D.I.Y. Custom Sub Enclosure Guide! (Lots Of Pics!)

PSI Car Audio offers 100% CUSTOM built subwoofers, made specifically for you and your application. Acquire the partsFor your custom speaker box, you’ll need a subwoofer and 20mm MDF (cut with a table or circular saw, or have the DIY shop cut it). Other virtues of the vented design include better reproduction of low bass, a reasonably flat response curve, and low distortion – provided the box is properly constructed. Because I had room to work with, space-wise, I also added poly fill, which will trick the subs into thinking they are in a bigger box. For a long time, we have been a pioneer provider of custom soundboards for our clients in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

If you are painting the subwoofer box, It is a good idea to apply primer under the paint. Covering the speakers with some type of grille may be a good idea depending on the location of the box in your vehicle. A larger box will mean a lower Qtc, which will go deeper, but not be as punchy. One of the major constraints that most people face when deciding on a subwoofer and the type of subwoofer box design to acquire for their car stereo system is the available space.

A common material used to mold complex shaped subwoofer boxes is fiberglass, but it is a real pain to work with, and several layers need to be applied for a solid finish. To determine the resonance frequency of the system, set the multimeter to current measurement, then hook it up in series with the subwoofer to your amplifier, then use the frequency generator to drive the subwoofer. I let the first layer dry for about 8 hours, just cause i wanted to make sure it was done, and it was a bit humid here that day.

However a common misconception with large subwoofers is that if you get or make something large and powerful, then you’ll be blowing the house down and making the neighbours / your wife / parents or whatever very unhappy. Use an automotive body filler, such as Bondo, to further strengthen and seal the box. More detailed boxes or larger enclosures will require more material and build time which will increase the price. The only difference comes in the form of regular subwoofer enclosure” vs. custom subwoofer enclosure”.

Dimensions must be exact and cuts must be precise or you can affect the frequency that it’s tuned to. So, if you’re planning to whip this out with a drill and circular saw I’d build a sealed enclosure. If you are local to Chatsworth, CA you can always bring your vehicle in for a custom fiberglass enclosure. The box rarely ends up fitting as you imagine it will fit, and its tougher than you think to build an attractive box, never mind a functioning one. Popular Mechanics illustrates step-by-step how to build your own home speakers from start to finish. The foil will help when removing the tape from the fiberglass later on. I chose not to do this.

Make a subwoofer box design that makes the best use of space in your vehicle without compromising sound quality! After you cut the top, bottom and sides of your box you should use the subwoofer as a guide to where to trace the opening of the box. In this case, the meter will measure the lowest voltage at the resonance frequency of a sealed system, and the highest voltage at the resonance frequencies of the ported and bandpass systems. With a ported subwoofer, you have to decide on the tune that you are going to have.

While both of these alternatives take up a certain amount of space, they are a lot more compact, cost less, and take less time than the custom enclosure route. Cut three pieces for the ends You want to cut support for your box for a 15-inch subwoofer with an interior brace the size of an end piece. To compensate for these components, you must build your enclosure slightly larger than your measurements indicate. When wiring, make sure that woofers are out of phase: Wire one of them backwards (negative to positive, and positive to negative), so that both pull or push at the same time.

Fori 00% certainty that everything is correct, you may want to measure the box tuning frequency for vented enclosures. A good way to ‘plan ahead’ may be to use a removable mounting flange or front baffle for your speaker box. So call us today at 414-325-9600 for availing our custom soundboard assistance as we bring you only the best quality of services. Initially, I intended to build the cabinet from solid hardwood, but North Creek’s plans recommend a combination of 3/4-in. I haven’t gone into too much detail about how to physically build the things, but what I’ve covered are all things to bear in mind when it comes to building your own subwoofer.

With a pencil, mark all the screw holes around the subwoofer onto the enclosure. We have been designing and producing one-off, custom subwoofers for clients for many years, and have thousands of very happy customers. Using the correct materials for your enclosure will make it sturdier, sound better, and most importantly, give it a clean, professional look. Band pass subwoofer boxes will yield more bass than sealed and ported subwoofer boxes (especially at lower frequencies), but over a narrower frequency range.

If a subwoofer box is smaller than what it is supposed to be, the sound will be tighter, but more amplifier power will be required. To add rigidity, there is a plywood crossbrace running internally across the width of the box. It’s recommended to brace the inside if you’re going to build a box as you don’t want it flexing. We know that it’s all about the sound so we design our Custom Fit Subwoofer Boxes for nearly every make and model vehicle.

It is convenient to get an amplified tube, since amplifier, crossover and subwoofer are all integrated in a small package. To get a quote for a custom built subwoofer box, simply fill out the form below and submit it. Our installers will check it out and get back to you as soon as we can. This distortion can be eliminated by simply adding a brace or two inside the box.

As I stated earlier there are a lot of opinions on this so I can’t make your mind up for you, although I have had both types and had good results from both, currently I favour sealed. In fact, at box tuning, almost all the bass is produced by the vent – not the woofer. Subwoofer boxes that are made with fiberglass has the tendency of being more durable and lasting much longer than its ply wood counterpart. If you’re going for a ported design then a plate amp might be sufficient for your needs.

And speaker Manufacturers don’t want to spend one extra cent more than necessary to make the product. Hey every one I thought i’d make a write up for my custom Sub Encloser that i just finished! If you are looking for a custom fiberglass enclosure be sure to check our website for options available. You will want to also seal your terminals with some silicone or at least hot glue to preserve the sealed box.

Having taken the time to explain what a fiberglass is and the advantages in accrues when used in building a customized box for your best 12 inch subwoofers as well as the best 10 inch subwoofers as well, we hope that you have seen the huge benefits that you can derive when you opt for using a fiberglass against standard ply wood in your next custom subwoofer boxes project.

For in-car use, fiberglass can be used to build a strong but light subwoofer box, but note that adequate bracing should be used and the use of fiberglass to make any large flat panels should be avoided. When you choose us to install your custom sound boxes, we will make sure that you have the best product in the market. When adding braces to an enclosure always add the displacement of the extra wood to the gross box volume as it is designed. After you find out what looks best start cutting pieces of wood to make those angles to hold up the ring. The most important thing is to make sure the baffle board completely seals the front and rear areas.