Questions About Making Wood Canoe Paddles

Making something with your hands is a rewarding experience no matter how you do it. When it comes to making a canoe (or kayak) paddle, it’s a very personal thing. Contrary to many assumptions, a paddle does not have to be made from moisture-resistant wood. You would need to use 2-3 additional cedar strips per side, but this would be a small price to pay to reduce the sanding and get a tighter fit on yhour joints. A bigger challenge was making sure that the irregular shape could be nicely caned. I would say that 1/3 of the cost is wood for strips, 1/3 for epoxy and fiberglass and 1/3 misc such as wood for gunnels, material for the station forms and strong back, tools, sandpaper, wood glue, screws, brushes, plastic, tape, squeegees, deck, yoke & seat frame material, Varnish.

Once I establish my centerlines, I divide the paddle into three sections: the blade, the shaft, and the grip. Straight after University l worked in the design office of McGruer & Co. Scotland for 4 years – famous for high performance racing /cruising yachts beautifully crafted in wood (cold moulded as well as conventional clinker and carvel). This will cost you about 100% more if you are purchasing the wood from a region foreign to red or white cedar. This means you can make a blade narrower by doing your own shaping, however you can not go wider.

The express canoe or canot léger, was about 4.6 m (15 ft) long and were used to carry people, reports, and news. But you can add accent strips of mahogany, walnut, cherry, whatever.. Since the whole thing gets glassed inside and out.. The wood will (should) never get wet. The whole planing process took only about 5 minutes, and the paddle was quite a bit lighter when I finished.

The ideal adjustment is achieved when the strip must be pushed into the rotating cutter, and will not move when you let go of it. If you are a beginner, take your time, study the plans, MAKE A MODEL, get a book. Bowers also recommends using stainless steel screws to fasten the gunwales to the canoe. The nearest we get to see boat -building craftsmanship in the UK are some of the Lake District and Thames vintage steam and petrol cruisers – the Italians still make nice speedboats. I purchased plans for my canoe and lofted them for my kayak from tables in Kayak Craft.

Any book on canoe building shows you quickly enough that a big part of the construction time is absorbed with building the form. The modern woodworker has many tools at his disposal, as well as amazing new wood glues that make for strong and beautiful laminated blades. This kind of paddle is particularly suited for long canoe trips, on deep water (lakes, sea), with open canoes. You can either get that measures from a paddle that you bought earlier, or you can use the ones I wrote in the following tables. But, too often, the multi-ribbed conventional canoe is not only hard to build but too thin-skinned for hard usage.

Get your child to sit on the remaining sheet of plywood, and pull open the two strips of plywood, lifting them over the child’s head and onto the plywood (or you could just make a decision for your child, the wider the better). Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) grows in the Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific coast to Alaska. Description: The term Spanish cedar refers to a group of 6 or more species in the Cedrelo genus that are distributed from southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

The fiberglass cloth on inside and outside of the wood makes a laminated core structure which is very stiff and strong. If you have ever struggled with the oars of a heavy, slow-moving rowboat and then paddled a swift, high manoeuvrable canoe you can appreciate why many true sportsmen prefer canoes. We estimate one out of four first time builders gets overwhelmed and frustrated with too much shop logic; the canoe never gets finished. Anyway, i put the first strip on on New Year’s day… I nailed each strip to Each station mould and put staples in between to hold the planks close together.

If you want an oval shaft, you need to make the side layout lines farther apart than the top layout lines. The Canoe Kit contains: Plan sheet and layout sheet, Stripbuilding Notes, and a CD of Construction Pictures. Because the sole is so short, spokeshaves can be used to make surfaces flat or curved. The handle length should be roughly the vertical distance from your shoulder to the waterline, assuming you are sitting in the boat (obviously), then add the paddle blade. I have worked step by step through these instructions to make boat building accessible to you.

I don’t know exactly what percentage of the total weight is actually due to the wood core but it probably isn’t any more than 60%. The ROBIN is a design requested by a client who had already built one of our Wren stitch and tape ply canoes and who wanted a similar craft in strip planked construction with a sweet round bilge shape. There’s enough colour variety in wrc that you could make accents or patterns with it without resorting to mixing wood species.

The CD also contains a copy of our On-Line Manual which uses 65 colour photographs showing one of our Hazelnut open canoes being built in detail, a copy of a past article on building the Christine Open Trekking Canoe plus an easily printable order form and contact details. Alternating circus stripes, eagle inlays, chevrons, garish colors, aluminum lawn chair seats just don’t GO on a canoe. If the wood core only accounts for 50% of the total weight then the weight penalty drops to 4.8 pounds. I had a student build a feature strip with what he claimed was spruce from framing lumber.