OPSGEAR® VestBuilder 2.1

The skill builder class is a 1/2 day version of DS-1 & covers the fundamentals of using a shotgun to defend yourself in a violent encounter. My harness is the softer type (type 17?), and if I were ordering a rig I’d probably go for the firmer stuff, as I’ve heard it doesn’t fray so much, though there’s no evidence of any wear whatsoever on my rig. This Chest Rig is ready to withstand the rigors of Airsoft combat while simultaneously providing storage for eight (8x) AEG mags, your sidearm, spare sidearm mags, a radio, and many other pieces of pertinent gear and accessories! Human_skeleton_toes_breathe_180cm.rig – The same as above, but with toes and bones for chest and tummy breathing.

The rig will be built according to the position of your locators, the settings in the Rig Creation Options rollout , and all the rig objects and layers will be prefixed with your character name. However, when you pin the translation or rotation of the wrist control, it behaves like it’s animation space has been set to world space and so doesn’t inherit the translation or rotation of it’s parent controller, the chest. The Cut Mesh button will cut your mesh into one object per bone, and this proxy model can be handy for testing your rig. The Rig Position Tools rollout have tools to help you adjust the position of the rig locators.

It gives the best compromise between flexibility and ease of use; allowing you to pose the rig in both FK and IK without the need to constantly switch pin settings or keep track of different skeletons, and only set keys on the effectors you have selected. The Rig Creation Options rollout is where you choose which type of rig components you would like to create. While this can be useful for quickly blocking out key poses, as you begin to refine your animation it will create lots of unnecessary keys frames on the rest of effectors in the rig. Weight wise it’s not very heavy, at only 700 grams it’s on par with most chest rigs that don’t feature the so-heavy- duty 1000D Cordura fabric.

Made to have a very small footprint and provide a basic transport platform for the most essential tactical stuff you’ll need in short missions or games, this chest rig is optimised for speed and breathability. These will not only allow pouch placement on the inside of the panel but also attachment of hardware such as QASM buckles to give the user a different means of suspending the chest rig without interrupting the front PALS grid. You won’t even find a bare webbing end on this rig; it has all been meticulously melted, folded, and sewn down.

Anyone who hasn’t already done so should seriously do the 24-hour gear test: Wear your complete rig and carry a full loadout for one entire day – put it on as soon as you pull up your pants in the morning, and don’t take it off until you hit the rack for the night. To circumvent this, I cobbled together a hybrid rig using the Alaska chest harness combined with a plastic Safariland ALS holster.

The chest rig and pouches are made in China out of a heavy Cordura nylon canvas, with heavy stitching and quality hardware. Built out of heavy duty 600x600D tactical grade nylon, this seriously versatile chest rig protects and stores your valuable airsoft gear. Two latch (male end) side release buckles run off the top of the rig to accomplish vertical attachment. On the non-PALS version I would make the FAK kit more wide than deep to keep a lower profile on the rig. You can also check your mesh for problems, and it lets you chop up a mesh if you want to quickly parent proxies to your rig. As you can see, Super Simple Rig has a lot of concerns with the teapot, most of them to do with transforms and missing modifiers.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this chest rig is water resistant so you can get it wet all you want and it won’t lose any of its original qualities. As with any FLYYE product, the fabrics are top of the line and this chest rig is no exception. The Swampfox MKII is a split front chest rig that utilizes the excellent pouch and flap design for which UW Gear has become known. Human_skeleton_180cm.rig – The default rig that is created when you press the Create Locators button.

If you want a chest rig that is as trim and light as possible, go with the Minuteman MKII. If you have set up skinning in the Rig Skinning Tools rollout , the script will also attempt to skin your character. I picked up the Condor MCR4 OPS Chest Rig, and three of the MA61 Shotgun Reload Pouches from Their prices were the best I could find anywhere, and they had a 20% off deal running through the month. Speaking of hydration carriers, UW Gear is working on one that will integrate with their chest rigs.

The magazine pouches have the same design as those that I have already documented on the Minuteman MKII Chest Rig and the UW Gear Bandoleer. The WWII pilot’s holster carried a 1911 nearly vertical along the left side of the chest, simply a straight up and down forerunner of the modern chest rig. Over the course of the last couple months, I have been testing his plate carrier, chest rig and shotgun sleeve. The AMA AK Chest Rig is one of the best lightweight pieces of airsoft gear available on the market, and is also an incredible value! Rear, Top rig is large ELCS panels, USAF survival molle utility belt and 40mm LBE vest shoulder harness.

The vest is designed to be highly versatile, and thus adaptable for various different tactical roles such as. The Great Big Affordable Plate Carrier/Tactical Vests/Chest Rig Under $60 Run Build your own vest style with fully gear of equipments. Moving a controller in a particular Body Part” will only affect the effectors in that group and it’s children (i.e. adjusting the chest controller will adjust the position of the chest and it’s child body group; both arms and the head) This behaviour can be limited using a simple Pinning” set-up that doesn’t require constant adjustment.

There is a box stitch at nearly every point where webbing is joined to the body of the chest rig. This tactical chest rig features four double stack magazines pouches, two side utility pouches, an a central admin pouch. Expect to see a lot more of the Raider” Armor Integrated Chest Rig design in the near future. Using the chest pockets with the bottom snaps open enables easier storage and access to bulky or tall items, and lessens the chance that items will fall out when bending over. These buttons will move the the locators on one side to match the other side, mirroring the character rig.

I started out thinking I was just going to modify my own gear to my specific tastes, but it just ended up being easier to design it and build it from the raw materials, so yeah I stitched this stuff from cardboard patterns after dissecting a ChiCom Type 63 chest rig. The Rig Skinning Tools rollout is where you save out the skinning data for your rig. Make sure to save the locators first if you want to change the rig in the future.

Following the reply to Robert Christina below I set up the rig and removed the attribute values for all toes and although the skeleton will build the animation rig stops when it gets to the toes. Parent the lock controllers to the objects you want the rig to follow, and use the lock sliders on the root controller to animate the following on and off.