A Disabling Ailment Of The Inner Ear

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There is an important dense piece of tissue that sits between the ball and socket joint. The piece of tissue is called the articular disc”. The disc moves as the jaw opens and closes. The disc covers the condyle on the top and front and from side to side. The disk prevents bone on bone contact during all joint movements. In patients with jaw joint problems the disc can be partially dislocated or completed dislocated. Dislocated discs are the most common cause of clicking and popping jaw noises.

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Other causes of occlusal muscular problems are mouth appliances and braces. Mouth appliances like the typical night guards” usually put the jaw joint in a bad position unless the dentist really knows what he or she is doing. Braces often straighten teeth and make them beautiful, but often the teeth are moved out of a bite that is healthiest for the jaw joint.