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Porter Cable Planer Parts If your Porter Cable planer has bad brushes, a faulty switch or just needs new blades, don’t worry. At the end of planing the final high spot I took into a hidden nail and chipped out the blades, fortunately I already had a set of replacement blades on hand for the next time I need to use it. Benefit was the blades lifted the hidden nail high enough before they chipped out that I could get the nail out with a demo bar… Harbor Freight label notwithstanding, it performed admirably and th4 $40 or so I paid was far less than the one that HD had available (Bosch, I think).

It is made with magnesium construction to offer some solid durability and strength — it’s another middle price-point planer to keep in mind if you want a hand, corded model. In terms of planer construction, the cast aluminum shoe offers great control and stability if you take care of it properly. In terms of comparing to the previous planer listed, this is a huge jump in price but justifiably so due to the overall quality and type of model it is. It’s a super nice Porter Cable unit that I’ve used on all of Maybe” three projects in the appx 12 years that I have owned it. Li-Ion batteries are a perfect choice for planers, even more so than for other power tools.

Like a jointer, the problem with a planer is the cutter is actually scooping a curved cut resulting in the finished board having a rippled surface texture. The planer is lightweight and it has an ergonomically centered balance — we recommend it for those who want a hand planer that gives you top-of-the-line build but isn’t necessarily budget-friendly like the previously listed models. If the blades aren’t set at a consistent height, the surface of the board will be wavy.

Case in point: I needed a new palm finish R.. Sander to replace the old worn out because it’s not collecting the dust” PC model I had. This portable thickness power planer has a 15 Amp motor which is capable of handling the demands of a small shop and other mid-sized uses. Spiral blades – I’ve already mentioned the advantage of this, but as far as I know, there’s only one handheld planer that has them.

Some of the features you can expect from this tabletop planer are a 12 1/2 inch wide table that is powered by a 2 hp motor that can pump out 10,000 RPM. This tool has amazing power and leaves a great finish….It does take some practice to end up with a final-sanding finish. Watch eBay for a Porter Cable Power Block Plane , they don’t make it anymore, but it was one of the most useful tools I’ve ever owned, but that is an expired listing. We love researching and reviewing popular power tools, lawn/garden equipment and more.

If you are looking for a professional wood planer then Porter-Cable PC305TPR is not the appropriate choice. Finally, having decided that sanders were obviously disposable, I went to Lowes and bought a $ 39.00 Skil sander because it had the most aggressive-feeling hook-&-loop pad. This is the ideal addition to any high volume workshop looking for a power tool to boost production. Ancient craftsmen have been using the planer for millennia to create furnishings and buildings. Machined shoe – The shoe needs to be extremely flat and exactly parallel to the blades for an accurate cut.

There is a detachable tool box that can be used for storage of standard equipment which doesn’t hurt, either — it’s up there in price but if you wanted a beast of a planer (almost 3x the power in the motor as compared to others) here it is. Compared to 12 volts, the higher voltage provides considerably more power, making the tools more or less equal in power to their corded cousins. The next machine on the list is going to be the Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-Inch Planer This model did not have quite as many reviews as the DeWalt model did but plenty to make this planer a top pick.

This is one of the best power planers not only because it’s a DeWalt model but the reviews don’t lie — with a 15 amp, 20,000 rpm motor, the DeWalt DW735X can handle large cuts with wide materials quickly and efficiently. There’s something special about sliding a planer across a section of wood and feeling the shavings spill forth. The first thing you notice about this planer is it’s high quality construction.

I responded to the tweet, about some of the bench top tools I have bought in the past, including a table saw and a joint, both of which I bought floor model versions of and sold the old ones on Craigslist. Three precision machined grooves offer three different sizes to achieve edge chamfering — another solid DeWalt planer here to take into consideration. I’ve been using this door planer for years and it has been around longer then i’ve been hanging doors.

The Company began life when R. E. Porter, G. G. Porter and F. E. Cable agreed to open a jobbing machine and tool shop out of their garage in Syracuse, N.Y. with an investment of $2,300. Outfitted with two types of blades, you can choose between high-speed steel (HSS) blades or carbide blades depending on your needs. Buying a portable planer for use in furniture making is not practical, as you can’t plane the full width of a board with it. Trying to use a benchtop planer for adjusting the width of a door won’t work either, as you can’t fit the door in it.