Vintage Wooden Crates For Your Home

Multiple wooden crates can make an affordable alternative to traditional furniture too. However, storing the toys can be a real challenge sometimes: this is where this amazing wall of built-in toy storage ideas step in and make everything easy and effortless! The box can have any design, although it is recommended to use sizes fitting on the standard design of pallets. Of course the possibility of pilferage of the crates should be taken into account when considering purchase of this type of packaging.

I actually bought one a few months ago in hopes to make a DIY wooden crate dog bed, but since I don’t have my own sewing machine it has just been sitting and waiting for me to find a comfy bed to place inside. STEP 3: Sand down the crates, making sure to wipe the dust away with a rag once finished. Just have a look at this comprehensive peek a boo toy sack tutorial, and let yourself be guided through every single step of the process. Adhere the crates to the base using construction adhesive, then add 1 1/4-inch screw at the corners and center.

The most important thing when selecting a pallet is to look for the HT stamp, which means it’s heat treated instead of chemically treated. Painting the interior of each crate ties the system together, but leaves the fun vintage typography on display. But being that these needed to be quite large AND lightweight for our project, we thought this was a pretty great price, for getting exactly the look we wanted. When I posted the Cottage Style Coffee Table last week, I promised a tutorial on the crates and the finish I used.

Since this was my first wood working project and these were actually built over a year ago, I have done my best at putting together a tutorial for you. As much as wood can be affected by exterior atmospheric factors, the crates will only look better with time, vintage raw and cozy. The DIY toy storage cubbies are very space-effective and they are the perfect choice for a small room, or even for your back closet. With the Decor I have with all the vintage stuff and my love of crates this would be a MUST to add to it…Crate Storage Bookshelf bookcase. I’ve seen this done with a plastic egg crate, but I like the vintage look of this!

If none of those stores are located near you, Amazon also has a few wooden crate options (affiliate link). Starting the outer frame is always the hardest because there’s nothing yet stabilizing it. So loading in your screws, then driving them in just a little before the build will make you believing you know what you’re doing, vs. scrambling off the ground for your wood. After some research I used the recipe from Amber Dusick (thank you Amber!) She makes this luscious wax for her wooden toys.

If you’re still willing to share your instructions I’m planning on making a copy-cat for my living room. We also picked up some $.47 cent a yard rope, a piece of this small square board ($1.97) to put inside the corners of our crates and a thin piece of plywood ($8.00) for the bottoms of the boxes. I was able to get all the boards to make this DIY Pallet Wood Crate from one pallet and a few pieces of scrap.

So that you get a vintage result that is in keeping with the decor of your home, it is recommended that you give it a coat of paint and varnish to the box to remove dirt so that it fits perfectly with the furniture in your house. I have even thrown both the vinegar/steel wool and tea/coffee grounds mixture into a plastic bin when I stained some wooden easels that we used at our wedding, and some picnic baskets. My goal with this site is to inform customers about wood and woodworking so as to make it easier to buy an item that will suit you for years to come.

Attach remaining crates together vertically for the sides and horizontally for the top of the storage system using wood screws, making sure to line up the inner edges for a cohesive look. In order to make things appear more symmetrical and add some functional storage, I decided to build some wooden crates that would be custom built to the size of each of the alcoves.