How To Paint Over Varnish

This color-matched Minwax 3.75 oz. White Wood Putty is designed to match wood finish stains and can withstand painting after its application. The stain won’t match up with the rest of the door as well as paint would, but it won’t be too noticeable at all. I don’t measure, but one part powdered paint to one part water is the ratio that works best. This 2-part filler mixes easily and stays workable for about 15 minutes, it filled the deep cracks and missing lumps of plaster in two attempts, smooths out beautifully, and sands nicely as well with 80 grade Abranet. But if you need a putty that will do those things I described above, you will be pleased with Minwax Wood Putty. Polyester filler will not properly dry unless the two components, filler paste and cream hardener are mixed together.

The actual filler is usually finely-ground wood chips or wood dust, and because they are mostly wood, plastic wood fillers accept stains. After rolling one coat over the table with a foam/sponge roller I knew that I did NOT need to use shellac since the Chalk Paint® covered the burn mark 100%. At this point, all of the hard work, hermit-like behavior and take out meals became 110% worth it. Spending around $350 ($225 on painting supplies and hardware and another $125 on trim) I was able to take my kitchen from HATE to GREAT in a month.

Just seems to me like air bubbles in the paint best way i have found with gloss is to put a good undercoat down… then smooth it as much as possible… then when it comes to the gloss coat put one coat on non drip gloss on and leave to dry for at least a week to two weeks. Apply wood filler using a putty knife starting at the edge of the damaged area and pressing the filler into the damaged area. For this job we’re painting over a darkstained window frame to lighten up a gloomy room.

It can look like the wear and chips happened over the years, but really, the milk paint just recreates that look with minimal effort. We continually test our product with stains, sealers and wood (type) products for compatibility, but of course application varies with each process. Cut in twice with the wall paint then put painter’s tape sticking out on top of the floor trim to catch the specks while rolling.

If only small areas of the paintwork need to be removed, sand them down (providing you can be sure there is no lead in the paint) as smoothly as possible creating a very gentle slope between the existing paint and the wood underneath. This is commonly caused by moisture beneath the paint film and by paint applied over grey denatured wood, dirt, oil, grease, polish and other surface contamination. As for the cabinets I referenced- you know the one’s that have that yellowish wood stain color and you can see the grain of the wood. Two popular filler gels that receive good customer feedback are Bona Mix and Fill and Fiddes Wood Filler Gel.