How To Build Floating Shelves

These floating shelves are in a small closet, half are U-shaped — hanging on three adjoining walls and they are fairly deep so they have to be well supported. Glue the wall batten up with plenty of wood glue all the way round and slide the new shelf onto it. Pin it in place with a finish nailgun or 20mm panel pins(a nailgun is better than hammering which may loosen the batten from the wall. If you have an old storage system above the toilet, it may be time for an upgrade and these little shelves are the perfect décor for any bathroom.

I havent had the chance to completely model my plans for the Locking secret shelf just havent had the chance to finish it yet. How you intend to use this storage piece will determine where it is positioned in the house, and how high or low on the wall. I have all the wood ready to go for this, but I’m using MDF for the top and bottom parts of the shelves.

I used a 10ft 2×4 for the frame (wall + support ) and I used 7 of these (20 inch apart from each other) and attached the frame to the studs. Because of the bracket-less design, floating shelves look cleaner and sleeker than normal shelves. Since this shelf will not be connected to anything, you must be sure that it is screwed firmly into the studs behind your wall. So here’s everything you need to know to build your own heavy duty floating shelves.

You can always do a test by bringing home a bit of wood and applying the stain before building anything- just to be sure you like the color and the overall effect. After deciding what we would do, I turned the project over to Joe 🙂 His detailed tutorial for these DIY floating shelves is below. I am overly cautious before starting a wall project like this for fear of a repeated accident.

I also left a space at the bottom on the left side where I could store my vacuum and cleaning supplies that are tall so the bottom shelves are only L-shaped, not U-shaped like the top three shelves. Oddly enough, I’ve got a different set of friends who also want a floating shelf piece, but it will be entirely different than either of the two I’ve done previously. You want the larger hole to allow for some play when putting the shelf in place. Summary: Tips and information on how to install your floating shelves or bracketless shelves. We used 3/4 inch AC plywood for the folding table and 2 pieces of 1″ x 20″ of pine for the shelves.

This will then pull the support bracket tightly into the wall and securing it in place. The shelves fasten to the wall studs for permanent storage, or 1/4-inch-thick plywood fastened to the sides and back stabilize a moveable unit without fastening it to the wall. An hour later the lacquer had dried which meant that it was time to attach the top and bottom shelves to the hidden inner frame. Use several shelves together to cover the full wall above the TV, and shorter lengths beside it; cabinets below provide closed storage for media and extra cords. Take your drill and drill your hole exactly in the position of the mark on the wall.