Pocket Planes Wiki Guide

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the game without spending any money, since you can find bux floating around and you’ll earn some with every level. Besides the roar of plane engines as they take off and land, you’ll hear that familiar airplane chime when one of your planes is loaded up and ready to fly. The third plane should be a No 7 or 8 Jointer Plane so you can work boards wider that your power jointer. On a night flight, expecting someone not to sleep is like asking them to put down their window shade during a flight over the Grand Canyon or Haleakala. Once they land, they’ll wait as layovers until you’re ready to pick them up with a class 2 plane. In Pocket Planes, you can use real world money to buy both coins and bux, both of which are used for purchasing new items in the game.

I don’t have a good hand plane so I definitely wouldn’t apply any finishes without some sanding. Since we know the calculations from above, it’s plain to see that we can increase our profit by reducing the weight of a flight. The Huey, Bobcat, Hot Air Balloon, P-40 Warhawk, Sea Knight, and Blimp are rare Class 1 planes that are only attainable as a reward for special events. When converting Bux to coins, it’s often more profitable to finish a long flight using Bux than to go to the Bank. This means some restructuring is needed both in terms of airports, and aircraft. Also live down by the lake and when the winds are right, we’re on the flight path.

Then again, I burned quite a few bucks on planes and fuel range upgrades so it may be a while before I can boost the speed of the planes to make them earn coins faster. You can still make a good profit and grown your airline while participating in the contest. To do this, simply fly with jobs destined for the Layover City, so your plane is emptied upon arrival, and able to take Layovers away from the city upon departure. It’s the same sort of formula found in games like Smurf’s Village or We Rule , only with planes and people instead of farms and crops.

Now, you can make your own or join your friends but flat out the largest flight crew in the game is toucharcade. Fill the flight up to the competition city so you can make a killer profit while still competing. Once you get your hand plane home, the next challenge is learning how to sharpen the plane iron. It is very easy to spot the part you need in the market, because the part is highlighted in green if you own other parts to that plane. The second most important setup is setting the chip breaker (on the smoothing and jack planes).

There is no need to build a chain of airports to allow you to start flying in a new region, just open up a new airport in the new region and pull a plane from your hanger to start servicing that region. A single Class 1 airport can connect two major airports (blue or red) across a country, letting smaller planes make the trip while giving them tons of jobs when they finally get there. Bux can also be used to speed things along, so if you’re really tired of waiting for your plane to fly across the Atlantic, toss a few bux its way and watch the magic happen. Whatever the current plane reward for the global event is determines the plane part that you will receive.

Not all bulkhead seats are created equal so check with the airline and consider the following pros and cons of a bulkhead seat before booking. If you are in a hurry to acquire Bux, but you are also caught shorthanded with no planes nearby flying in that particular direction, you can fly the Bux-job away from its destination in order to keep that job open. There’s a lot to like about Pocket Planes, particularly if you’re a fan of world-building sims. Captain Tom Bunn, retired airline pilot and licensed therapist, is the founder of SOAR , a program designed to help those with fear of flying and flight-related anxieties.

Ian Marsh, one of the developers at Nimblebit, was kind enough to offer up 10 tips to running a successful airline. In less than five seconds, before either of us could utter so much as an expletive, the plane came to its senses and rolled level. Later, when you get to Class 3 airplanes, you can lay-over bux jobs to Honolulu and bounce around a Pearjet or Aeroeagle from L.A. to Honolulu raking in bux.

Press the button with the glass of water on it to get them to refill it at least once during the flight. A man called Khalid El-Masri had come to them claiming he had been kidnapped by the CIA from Macedonia, bundled onto a plane and taken off to a prison many hours away. Then, I purchased some longer distance Class 2 and Class 3 airports, and shut down a couple of my Class 1 airports. As soon as you get on the plane, rip them out of the seat pocket and stuff them in the overhead locker.

If you’re travelling as a duo and hope to score an empty seat in your row, book the window and aisle seats at the back of the plane. While shopping in the Market, items belonging to partially completed planes will be highlighted in green. By picking up that extra passenger, you are making the flight more profitable than it would be if you just delivered all of the initial passengers in one flight. For example, if you buy too many planes, you may find that your planes are sitting at cities waiting for new jobs to come in. At this point, buy airports! You can view the prizes and our ranking by checking the Flight Crew section of the menu.