Hockey Slideboard Review

Successful hockey players have to work diligently to not only become great skaters, but to maintain their high level of competency in the various hockey skills. If you don’t have a Slide Board, you can do this using sliders or even in the Suspension Trainer (click here for the Suspension Trainer Posterior Plank to L-Sit ). This move is very similar to the Skater Squats with Touches, which can be done if you don’t have a Slide Board or sliders. Sliding your legs open and closed at the same time on the Slide Board makes this move very challenging. A demonstration of a proper slide board transfer from seated on a bed to a wheelchair and returning back to the bed. My original plan was to use four 2 inch long, half inch to inch thick, flat headed lag bolts that would attach to the end stops through the bottom of the board.

One end piece is permanently attached with bolts, while the other can be moved in or out in order to allow more room to slide or less room to slide. They are evenly spaced at the middle of the board, and the board digs down into the liner during each push. Slide board exercises are designed to target your entire body helping you maintain perfect symmetry throughout. At my current level, I probably don’t need a Pro-Slide or Ultraslide board, and, depending on how this board holds up, I may never need to make that kind of investment. Yet, as in other sports, the exercises and drills you employ for ice hockey players must transfer to the game.

Swing your arms across your body toward that outside leg and then push off that outside foot to push yourself across the board. Speed Skaters use it different than Hockey Players do. For many of us simply using the Slide Board for exercise, a more Hockey style movement” may be best. The typical hockey slideboard will cost between $130-$140 dollars (for the 8′ model), depending on the specifications and materials. Most slide board movements begin at one side of the board and end at the other.

It doesn’t matter what condition you are in. If you have never used a sliding board before, you won’t be able to pull of a workout routine that’s longer than ten minutes. Simply make sure the individual that is trusting their body with you is in the right place at the right time with the right person. Then lower your hips back down to about an inch off the ground and slide your butt back between your hands, keeping your legs out straight. Repeat the move, sliding your legs back out in front to bridge back up. Do not slide too far out though and put too much strain on your shoulders.

Place covers such as gloves or booties on your hands, then perform a push-up while on the slide board surface. All slide boards are equipped with a non-slip coating on the bottom to ensure sound footing, and are coated with a state-of-the art material to guarantee an extremely slippery sliding surface. Even if you don’t have a Slide Board, many of these moves can be done using sliders (or towels) or even a Suspension Trainer. Typically the material consists of a slippery plastic surfaces were booties are worn on the athlete’s feet to allow movement across the distance of the board.

For one thing, if you’re a skating or hockey enthusiast, the slideboard offers you the benefits of exercising and perfecting skating maneuvers without any of the commonly experienced anxiety that you might get from being in an open rink and especially in front of other people. Participants put special gliding booties over their sneakers, which facilitate gliding across the board. With the price we pay the slide board, we should have the best booties you have.