Northstar Canoes Revives Upscale Minnesota

If Northstar Canoes were cars, they would be BMWs, say the duo that revived a line popular among BWCAW paddlers. We paddled out among the Apostle Islands with the MN II and wondered if we would get back alive We tried out the Bell Northwoods, along with five other brands of canoes (we initially went to the dealers to buy a Sawyer), and as soon as we tried the Northwoods my wife and I began arguing about whose canoe this would be. It was love at first sight (or maybe at first sit).

The customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Northstar Canoes factory in Princeton, MN. This warranty does not cover normal wear, nor damage resulting from abuse, alteration or unauthorized repair; also not covered are damage caused by driving over loose bow ropes, canoes taking flight on highways, loans to best friends, and incidents involving canoes that should’ve been removed prior to entering the garage.

On a trip with Alexandra Conover, she made it clear, however, that the style of the paddle was not critical to paddling in the older style that almost certainly was used by native Americans, and she argued that the Northwoods stroke would be effective with many paddles, not just with the north woods style paddle that she makes (and makes very beautifully).

Seventeen years ago Rollin had finally made enough of a success with Northwoods Canoe Co to hire an assistant – Peter Wallace, owner of Bean the dog Peter had twenty years of building experience, but had never worked on a boat. PRINCETON – When Ted Bell got back into canoe-building, the former downriver and flatwater champion who launched Bell Canoe Works in 1988 figured he’d make 25 boats a year out of his three-car garage.

One mold — a classic design by the late Joe Seliga of Ely, previously produced by Bell Canoe Works — is set for a Northstar release this year as the Seliga Tripper. Yost, who is now training son Carl in the business, owns the designs he originally produced for Bell Canoe Works. So when the former champion racer and founder of Bell Canoe Works returned to building after a six year hiatus, it’s kind of a big deal. One summer there was an auction of a couple dozen eight foot fiberglass canoes specially made by Old Town for use by local artists..Each canoe really was an original work of art.

We’ve used the Bell Northwoods in the BWCA, Quetico, and Woodland Caribou Park for many years and the only complaint I have in all that time, was getting stuck in a sudden heavy quartering wind, making the canoe hard to keep on course with an inexperienced bow paddler. Canoes of my youth as I easily trek my Northwoods and a pack along a portage in my fifties. West Coast Canoe Company – Dedicated to the crafting, restoration and repair of classic cedar canvas canoes. We start each summer with brand new tents, sleeping bags, packs, canoes and cook gear.

The Northwoods high adventure base strives to provide exposure to the phenomenal resources that the Northwoods has to offer. Three students will leave this course with a new canoe nearly ready for paint and varnish; all will leave with knowledge and experience of what is probably the most indigenous of American boatbuilding techniques, a process directly evolved from birchbark canoes and still very much alive today.

Many of his company’s lovely canoes have survived to this day, and are eagerly sought by collectors. Western Canoeing Manufacturing – Designs and manufactures composite canoes and offers over 40 models. Some canoes built by the Kennebec Boat and Canoe Company have an identical cedar stem, possibly because Kennebec founder George Terry hired men from Morris. Wenonah Canoe Company – Light, durable canoes made for easy paddling and portaging using materials such as Kevlar and Royalex.

In Connecticut, at least two others work on wood-and-canvas canoes part time: Carl H. Williams in Salisbury and Ken Morrisroe in Brooklyn. I didn’t know anything about Rollin or his canoes until I stumbled on this one on ebay and then I started researching. The photo below shows a half-size modern Morris made at Northwoods Canoe to replicate the full-size 1910 Morris in the photo above above.

At week’s end, you will canvas the canoes in the traditional manner, using the envelope” method, stretching the canvas drum-tight, tacking it in place, and filling the outside weave with a special compound. He’d sold Bell Canoe Works to LaCrosse-based ORC Industries in 2006, and resumed canoe-making — first as Bell Composites — after his noncompete clause expired.

The Northwoods is designed so there appears to be no flat surface for the waves to catch and produce this feeling. Mostly Jerry loves wood and canvas canoes and all they stand for and has built his life around paddling, building, and writing about them, using them as subjects in his artwork and helping others build and restore their own. Bell is no longer in production, so this may be a pointless review, but you still may find a used one here or there.

Northwoods Resort is just 2 miles from the beaches of Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake. Now, instead of a couple of canoes in the shop and a few awaiting work outside, there are a dozen in the shop and more than 60 stored on racks outside. Enjoy a beautiful summer day in the Northwoods with a paddle down the AuTrain River or a boat ride on AuTrain Lake.

They were building canoes off the original E.M.White forms in addition to a wide variety of other wooden boat construction and restoration projects. Canoe & Kayak magazine, sensing that interest, issued its first edition this fall of Canoe Journal, a magazine devoted to wooden canoes. Rollin Thurlow has been building and using, writing and teaching about wood-and-canvas canoes for years.

The trimming of the cloth and wood was very precise, much better than any of my Wenonah or Sawyer canoes have been, and that’s not to say they were at all bad. Despite the name change, people still generally refer to the boats as Bell canoes. Customers’ brand loyalty and a love of boat-building brought Bell, 57, back to the business at a time when kayaks were outpacing canoes in paddlesport industry growth. Piragis Northwoods Company Outfitters is a full-service canoe trip outfitter for the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park. Lincoln Canoes and Kayaks – Maker of lightweight canoes and kayaks as well as accessories.

Sculling maneuvers are used on both canoes and kayaks, but primarily to draw the boat sideways, not as a means of forward propulsion. By 1920.. 75 em­ployees worked at the plant; that same year, a tragic fire leveled most of the uninsured facility, bringing large-scale production of the popular canoes to a premature halt. Sherwood Canoe and Kayak – Manufactures custom and semi-custom glued lap and taped seam canoes and kayaks.

To get from one waterway into another, participants portage (carry the canoes on their shoulders), and line (guide the loaded canoe down the sides of unrunnable rapids). Northwoods Resort Boat & Canoe Rentals is located 10 miles west of Munising and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and 2 miles south of M-28 on AuTrain Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ted Bell talks Monday about Northstar Canoes, an upscale canoe making business he started in Princeton that has received renown for its designs, and could double its production in the coming year.

In this workshop, we will explore the rich heritage and diversity of techniques that generations of canoeists have utilized to enjoy the lakes and rivers of the Northwoods. Langford Canoe – Manufacturers of cedar, kevlar, carbon fibre, symmetrical and asymmetrical canoes. Ely Minnesota and the Northwoods is our home and we are eager to share it with anyone who has the desire to experience all it has to offer.