Download Project Make Money Woodworking Projects

I know that’s a loaded question with no set in stone” answer, but it is a question that maybe you should be asking yourself if you are trying to make some money selling your woodworking. I’ve invested money from jobs into so woodworking tools and am fairly well equipped (my father has a table saw, band saw, scroll saw, lathe and various other tools, I have a Stanley No.4, Stanley brace and bit, a Veritas chisel set, a japanese crosscut/rip saw from Lee Valley, and have built a rebate plane and a prettier version of the poor man’s router).

I have another friend who does more complex and varied stuff – He struggles constantly to keep his business going and I dont use him, as he is too expensive once I have marked his stuff up……I think you need to assume you will never make anything more than the occasional sale of stuff and treat it purely as a hobby in the set up you have described.

Anything over cost is usually put into the gas tank for getting the materials or hardware and so on. It’s expensive enough to have someone custom build anything these days, then to charge a premium for the labor is something I have failed to do. With that being said, I never tried to sell myself to the folks that have enough money to pay for such.

Two last titbits from personal experience; if you make a piece that you think is just that bit better than the rest, do not feel you have to put the same price on it as the others that took the same time, it’s OK to put the price up, if someone else likes it too they will be happy to pay the bit extra and you can compliment them on their clearly excellent taste.

Profesional craftspeople often bemoan amateurs selling for the cost of the materials and creating a false impression of what the price for craftwork should be. It is a difficult thing to do but if you were to put your work alongside a good piece of professional work if it is as good then sell it for a similar price, if it is not then up there yet then sell it for less.