A while ago I stumbled upon a few FlyerTalk posts by Sam_Goh who seemed to know everything in the world about saving money at Lowes. Countertop projects fall easily into the DIY category, but it is always recommended to seek out some help with measuring and material selection from a certified kitchen designer (this might be someone at a local home improvement store or a more specialized professional working in a kitchen design shop). Cost to install kitchen countertops varies greatly by region (and even by zipcode).

This estimate was for RTF doors, not wood – 28 doors and 8 drawers (averages out at over $400 per door/drawer). The best countertop to have that is most practical with least amount of maintenance is the cheapest of all. When you use butcher block as a countertop that will be exposed to more water (around a sink and dishwasher) and heat (the oven and stove), it needs to be protected differently. Attach the longest leg to the 1″ x 4″ support with Kreg joinery ( you can view my tutorial on using a Kreg Jig here) Attach the smaller legs by driving the 3″ wood screws through the bottom of the drawer cabinet into the legs.

Solid surface countertops are man-made composites, typically acrylic, with the high-end appeal of natural stone but the added benefits of extreme durability. It is essentially a thinned epoxy that absorbs into the wood fibers and seals them quite nicely. You could add a 1″ wide mosaic strip down the middle of the top, or trim half an inch off each side of the existing countertop before attaching the backer board. I am also looking at items I have purchased from Lowes that I have not used/opened, and I will return everything that is new.

Whats more is that Lowes has a responsibility to make money in order to preserve my job as well as the other people who work there. Love your blog and I followed your kitchen remodel- which inspired me to go with white allen + roth countertops for our modern remodel as well. So we (and when I say we” I mean my contractor – I hired out for this one!) ripped out the old backsplash and countertop and installed butcher block that I bought at IKEA. The biggest problem with Lowes is they deliver incorrect door sizes more frequently than they should.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and since at this point my only options were to somehow disguise my mistake or start all over with another $45 worth of wood and filler, I decided to give one last ditch effort of concealing the light spots with paint. If desired, apply stain, such as Minwax® Wood Finish Stain, to unfinished, interior wood surfaces.

One question – not that this is a fresh post that you would respond to but do you have a basemen and was there any concern about support the weight of the countertops. Now Lowes wants us to wear their shirts with their names on them that we have to pay for, and put their signs on customers front lawns when we do work for them and heaven forbid we put the signs on our trucks, and to make sure we park our trucks in the street and if we park in the driveway we must have oil pan shields. Thanks Lowes for making things easy and ending our quest.. Can’t wait for our appliances!!!

This Countertop Guide article about refinishing countertops will help you decide whether or not cost of refinishing the countertops in your own home makes sense for you, your skills and your budget. You have more countertop choices than ever when it comes to materials, colors, and patterns. First off, as a rule, I try to stay out of any LOWES store due to past negative experience.

You can see a picture of it being glued together in this week’s episode article at The Kuppersmith Project 7: Yard & Countertops Whether your installer did a good job of gluing the seams together so they’ll hold up, however, is something I can’t answer. Nice job & great Instructable.. DH and I are thinking along the same lines for kitchen countertops because we have WAY too much counter and not enough moola for a full granite slab. I was a manager there and there were so many mistakes from the untrained people on the salesfloor and the outside contractors that did not actually work for Lowes. Homedept and lowes contractor are not special than other independent contractors.

Um..I’ll give you an example: A wax, finish, sealer can be used interchangeably to in word to describe what you put over your floor to protect it. The higher the solids” are in a product the better the wax, finish or sealer it is. Some of the products you buy to maintain your wood floors or your natural stone have a little bit of solids in them. I treated the rest of the wood trim in the house with coats of amber and clear shellac. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service.

Always probems with Lowes installs , they have outside installers that don’t actually work for comapany and many uderpaid untrained employees. I suppose we did get extra lucky by finding that the price of one item listed on the Lowes website was actually $500 less than posted in store. After Jack went to bed that evening I wiped on some wood stain in Dark Walnut with an old sponge. I painted my countertops with granite spray and used a water based poly on top (4 coats).

The part about waiting 2 months to get his money from lowes so he could purchase doors from the big orange pumpkin – bull crap – this guy is trying to make lowes look bad. Our Front Mounting PLUS Countertop Support Bracket is a gusseted version of our Front Mounting Bracket designed for overhangs, shower seats and other applications that require additional support. They have big lawyers who know how to make it all so that the advantage is all Lowes all the way around.

When you choose to renew and preserve your wood surfaces with N-Hance instead of refacing or replacing them, you can feel good knowing that you are choosing a path of conservation – saving trees and the landfill. If the installer were contacted directly and the customer not go through lowes the install would make more money and the customer would pay a hell of a lot less. Home Depot quoted us $25k to reface our current 42in cabinets, add new island and countertops(granite).

And as far as bugs go we’ve found bugs in some of the most expensive pieces of wood, we’ve even cut 2X4s from Lowes and found bullets lodged in them(by the way there made of lead). I’ve been told, though I haven’t been able to try it yet, that if you buy online, (using your points earning portal of choice) that when you come into to Lowes to pickup your order that you can have any gift cards you might have applied to your purchase and they will then credit your credit card that amount. General contractor overhead and markup for organizing and supervising the Wood Countertop Installation.

Solid surface countertops can also offer cost-conscious options while still providing a stylish appearance that can mirror the look of more expensive surfaces. Labor setup time, mobilization time and minimum hourly charges that are commonly included for small Wood Countertop Installation jobs. Our company always leaves our business card with the customer and if they call us first we would prefer to fix a problem before it went back to Lowes because we are professionals and stand behind our work. So for the record, I’m not pretending that the Lowes I work at is so good, as you say.

Their are some things lowes will not do so if you are not very handy at doing small jobs then you need to open the yellow pages look for a handy man. When I bought a Corian countertop through Lowes they gave me very explicit instructions about the preparation that must be completed before they would install the countertop. On the other hand, we paid $2,600 for the entire kitchen at IKEA, including the countertops (we went with Numerar oak ) and a new sink (we went with something very similar to the DOMSJO single basin apron-front sink).