Best Drill Press Reviews 2015

Since there are numerous types of drill presses available in the market, you have to be really careful while making a decision. Since the Jet drill press is manufactured with quality features and components, you will not have to face any difficulty in accomplishing their goals. I use my press for drum sanding, drilling screw-hole plugs, pre-drilling countersink holes, using a hole saw to form part of a design and many other things. The product line of Craftsman drill press varies from benchtop drills to standing/ floor drills and Radial arm to upright sensitive. Take my advice and save your money—this one doesn’t live up to that good old Craftsman reputation.

Powermatic has one drill press to offer the public, and it is a very high quality piece of machinery. I’ve only had it a few days now, used it quite a bit for a few projects that had been waiting on the press. I paid a whopping $80 for it and I couldn’t be happier with it. But the past few years I haven’t seen a drill press as big as the one I have at Big Lots or at Harbor Freight (and yes I’ve bought some very good tools from them). Again, this is one of the best small drill presses on the market, and won’t disappoint in quality, durability, or design.

This press features an adjustable depth stop for accurate alignment and repetitive drilling to produce smooth, clean holes. That includes drill bits, router bits etc I find old hack saw blades still in the package that was made here in the US, that the teeth don’t wear wear off after just a few strokes. Drill presses are going to be more expensive than hand drills, one reason being the speed of drill presses is much more efficient than hand drills. Speeds – Most drill presses have a belt and pulley system, allowing a number of different bit speeds.

The Wen 4210 10-Inch Drill Press with a crosshair laser is a customer favorite, rated with five stars and costing only $155. After reading much of this thread, I happened to be on the web page of the company I buy most of my power tools from and out of curiosity, I took a look to see how much change there is to the Delta drill presses since I bought mine. Personally, I wouldn’t spend a cent buying chinese junk tools, which all of them are now, yes even CRAFTSMAN.

Below you’ll find a list of our favorite drill presses as well as some general information that will help guide you in your purchase. This Craftsman 8-inch drill press is in excellent condition (only used a few times), and comes with an adjustable metal stand. Motor Size – The larger the motor, as rated in horsepower, the less likely the drill press is to bog down as you’re drilling. A common modification that many users make to their drill press is the addition of a drill press table.

With more than 10.6 million unique visitors over the last year, Practical Machinist is the most visited site for metalworking professionals. It’s claimed to have great bang for its buck, and is a reliable drill press to have, so you know it really is a solid investment for hobbies and jewelry making. They are so anal about this I had a chuck on an electric drill, the mechanical part, go bad and they would not replace it because it was on an electric drill. You can also use this gauge to drill multiple holes at the same depth every time. Low speeds allow the drill bit to work the material without creating excessive heat.

This is consistently a top rated drill press among consumers because it provides maximum depth drilling, and features an innovative X-shaped Xacta laser that provides some of the most accurate drilling that you will find with any tool on the market. But the table is too small for easily supporting larger workpieces, and also too small for certain accessories, such as woodworking drill press tables and the such. I am looking for operating instructions & maintenance instructions which usually comes with the user manual. Knowing what customers have found beneficial time and again will get you on the right foot to find the perfect drill press for you.

Running the drill at a lower speed may slow down cutting, but it also helps to maintain the motor without overheating it. Higher speeds, on the other hand, are better suited for pieces of wood. The RK7033 is a simple, good bench top drill press that provides dependable and versatile performance that is ample for any home work shop in a package that is pretty as a painting. It is highly recommended you purchase a dedicated drill press vice and attach it to your worktable.

While the major specifications are really the deciding factor in buying a drill press, some manufacturers add on extras to their products, making them easier to work with. The 10 inch press is the perfect size for the small home hobby shop, comes at a surprising price given its capabilities, and with the precision of Craftsman manufacturing, you can rest assured that this bench top drill press is built to last for many years of use.

Drill presses are probably the most common stationary power tools found in a home workshop. Ensure that the drill press that you buy has a chuck that is tightened with a tool and not tightened by hand. This drill includes a reversible handle so both left- and right-handed operators can use it easily. It’s recommended to clamp the wood to the drill surface which keeps it from turning, and also keeps your hands away from the drill bit.

To adjust the front to back horizontal beam alignment, turn the adjustment screw located on the side of the laser head opposite the rocker switch left or right by no more than 1/8 turn until the horizontal beam bisects the middle of the circle forming a cross hair image centered on the pinhole. This drill press was made with precision in mind, offering a laser to help ensure the hole is going where intended to help ensure accuracy.

I found out, with the purchase of this little drill press, that sadly, all Craftsman power tools ain’t what they used to be. If you buy one expecting the bulletproof reliability and rock-solid materials of old, you’re in for a disappointment. The folks at SKIL sent us their 10″ Benchtop Drill Press (Model 3320-01) to test and review. Years ago that is all I had a little bench top drill press, a belt sander, and a bench grinder all from Big Lots!

Jet offers some of the best woodworking drill presses and best metalworking drill presses. Enjoy such features as the 45 degree bevel that takes you right and left, along with a 2 inch spindle that adds to the overall convenience and practicality of this drill press. To get more out of your drill you’ll definitely want to find a model that offers multiple speed options. It is the best drill press for the money that is available in professional woodworking shops.

This is the most mobile” of the different drill press offerings featured in this review for sure. This 12 in. table top drill press is no exception, with such features as an adjustable fence with a depth stop for accurate and repeatable results when performing repetitive drilling jobs. Raise the chuck back to full height and turn on the laser by pressing the rocker switch. JET 20-inch drill press is provided with a 1.5 HP powerful motor that allows users to efficiently perform the desired activities.

The most important aspect of a drill press, by far, is the total power it can exert. All in all, this 3.2 Amp machine is, between its modest sticker of less than $150 and the reliability of its SKIL pedigree, possibly the best drill press of its size. This type of bench top drill press is useful for small drilling tasks that usually have a belt drive spindle head. Craftsman provides a solid midrange drill that works well for home projects and other small projects.