How To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity (The Easy Way!)

Oak cabinets – you either love them (if you’re a man) or you hate them (if you’re a woman). The central storage unit separating the two sink areas features an arrangement of cabinets and drawers that can hold hand towels, hair dryers, toiletries, and more. I’ll have to wait until I get paint on the cabinet to see if this will be the final color for the countertops. In ordering wood kitchen cabinets, try to see a sample of currently produced work to check the colors.

We often get questions from customers about how to properly use this beautiful material in bathroom spaces, particularly when it comes to reducing the risks of swelling or warping of timber in damp spaces or close to wet areas. In addition to paint, I installed a backsplash and added a more substantial crown to the top to balance the weight of the uppers with the lowers and give the cabinets a more contemporary look. Many people prefer to remove the doors and drawer fronts and lay them flat to paint, but they can be painted in place, too. I laid out the doors on my counter, elevated with cereal bowls :). I used the foam brush to prime them as well.

The quality differences of various brands of cabinets is in the materials used and the construction process, with lower priced brands usually using cabinet boxes that are not as strongly built as better brands. Vanity cabinets provide storage space for your towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom accessories, and serve as the foundation for your vanity’s sink and mirror. To me, cabinet refinishing is along the same lines as the people who insisted on ripping out solid oak flooring a few years ago, and replacing it with fake woodgrained vinyl Pergo.

We sell gray wall cabinets with double cabinet doors, single cabinet doors and even wall cabinets designed to fit in the corners of the bathroom. When they break, more often than not it’s caused by either a split in the wood or a glue joint that has come apart. For more information on this, you can read my comparison on MDF and Solid Wood Vanities Avoid low-density particleboard if you choose to take the MDF route. Too much and the paint doesn’t cover well; not enough and the paint doesn’t level as well.

I’m having a Craft room designed and I’m thinking about using thermal foil cabinets by Hampton Bay thru home depot. Bathroom vanity cabinets are generally composed of hardwood or manufactured wood, although you can find a select number of cabinets in metal or glass. If you’re going all in, go ahead and handle the interior of doors while you have the supplies handy. VIcki Volvoski – I painted just the inside of the door itself – not the inside of the cabinets this time. Also included is a special anti-mildew coating that protects the interior of your vanity from the humid conditions of the bathroom.

And the best thing about this wood countertop was that it just took about three hours to make, and it cost a grand total of $34.11. And it’s a vast improvement over the old generic, apartment-grade laminate countertop that was there! In particular, the 1980’s / 90’s oak cabinets are great because unlike today’s wood cabinets, they stand the test of time and only after 30 years of wear and tear do they need some love.

Make sure your bathroom fan is in tip-top shape to prevent the room from getting too steamy and penetrating wood cabinets. Clean cabinet surface: Using your cleaner of choice, spray or wipe cabinet fronts one at a time. Grabill Craftsmanship offers a variety of standard and special order hardwoods, exotic veneers and ultra high gloss bathroom cabinets.

In the end however we use any wood the end user prefers with all considered and love using Maple, we just always try and help the homeowner invest wisely in what matter most rather then just throwing money into materials that won’t make any difference in the end result. It doesn’t seem to matter if I stick them down or just lay them flat inside the cabinets.

Pre-Finishing-Pre-finished hardwoods are recommended for many bathroom applications because their shop-quality finishes are both attractive and highly moisture-resistant. If the laminate becomes damaged in any way and moisture seeps in, the cabinet could be destroyed. This post is about ‘updating’ your oak cabinets – not about bringing them back to their former glory – or lack thereof. I would leave the kick plate the same color as the floor and paint feet for the cabinet to make it look more like a piece of furniture. A cherry wood door will always offer your home a warm and elegant touch that makes a quiet nod to your refined and developed tastes.

Birch cabinets have a smooth surface texture with a tight wood grain that is strong and heavy. This bathroom cabinetry is elegant and modern with brushed-metal pulls and handles lending subtle variations to the crisp white cabinetry surfaces. With so many styles and materials to choose from, though, you may find making the right selection challenging. Even if you’re only looking for a pre-fab vanity top you’ll still need to know the size of the vanity for your new or remodeled bathroom.

The first step here was to paint all cabinet surfaces with an oil/alkyd primer. By ordering your cabinetry from The Cabinet Factory, you are receiving a high quality, inexpensive product. Ironically it is the lower end production jobs i found that put a large emphasis on wood species since they have nothing else in design or finish to interest the end buyers.

You may have to paint an entire surface, starting and ending at a cabinet edge, because spot touch-ups are more obvious on discolored cabinets, such as near cooking areas affected by heat and airborne grease and soot. One of the most common questions asked about timber in the bathroom is around the risk of expansion or warping. These types of cabinets require more time for them to be made since they will be more customized than what is in stock. The Cabinet Factory is your source for both bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, whether you are looking for beautiful, semi-custom KraftMaid cabinets or inexpensive, all wood, stock cabinets.

Then there’s all the stuff that’s normally found in a bathroom environment like toiletries and cleaning supplies. Behr is so sure you’ll love their paint that they back it up with a lifetime guarantee! Prop up the door so that it is square with the cabinet opening, using shims if necessary, and then re-tighten the screws. Maple is a hard wood that some manufacturers use primarily as a base for enamel or stains. You can complement your vanity with a range of other furniture items including cabinets and seating.

Because you’ll need to remove the doors and hardware from an existing vanity, this is a good time to upgrade the knobs and pulls. However there are certain areas the foam roller won’t work well like when working around the hinges and along the edges of the cabinets. In addition to the vanity cabinets and vanity sinks detailed above, a vanity set includes a mirror as well. The paint will still be wet enough to clean up those areas and will still level and dry flat. For example, we now offer cabinetry refacing that includes producing new doors and refacing the cabinet boxes.

Solid wood bathroom vanities are made from natural pieces of wood that haven’t been compounded or glued together like plywood, particle board, or MDF. Our range of bathroom storage products is here to help you to organise your bathroom. Depending on the level of finish and detail, good quality cabinets made with MDF will be priced accordingly. As part of the range, this beautiful shaker-style floor mounted tall storage unit comes with two adjustable internal shelves and soft closing doors.

To help out those of you looking to recreate some of The Block’s best looks at home, we’ve compiled top tips from our experts and industry partners on using timber in everything from vanities to flooring and feature walls in your bathroom. For wood surfaces protected by a clear finish, sand with 220-grit sandpaper to remove any gloss. Undermount Sinks are designed to be installed beneath the sightline of a counter, making for a sink vanity that isn’t visible at a distance and is easy to clean and maintain. So I thought the walnut wood filler would be naturally darker than the cedar countertop.