Free Corner Computer Desk Plans

A great space saving idea for your home is to build your own corner computer desk. After I built the original desk, it was still a couple of weeks until my next trip to her, so I tried it out at my house, and put my computer on it. I found that I quite liked it. I’d sit on my day bed with a pile of pillows behind me, and then pull the computer desk up to me. Once I left the desk at her place, I decided to build a second one to use with my computer at home.

At 12′ long and 3′ deep, this farm table-style desk has plenty of room on top—and down below. Someday I’m going to build a U shaped desk so I’m surrounded by work area where I can pile up stuff. In conclusion, there are many different recording studio desk plans out there that each offer a unique style. I was online looking for rugs and this popped up. I clicked on the desk which and thought it looked great. You can either cut the desk out of one full 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood or 4 2′ x 4′ quarter sheets of plywood.

I’m not a woodworker at heart, so I knew I needed to keep the construction of the desk simple. Update on the case, one year later: all the build details for this project are here: http. It’s not necessary to glue the desk together as the pocket screws will provide sufficient strength and allow you to disassemble the desk at a later point if necessary. We had every intention to build this computer desk when we first received it. The dimensions were perfect for the home school desk we need, but the configuration just didn’t quite fit for us.

You can attach the leg to the tabletop by screwing through the top, screwing through the trim, or using corner brackets. Compare those to the cost of a store-bought chipboard desk with a wood-grain printed paper laminated top (like the one I’m sitting at), and you realize building this very solid, plywood desk makes great sense! Also makes a great laptop computer desk, or just general work table for jobs where you need to have your elbows above the table.

Please note that if making the desk out of 4 sheets of 2′ x 4′ plywood that some of the dimensions will be slightly different. Here are some ideas to get you started with building your own standing desk from scratch. I have looked around for desk and you can’t even find one for this price the one I have looked at not as well made and sturdy as this one. Is a great idea if you can’t put holes in your wall or, like this picture, want the desk in front of a window. The whole desk costs a fraction of a pre-built one and has served well for quite some time. Click on this link , or on the photo, to visit the page about the FREE desk plan from Kreg.

I also have a large amount of PC parts left over so i went out and found a cheap second hand cabinet for $15 and i am planning to refurbish that and start a custom water cooled PC cabinet mod build, i have some really good ideas for that, it will be a red and black theme so stay tuned and i will make a build log for that, cheers. Once the desk is in place, I adjusted the cross pieces to make sure that they were spaced properly and evenly.

Use the Storage Bottom as a guide to determine how far away it needs to be from the Side of the desk. I will walk you through the build below, and you can download and print the free plans by clicking HERE or the button below! Free carpentry plans and projects instructions to human body computers desks for your office scholarly person mansion Free plans to build a computer desk house room and your child at Also plans for Here are some inspiring DIY function desks. By creating the stand it also relieves the desk of all weight and prevents any possible bowing of the wood, it is screwed into the back of the desk to prevent movement.

The goal is to build a Lack table that sits on top of your main desk to elevate your monitor to eye level, and then bolt the shelf on to provide a place to use your mouse and keyboard at a comfortable height. Here, a built-in desk boasts a long granite countertop for spreading out paperwork, as well as traditional-style cabinetry that incorporates file drawers and roll-out shelves.