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A one-of-a-kind DIY headboard can make a bold statement in your bedroom at a low cost. The idea is to have the bottom piece mounted to the wall (with a 3-1/2″ screw in a stud) and the top piece mounted to the back of the headboard. We have four different DIY headboard projects in our book (all of which we made and shot in various corners of our house) and only one of them is fabric – so there are definitely other ways to go! So, I made a pattern as a free download in case someone wants to make their own version. After putting on one coat of polyeurethane, I lightly sanded the headboard with 220-grit paper. Adding an upholstered headboard is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change your bedroom’s look.

So, if you get a rush out of ripping apart wood secured with spiral nails, go buy a crowbar and follow our DIY Wood Pallet Sign tutorial from fall of 2012. Pull button taut to create tufts; staple the string to the back of the headboard several times, until it is secure. A tall headboard is substantial and creates a beautiful focal point for the room. But I’ve come up with a solution: eliminate expensive wood and foam, and use fabric remnants instead, to make a layered headboard for a grand total of $20.

You’ll cut the shape out of plywood and then cover that with foam (like from an eggshell mattress cover) and then cover again with fabric. The more consistent you are with the tension and stapling, the more even your fabric will look from the front. Note: If your bed is a queen or king, a standard sized shower curtain will not be large enough for this project- but you can definitely find some amazing fabric or extra long curtain and use that instead!

The Raleigh Upholstered Wingback Bed & Headboard features a distinctive design and gently refined curves that create a trendy look perfect for a modern atmosphere. Using two shades of the same color when painting a headboard is both unexpected and visually interesting. After brainstorming a little, I decided to layer it with a coordinating panel so that the entire headboard would be the width of my bed. You don’t want to ever have to do this again, so before you insert the back with shank, lift up the fabric and add a little bit of Gorilla glue around the inside edges. This is also the time to think about what you want your headboard to look like.

If you want to add a rustic statement, look not further than this DIY headboard (that we spotted on Hometalk ). The unique viewpoint and use of the wood adds texture to the room, while the dark colors pop against the white wall. I loveit and I’m so proud of my accomplishment (I’ve even decided to refinish some bedside tables too since I’m in DIY mode.) I used my old bed frame which I upholstered and made a few headboard from scratch. I knew I would be able to see a small amount of plywood between the wood slats of the faux shiplap, so I needed to make sure the color of the plywood matched the pre-finished slats.

I originally wanted to use upholstery fabric but I could never find any that I really was in love with so I just used some linen fabric and it worked beautifuly. A note for this tutorial, you’ll want to make sure your folds face down from top to bottom, and to the right when you’re setting the buttons. If making a fabric headboard, you can use a fabric that coordinates with the rest of your color scheme.

Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard To get this look, find windows that measure about the width of your mattress. Visit a lumber or home improvement store and request the wood to be cut the exact length to save you some time and trouble. You want the bottom of the headboard to fall below the top of the mattress to give the illusion that the headboard and the rest of the bed are attached. For a whimsical, romantic look, paper flowers will turn your bedroom into a fantasy garden. This is a lovely and romantic floral headboard that is the perfect choice for any young lady who wants to spice up her bedroom!

There is nothing I hate more than measuring, so I did a quick search on Pinterest for DIY tufted headboards” and noticed that at least a few geniuses simply used pegboard as the backing for their headboards and foot boards. A headboard created with storage cubbies makes a place for books, clocks, and the rest of your sleep routine essentials. I could only find fabric that was 54″ wide so I had to sew two pieces together.

You can certainly get this price down if you use a more inexpensive fabric or are making a board for a smaller bed size. We had a 1/4″ sheet of 4×8 plywood cut down to 77″ x 36″ to accommodate our king-sized bed (Home Depot and Lowes will both make cuts for free). Line it up with the top and sides of the headboard and trim any excess not needed. I can’t wait to hear of someone else who is inspired to make a similar headboard.

We lifted it up to make sure it all looked taut and wrinkle free from the front. I would love to make this for my room, and I’m going to purchase a queen size bed soon, so as far as measurements I’m clueless! Check back first thing tomorrow morning for more great headboard tutorials, like this gorgeous rustic wood bed!  There’s really no wrong way to do it but here’s what I came up with 🂠 This headboard is for a full mattress but very easy to convert to add width or subtract for another size.

The big advantage is that you can tailor the wood headboard as you need and like, making no compromises. You will need to saw the door down to the size you need and then add some chair rail molding and a little paint and you end up with a beautiful wooden headboard that is completely customizable. The two protruding grooves fit perfectly in one another, keeping the headboard safely propped up. For less than $100, you can create a beautiful tufted headboard that is soft and shaped however you want. You can paint an old door with chalkboard paint and make something really special.

You will need to choose your shape first and then make sure that you have fabric and some foam on hand to create the headboard. I had to share this unique blog post, DIY Book Headboard / Design Every Day” with my own buddies on facebook. To achieve the middle tones I experimented a bit by brushing only some water on the pieces, being careful not to overly saturate the wood.

Even if you don’t have any fencing on hand, you can make this beautiful headboard for about $25 depending on where you purchase the cedar pickets. PlanItDIY is a source of inspiration, ideas and how-to advice that helps consumers plan and complete their DIY projects and connects them with local independent home improvement retailers. Recycled pallets are great and very versatile – if you have one or two to spare, then you should definitely check out this lovely tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to take your once basic bedroom to a whole new level!

In the master bedroom of this family house in Atlanta designed by Kay Douglass, an antique door steals the scene. If you want to add a touch of chic and royal to your own bedroom, then here is a great DIY button tufted headboard project to keep you busy! My favorite DIY headboard tutorial was from a blog called Southern Exposure She did a great job walking me through the process. Hit the fabric with a little bit of steam before you drape it over your headboard.

Another non-traditional way to create a cool, modern headboard is by using the panels unconventionally. Could you or your husband give me the rough dimensions of your scaffolding for the headboard. It’s so much cozier to read in bed now (we took the time to make our headboard extra plush- more on that in a minute). It’s packed with DIY inspiration, deals you won’t want to miss & helpful tips, as well as links to my latest posts. Determine where you want your bed to be, and find the center by dividing the width of your bed by 2. Make a small mark on the wall.

Every year, after a month of no sunshine, no vitamin D, and when I can’t remember the last time I was outside, we find a house sitter to keep adding wood to the fire round the clock (yes, it’s supposed to be 50 below this week!) and we take off (pun not intended) to Hawaii. If your bed is up against a corner, add a low-profile headboard to two walls creating a corner headboard. Through chalkboard paint you can transform any item into your future headboard. Take this step slow so that your fabric doesn’t begin to twist around your wood screws.