Behr Deck Fence

After reading through Behr’s weatherproofing pamphlet, we decided their Premium Weatherproofer line was the best value for our job. In a desert climate, i’d probably (not 100% on this one) go with a solid color acrylic STAIN (not paint) as the pigments will protect the wood from the UV, and moisture is less likely to make the finish peel. If your deck is older than 2004 and its finish is flaking, keep in mind that the wood is probably chromated copper arsenate (CCA), which contains arsenic. Behr wood stain is marketed primarily for decks, but I’m testing it on a piece of cedar for outdoor furniture.

My advice is to stay well away from Behr from now on. Deck care is a huge job, and you really don’t need disastrous results like some of us have experienced, at any time. They were great with a problem I had with another Behr product – they have a customer for life. How to strip stain off a deck with Behr Wood Stain & Finish Stripper and Behr Premium All in One Wood Cleaner. Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Stain is occasionally recommended and is a deep penetrating, acrylic-based stain. If you have new wood I’d go with a clear sealer to see the beauty of wood until the wood ages to the point you need a semi-transparent to cover imperfections.

The label reads Transparent Weather Proofing, All-in-one Wood Finish.” It also says soap-and-water clean-up, so I’m thinking it is basically an acrylic sealer, with additives for color. Others are semi-transparent, while clear sealers show the most wood grain … Consumer Reports recommended another one from Home Depot, Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain. One perk is that these stains can be matched in color to the wood substrate so that they appear nearly clear even when they’re not. The sun sections faded flat and got real dry finally, and 3 pine caps rotted due to rain and snow getting into screw holes or knots failed.

One can theorize that where you live in the country and your local weather patterns (as well as type of wood) will determine what is the best product. I have used Behr semi-transparent oil base in the past, but Home Depot no longer carries Behr alkyd based deck stains. I told them at home depot that I wanted a clear sealant and this is what they sold me. It was ORANGE. Acrylic and latex also are known to retain their color better than oil formulas, although they won’t absorb into wood as easily. Just had it pressure washed and I would like to go with something that brings the grain out of the cedar wood but doesn’t have too much color in it. Thank you!

Behr certainly needs to update their color on the 5-gallon container to more accurately reflect the resulting color. For house and deck stains, CR Best Buys for solid stains are Behr Solid Color Deck, Fence and Siding Wood Stain (Home Depot), $28, and Sears Weatherbeater Deck, Fence and Siding Solid, $21. Use the 60-grit sanding disk to quickly smooth out the rough edges and even things up. Get a pack from Home Depot. We bought Behr’s Premium Weatherproofer for $125 / 5 gallon container (or $25/gallon). And for solid stain, Consumer Reports named Behr’s Solid Color Waterproofing Wood Stain a Best Buy.

The only exceptions to this rule is that you can apply protective coating to parts like door handles and wood duckboard flooring, where temperatures are much cooler near floor. Just used this crap behr 500 what a joke always used thompson water seal clear before but guy a home depo said it was same already opened it and they would not take back. Paraffin oil is used on sauna paneling and benches helps keep them cleaner longer by adding a layer of surface protection that helps keep excess moisture and dirt from soaking into wood fibers. Oil-based polyurethane varnish brings out the wood’s natural beauty or wood grain.

I have been advised against anything to do with Thompson’s products, as you will have to stay with them always, I’m told, and any other finish applied later on will not work – not in the case of my cedar decking, by the way, virgin wood. Although the manufacturer claims it will protect wood from the elements for up to six years, a more realistic estimate would be one to two years. Depends a little on the wood you are using but for the most part it will take an off the shelf liquid stripper and a pretty good amount of labor.

In many cases, a manufacturer may offer the same finish in several VOC levels, or simply not offer a product in certain markets because it’s not cost-effective to reformulate products or offer multiple options. Browse through all of the exterior paint, interior paint and wood stains available from Behr, offering paints that are perfect for your next project. TWO – once all the old finish if off you may want to use a deck brightener/cleaner.

Behr offers two lines (shown below), a standard and a premium, with a price difference of only about $8. Olympic says its premium clear penetrating finish, called Olympic Maximum (about $32 per gallon) has better-quality ingredients than Olympic WaterGuard ($13.50 per gallon). Behr also scored the No. 1 ranking in the semitransparent stain category with its Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain, also winning the CR Best Buy designation. The Ryobi ONE+ Random Orbit Sander from Home Depot is a great way to get the job done without the hassle of cords.