How To Make A Headboard

Yesterday, I invited you into my real food pantry Today, we’re going to get a bit more personal. Ruthie, just decide approx how big you want your squares to be, and then figure out how many you’d need to fit the dimensions of a twin bed. Measure 3- to 4-inches in from either side of the bed and place another mark on the wall. The ReStore has another headboard exactly like it and I am considering buying it to make twin” benches! My father is a master craftsman at Furnitureland South and is eager to help me make this BEAUTIFUL and simple headboard. I can sew a straight line on my very ancient Singer and knew I could fake the look of a upholstered or padded headboard by making a cover that can be slipped over the existing headboard.

The button tufted headboard is anything but new, and if you fancy historical movies or documentaries, then you have certainly noticed that the royalty had a similar headboard at the palace! This is another fancy headboard idea that involves high-quality, cheap and durable barn wood. A solid-pine door makes a perfect bold headboard Cut 15 inches off the bottom of the door. A piece of antique wood salvage can brighten up your room just like a headboard. To further support the board, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the door. This will prevent the unsightly appearance of the hard corner of the foam coming through the fabric.

To complete the beautiful pallet headboard you can use simple tools like saw and screws but important is to use right technique. I folded white fabric in half and kept drawing lines until it was what I wanted. Inexpensive picture frames can be found at garage sales or thrift shops and made into a magnificent headboard Remove the glass from the frames, and cut quilt batting the same size as the frame back. Why we love it: This hotel-worthy headboard is simple and elegant – minus the hefty price tag!

I would love to make this for my room, and I’m going to purchase a queen size bed soon, so as far as measurements I’m clueless! TRICK: For those who enjoy low lighting like we do, try running white Christmas lights behind your pallet headboard to achieve a back-lit look. I did a search for Purebond plywood on the website and different projects came up – quite a few actually. Rather than continue to bonk our heads on the wall every night, we decided to make one.

Butt-join the frame members, screwing them at the corners for a 22-in x 70-in king frame (22-in x 54-in for queen; 22-in x 48-in for full; and 22-in x 33-in for twin). Here’s my numbers (I’ll add this to the post) but where you hang yours will be depend on how high you bed frame is and how tall your mattress and box spring are. He discovered a baby’s crib design and style he loved in a collection and made a duplicate using wooden from pallets.

Well, some might want to do extra things like painting the legs, (mine don’t show so I didn’t worry about that) or adhering the headboard either to the wall or a bedframe (but ours seems to be sturdy without doing either of those things). If you want to attach the headboard to your bed, you just need to measure where your bed frame has the holes to attach it..drill the holes and used nuts and bolts to attach them. I showed you how I made the headboard in my son’s room and this was nearly identical till I got to the tufting part.

So excited to hear that your going to make your own, I would LOVE to see photos when its done. This headboard idea is perfect if your home is decorated in a vintage or a rustic fashion and you want your bedroom to match the overall style of your house. At this point we made sure (again) that the fabric fit all the way around the headboard. Cut a thin wood panel in the size you’d like for your headboard, spray glue some foam batting to pad the wood a bit and wrap your fabric nicely in the front while stapling in the back. However, I wanted the headboard to be slightly larger (length-wise) than the bed, so it would stick out a little on both ends.

You can cut it just like a picture frame at a 90 degree angle..I chose to make mine more upright with straight cuts. I was able to use coupons for both the fabric and the other supplies and the estimated cost (queen) was about $40! Sometimes those unplanned changes make your project better — so don’t get frustrated; get creative! Hope you do not mind me adding; for those who are questioning amount of yardage you may have to ‘railroad’ your fabric …. if other words ‘seam two pieces together’ and ‘match’ up the fabric if it has a pattern.