Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Learn how you can build kitchen cabinets from scratch and find out whether building your own cabinets is right for you. If all of your drawers are the same depth, cut two pieces for each drawer of the same height, and you are done with this step. If you could even see it, it was about 12 inches wide and tucked way up in the back of the base cabinet. While var­ia­tions abound in detail, most doors fall into three style cate­gories: raised-panel, flat-panel (or recessed-panel) and flat (slab or plank — the terminology differs among manufacturers) doors. Kitchen cabinets are built in a modular fashion by creating a series of box units” like the one above.

Today, thanks to good quality panel stock, they are very simple to make and are usually the least expensive door style. This unconventional clamp grasps the carcase to gain leverage for securing the face frame to the cabinet. Included are pull-outs for kitchens, slab doors, frame-and-panel, arched frame-and-panel, cope-and-stick, glass panel, tambour doors, and various types of drawers. The number of drawers is up to you; install them under all your cabinets or just one. These are generally fitted to kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets and most affordable furniture.

European hinges , like the Blum overlay hinge pictured above, are easy to install and adjustable in either two or three directions, making them an extremely popular choice. If you are worried for how to refresh your kitchen cabinets to new look, here are a few ideas that would be of great help to you. Although virtually all drawers share the basic features of the one shown below, there are an array of variations.

New technology and improved resins make particleboard a strong, reliable building material. The top drawer was a bit of a problem because the countertop was still on. This is quite common in kitchen cabinet refacing jobs. The majority are made out of wood, and that’s probably what you’ll be building yours out of, too. For these drawers, I chose a shallow cove profile that’s easy to produce and easy to sand.

Once it’s in place, I attach the left front support post to it. I’ll also need a partition in the rear of the cabinet to make up for the non-existent wall. Danny Proulx makes it easy for woodworkers to navigate the notoriously tricky art of building and fitting doors and drawers. To design these, I closely examined our kitchen cabinets and just simplified those construction methods. If you’re cabinets will have overlay drawers, where the drawer front sits in front of the cabinet body as pictured above, take the measured depth of the cabinet and look for a drawer slide that is 1 to 2 inches shorter than that measurement.

Some people would argue that slide outs take up too much cupboard space; but I say organizing in a way you can find what you’re looking for really quickly is worth a few square inches of space! The project took 5 pieces of the same cabinet trim I used on the cabinets (trying to keep it cohesive), so the entire cost was around $26 (for 8 drawers). Latches: if you don’t like the RV slides, you’ll need some way of keeping drawers closed during cornering.