Painted Brick & Stone Fireplace Inspiration

But, the fact that our fireplace, mantle and the built-in bookshelves on both sides of our fireplace are white, made for an overwhelming amount of white on that one wall. Use a brush that you don’t mind tossing because brick is rough on brushes and your wrist. But I got really tired of waxing and after trying so many paints the Paint Couture is the best I’ve found. Luckily I had purchased several gallons of a beautiful cream colored paint (so it wasn’t a stark white), and when my friend was visiting, she said Let’s paint that brick!” I was a bit nervous what my dear husband would say, since men don’t like painted wood or bricks very much. By white washing the brick, my hope was to bring that chalky texture back and amp it up. Dry brushing is very easy, you just want to scratch the surface with your paint brush.

It worked like a charm. I painted a little more in a few spots and sanded off the paint in others until the look was ‘œuneven’ but not as spotty as before. Natural Linen is a lovely light paint colour with neutral/beige, almost grayish pink undertones. I have also had experience painting brick on the outside with an exterior latex paint, very successfully. While house-hunting for the perfect Mid-century Modern house, I’d get super stoked at the idea of rushing into my new home and letting those interior brick walls have it. The plan included litres and litres of flat white paint, me sporting overalls and a roller on an extender pole.

This gives me great hope as the living room fireplace chimney is also seen in the kitchen and in the upstairs hallway as well. Even if the fireplace isn’t stained with soot, bricks and mortar will collect a lot of dust and grime over the years so it’s still a good idea to wash it down. After that, it’s a piece of cake to paint your fireplace and make it look like new. I used latex paint and we have wood floors and wood molding so the key was to just be careful and have a wet rag handy for those times I sponged a little over. A fireplace may also be subject to soot and combustion residue that can be hard to remove.

But like I told my mom when I was trying to convince her to let me paint her fireplace…there is just some brick that doesn’t ever need to see the light of day again…ever. Two nights later, when I knew the brick was fully dry, I started the white washing. For John and Sherry (at Young House Love ), it took only 2 coats to hide their orangey-brown brick. If there used to be an open fire but you prefer to have an electric or gas fire, or if the chimney is too damaged to make keeping an open fire viable, then painting the fireplace is a good idea.

If the fireplace is still in use, you’ll need to purchase heat-resistant paint, especially important if you plan on painting the firebox as well. Image above: The fireplace in this South African home is not only the central focal point, but also the main source of heat in the winter as Matt and Kathy Allison don’t have central heat in their home. Read the label and use the specific primer suggested for unpainted brick or wood.

We’ve had wood burning fires going in it off and on for the last three weeks and it’s still as nice and beautifully black as the day I painted. I used about one and a half pints which was less than expected, since the brick does soak up paint. John and Sherry painted the fireplace brick white in their last house And they’ve just whitewashed their brick fireplace wall in their current home! I had to talk my husband into letting me paint ours, and he came over to the right team once he saw how fresh and clean it looked. Unfortunately, I never got a good before picture of the fireplace in our basement.

I had the joy of applying whitewash to a large brick room addition I built nearly ten years ago. My brick was perfect rectangles with sharp corners, it did not look chipped away and aged. True to my nature, I will be tweaking it now that we’ve decided not to hang it above the fireplace. Basically if you burn candles in your glass-doored fireplace like we do, you’re great with latex paint on the metal frame. The quality and kind of paint is important when it comes to painting your brick fireplace.

We actually have a gas insert in our den fireplace and there’s be no issue with the paint holding up with the heat of the fire (of course we didn’t paint the inside of the firebox, which remained dark brick). Even if you go with white spray paint and it doesn’t match the white paint on your fireplace exactly, it should still look great because it’s a different material so your eyes won’t expect bricks and metal to be the exact same shade of white anyway. Before painting brick , always clean it thoroughly so that your application of paint better adheres.

See the links at the end of this post to see Part Two of my fireplace transformation: I show how I made over the grey hearth stone that the builder of my house never finished off and made it match the new AirStone fireplace. The color is Loden, it looks different on each of the fireplaces because each of them started with a little different colored brick. When it comes to designing your space or painting your fireplace and don’t know where to start Ultra Pure White is always a good choice!

And then I covered all the exposed areas of the glass with scrap paper, making sure to tape it down well enough that paint couldn’t get up under the edges of the paper and onto the glass. We’ve got a horrifically 70’s fireplace- one of those H” fireplaces, where the brick goes all the way up the ceiling! No problem ���� I would say Dynasty Blue and you might want to add a little snow white if it is to dark. A fresh coat of paint can give on old fireplace new life with a whole new purpose.

Painting brick isn’t much harder than painting a wall, it’s just a little more time consuming to get into all those cracks and in the mortar. I have a brick fireplace that takes up the entire wall of my family room and it was painted a mustardy color by the previous owners. The areas where the whitewash is applied lightly will allow some of the brick color to show through. A. I stripped a brick fireplace once using a standard stripper and it took weeks.

I’m not sure how well paint will hold up on exterior brick, but I’m sure you already thought of that and can consult with some paint experts for some strong exterior paint ;-). For bare brick masonry, start with an acrylic primer coat specifically formulated for covering concrete and masonry surfaces. Image above: Tara Mangini and Percy Bright painted the fireplace in their New York home a dark gray to camouflage the soot and grit that had built up on it. Painting bricks white like in this living room from young house love , creates a clean and contemporary look. The designers at b+g design created the illusion of more space by stretching the fireplace from one wall to the other.

I couldn’t believe it. So I did a search for removing paint from a fireplace and here I found some great solutions. Yup, I love it. I can’t wait to see how you style your furniture and accessories around the gorgeous, soothing palette created by the floor and fireplace. I did forget to mention that I used exterior paint with built in primer for this job, so you could do the same! This is a home staging trick that will fool the eye and cause the brick fireplace to diminish in size and importance. A stain-blocking, oil-based primer can help protect your paint against future soot stains as you use the fireplace.