Tampa Woodworking Show (2016) Did Anyone Attend?

Last week I attended my 2nd Woodworking Show here in Tampa since retiring to central FL and, once again, I found myself walking away with a sense that the show, once again, is heading down hill. Most of the times the guest on woodworking shows are experts who have long since moved past the discomfort levels so this subject of how to cope and move past nervous fear and/or physical discomfort with tools is very rarely discussed. Also, in case you were not aware, this blog produced some strong reactions around the web at Popular Woodworking (Codswallop”), the Penultimate Woodshop, Tom’s Workbench, and particularly on Twitter. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded into electronics, sewing / fiber arts, traditional media art, and woodworking.

We do offer woodworking for women as a beginning woodworking course because it evens out the unfair disparity of our modern culture and the needs of women are different to men in many but not all cases. We tend to gloss over the effects of becoming a machine only world of woodworking. The Woodworking Shows will be back this January and Micro Fence will be busy attending them.

The Woodworking Shows has lined up a bunch of the best woodworking presenters in the country, and along with a great line-up of tool vendors the season has, and will continue to be a blockbuster event! Until you put it like that, I never thought about how the current absence of hand tools would eliminate children and adult women from getting more involved with woodworking. JA: We started Tampa Hackerspace because the Tampa Bay area was long overdue for a space like this. Yesterday I saw two girls and one boy in the whole show and only a handful of women. George has had numerous articles published in many well-known woodworking magazines.

No one seems to be responsible for bringing about change and so the problem goes on. Eventually this situation will be sealed and woodworking could one day become a machine only form of making and no longer a craft. Woodworking jobs near Tampa, FL. Sign up to get all the latest job leads from Simply Hired delivered right to you. If you’re looking to learn how to create your own one of a kind pen make sure to catch Barry’s seminars happening daily at every Woodworking Show. See the whole Woodworking Shows schedule below and you can always look where we will be heading out to next on our website (link below the schedule).

They have produced approximately 70 full-length instructional DVDs and many short videos all about woodworking and woodworking tools. I think there has been a gross injustice done to young people by removing hand tools from the world of woodworking and it is a sad reflection of the 60-80’s when most magazines, schools and industry providers failed to present balanced perspectives, options and alternatives.

I think that they are right to feel intimidated by highly dangerous machines but so too men today are unused to the physical and mental demand-requirements it takes to work with woodworking machines. Since machines dominate the market of woodworking and in fact invade sanity at every level, we will never see this change. Thanks to a $20,000 Making the Future grant from Cognizant, we held summer camps for Tampa youth where they did soldering and Arduino projects. Last year one gathering was held in Tampa in conjunction with the annual Florida Woodworking show.

I met George some 15 years ago while touring with the Woodworking Shows and have remained good friends ever since. That they need to focus on holding the tools as the instructions show and that they must resist that urge to change to a position that feels more familiar to them. Woodworking shows and magazines generally cater to amatuer woodworkers because professional are in so small a number these providers would collapse without that audience. We specialize in fine hardwood lumber , woodworking tools and hardware, cabinet grade plywood , wood veneer , moldings, and woodworking hobby supplies.

Expand your skills at each show with 360 WoodWorking as Glen Huey and Chuck Bender work through hand-cut dovetails, shop-made moldings, cutting perfect” miters, basic inlay techniques including Poor man’s inlay.” Round out the weekend with simple techniques to make your project finishes pop. If it were not for machines, I’d bet there would be a fraction of people, men or women, involved in woodworking. We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your favorite woodworking projects along with captions and a brief history of your woodworking. Second to losing women at their first woodworking attempts to fear of tools this is the next biggest stumbling block for them.

This is not gender specific, although I do think that women show higher levels of respect for machine woodworking and shy away from it because it is so highly invasive and aggressive. I am fairly new to woodworking and this was the first time I have tried to make anything like this. I asked in each of my seminars over the weekend how many of the people there earned any aspect of their living from woodworking.

The machine substitutes for the very thing we call skill and art, but it cannot replace it. Anyone that says a machine is a tool can never understand the art and craft of woodworking. The idea is not to show the danger, but everyone will say, No, we took the guards off for clarity and we took the faceshields off for clarity and the dust masks, well we have extraction. Unless you have that faith that you can, you won’t and so my goals are different than most people at the show.

When we start to publicly tell people at the introduction of woodworking lessons that it is normal for beginners to have these inhibiting feelings and let them know how to move past it there will be more woodworkers of both genders. I have approached the members of the Woodcrafters Club of Tampa and the St Petersburg woodworking club to help. But, unfortunately, after attending the Tampa show last week, now that I’m in FL, I had that feeling of Déjà vu all over again. I made the rocking horse below from wood I got from a member of the Woodcrafters Club of Tampa where I am also a member.

Garden & Gun named Wood Studio the overall winner in its Made in the South Awards” for the studio’s Lookout Mountain Rocker, and the company was featured in the October 2015 issue of Southern Living. But I go to these shows with much anticipation and excitement (like a kid in a toy store) hoping to hand-on-touch and tinker with new woodworking tools and equipment and gadgets and such. So if you want to see more women in woodworking it has to be addressed but not of course in a demeaning way.

We asked Director of Operations, Jon Adair, a mobile app developer with his own company, Thinkamingo , and a founding member of Tampa Hackerspace, to tell us more about the space and what they’re bringing to Maker Faire Orlando. I think too that many women feel intimidated by many things surrounding woodworking when there is no reason for them not to work wood outside or inside industry.

As a woman who teaches women to use a wide of tools I can tell you exactly why there are not more women in woodworking. However this year, after picking up a few expendable supplies and accessories from Peachtree and a couple of other no-name vendors I left the show feeling disappointed and disheartened that there’s a good possibility that I won’t return to the show next year.

Jewell offered 20 of the world’s best wood artists the opportunity to choose a specimen that inspired them, and craft it. He hopes to take the show across the country if he can gather funding. This position also had him attending new product roll-outs at various woodworking shows across the US. I ask the questions at my bench at the shows and in my seminars what holds women back from woodworking. I also think most people get into woodworking because they had to, or wanted to make some item for their home.