Difference And Comparison

Classifying wood as either a hardwood or softwood comes down to its physical structure and makeup, and so it is overly simple to think of hardwoods as being hard and durable compared to soft and workable softwoods. It’s recommended you cut and split the yellow birch as soon as possible after felling to allow the wood to properly season. If you like this type of action and color variation, you’ll find it with certain varieties of birch wood floors. Birch trees grow abundantly in North America, with nine species in this family that are relatively well known, but over 50 species found around the world, including many ornamental and shrub bushes.

Rot Resistance: Birch is perishable, and will readily rot and decay if exposed to the elements. Birch wood has a beautiful appearance; it is fine grained and has a pale color giving it an elegant look to clean line furniture designs. Other maples like Silver Maple are qualified as soft maples, with a hardness value of 700 (higher values mean greater hardness). In 2002 they installed a beautiful American (considered very soft) cherry floor and in that time took extreme care of it by paying attention to care & maintenance. White Ash, Chestnut, Cherry and Maple each have unique qualities, but are generally similar in terms of heat, length of burn and coaling.

This creates an especially different look, whereas oak offers a more traditional look with typically uniform darker shades of wood. Birch is also associated with the feast of Pentecost in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia, where its branches are used as decoration for churches and homes on this day. Texture – Birch has an uneven texture that feels rough to the touch and isn’t the best choice for smooth and shiny mirror finishes.

Birch hardwood’s natural highlights provide an elegant way of making rooms look bigger and somewhat playful. Scattered red spruce and white spruce are also common, while balsam fir can be a significant understory species. Our engineered hardwood comes in a wide range of shades, is durable and adds warmth and character to your home. When birch plywood is made into a set of cabinets, it’s standard procedure to use alder or even maple hardwood as a substitute for a birch face-frame. We purchased 9 boxes of Bruce Gunstock hardwood to be installed in our bedroom.

In the samples with hardwood cores – poplar, birch and the imported wood – the rabbets were smooth. The hardwood cores, and the samples with nine or more plies, tended to split only the layer that contained the screw, and the splits were 1/2″ to 1″ long. The tree usually reaches about 65 feet in height with a straight, tapering trunk generally about 30” in diameter. The common name birch comes from Old English birce, bierce, from Proto-Germanic berk-jōn (cf. All 18 samples of the Baltic birch varied003″ or less, making this the most consistent material we tested.

On a hardness scale, birch lumber ranks at the top with hard-rock maple, and in fact is often mistaken for maple. Great for any level in your house, this engineered hardwood can be installed below grade (basement level), at ground level or above. Simply put, birch flooring exists as a viable alternative to oak or maple flooring. Built to last our hardwood flooring adds value to your home and immediate value to your wallet. Trim will likely be white around the house, the door to our powder room and foyer closet will be white (or maybe green?) with privacy glass.

The interior of a cedar chest should be left unfinished to allow the aroma to escape from the wood. Light, creamy-brown colour, open-grained open grain: A wood with visible large pores – eg oak. Birch is a plentiful hardwood that grows in forests in Canada and throughout the Northeastern United States. Choosing Wood Flooring – Choosing the right wood flooring might seem like an overwhelming task.

Even within wood from the same tree, the color can vary from light, creamy tans to darker reds and browns. We would be happy to help you find the right wood flooring for your home in the greater Des Moines, Marshalltown, Ankeny & Ames area! The appearance of the wood will vary between species, but generally, the sap wood is creamy white and the heart stock, golden brown.

In part, the abundance of oak, the popularity of maple, and the solidity of hickory , play a major role in birch being out of the top-three candidates when shopping around, but also it seems that people do not seem to know enough about it to make an informed decision. Best of all you don’t have to be in Upstate New York to receive our Birch Wood Flooring.