Compost Bin Plans

Two weeks ago, I visited our local Lowes and picked up the wood and hardware needed to start building a compost bin. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. When Mr. TAF and I began composting together as newlyweds (romantic, right?), we started with a heap for sticks and brush, but we created a simple wire bin with 16-gauge galvanized wire fencing to compost kitchen scraps, grass clippings, and leaves. These polypropylene containers range in size and shape but typically require mixed compost to be added through the lid. This top-of-the-line compost tumbler makes 9 cu ft of compost in as little as 13 days.

It allows you, our fellow compost junkie, to express yourself and tell us all about your experiences with specific composting bins. You can find wooden pallets for your compost bin almost anywhere: Just ask around at factories, warehouses, stores — even your office building. Position the remaining two pallets at right angles to the first to make the sides, butting the corners tightly together to stop compost spilling through the gaps.

Most lumber stores will cut your lumber free of charge, which also makes it easy to transport the materials home. With some care and long wood screws, you can align the pallets at the corners such that you can sink in some screws between them to join them together. Pressure treated wood is often slightly thicker and wider than standard dimension lumber and may require minor adjustments to the lengths on the cutting list.

This first version of ‘Compost Bin Plans’ will basically be a resource to help people connect with the wide array of great tutorials and videos already found online. Rotating bins are usually cylinders that are raised off the ground on a support structure and have a handle at the side that allows the whole bin to be turned. Many DIY compost bins can be created from typical household items, making them extremely affordable.

I really like this booklet that has a bunch of different plans for compost bins that you can build yourself. The heap is accessed by removing one side (image 4). A concrete bin may have a block or slatted structure. You can turn the compost by emptying out the bin and then putting the material back in the bin. All of our products are despatched from our warehouse in Suffolk either by courier or by a pallet delivery service. If you are looking for something different, we can usually supply a custom compost bin – made to your design and size – often for a similar price. Our manufacturer listings will be updated periodically to include new vendors of compost bins.

Compost needs air flow in order for aerobic bacteria to thrive and break down waste. What’s great about pallets is that they are the perfect size for a compost bin wall, and they encourage plenty of air flow – not to mention the fact that they can generally be obtained for free without too much difficulty. Great compost, I actually started to build mine as well and hopefully my credit card goes through.

But, if you willing to put in just a bit more work, there are some good DIY plans out there that have the feature I insist upon: a door of some kind for harvesting compost. The material at the base of your compost bin will be the richest and most beneficial to the soil. Thanks Rob-your compost bin and building posts (along with the blog generally) have been pretty inspiring. A couple heavy bricks, placed near the center of your compost cover, will effectively keep animals like raccoons and opossums from throwing off the cover and looting your compost for easy pickings. The kids will love it. Worms make wonderful compost that will enrich your garden.

I should mention that as the creator of the ‘Red Worm Composting’ website (and as a self-described worm composting fanatic), I feel somewhat obligated (haha) to include worm compost bin plans here as well – and really, when it comes down to it, I do plan to make this more of an all-encompassing DIY composting site in general. If you have woodwoorking skills and prefer the look of a wooden bin, use compost bin plans to construct a different style of compost bin. He compost I’ve added from last years garden waste, you can see it’s a lovely dark colour, it smells fresh and sweet and has a lovely crumbly consistency.

Unlike wooden compost bins these will not rot after a couple of years and are a more efficient compost bins than the trash can composters. My plans are to then remove the bottom section of vermicompost, and then dump the top section back into the bottom (thus starting the cycle all over again). Besides the crazyness of spending $350 on something like that the wood you used is treated and you are ending up with poison in your composted soil ….

My improvised solution consisted of a cut-to-fit sheet of corrugated plastic screwed to a wooden frame made of 2×2 pine. The large size will allow you to compost everything you’ve got-from garden trimmings to kitchen waste. Compost consists of decomposed plant matter and is excellent as a soil supplement and fertilizer. This could very well be the most inexpensive compost bin you could ever build yourself.

Many people are hesitant to build a composting system because they are unsure of what materials to use. It is constructed with a minimum of hand-powered tools and is not difficult or time-consuming to build. For an altogether different DIY method, support a drum, food barrel, or trash can on a wood frame with four casters and you have a spinning tumbler. In this guide, we’ll explain how composters work and provide you with ideas and plans for several types you can build yourself. I wanted to make a sturdy bin that was easier to use, would not compost itself, and could accommodate more waste, without spending too much on materials.