for the type of cutting work you have planned. Kit includes one industrial cutter blade (tungsten carbide tipped) plus one Pro Guard as pictured above. Suitable for cutting softwood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, hardboard and plywood.

It is a handy item for various types of handyman work such as cutting wooden items, cutting tiles, brick, mortar etc, polishing steel and other items and a host of other applications as well. An important consideration when buying a bench-top grinder is the purchase of a diamond wheel dressing tool. A chainsaw mill is a tool that can be utilized to produce beams for timber framing or to cut slabs for wood working. For the beginner, I would either recommend the grinder you already have or something inexpensive.

It can be moved round fully towards the cable end in order to use the tool for skimming surfaces (rather like the action of a grinding disc). The smaller disk support allows the disk to flex and contour to the shape of the carving. Carving wheel attachments are highly aggressive and will power their way through the hardest of woods and other soft non ferrous materials with ease. Using a flap disc instead of a traditional tool can greatly enhance the quality of your job. Use this 22 tooth carving disc and your 4 in. Or 4-1/2 in. Grinder to quickly remove stock and shape wood!