Paint Outdoor Furniture

Finishing outdoor wood furniture will not only beautify it, but also extend its lifespan by many years. More so than with any other finish shown here, success depends on applying poly to a clean surface in a dust-free environment. If you can move the furniture inside your garage or other covered work area, do so. I realize this is impossible for the playset, so choose to work on an overcast day if possible. Some sealers contain a tint which will return your furniture to the honey color it had when you first bought it. Just don’t go too heavy on the coats or the stain will pool on the surface and act like a film instead of a stain. After letting the stripper sit for 10 minutes or a little longer, you can check to see if the finish has softened/dissolved enough to be removed.

I would assume durability is the most sought after quality of outdoor finishes, so when it comes time to choose a finish for my outdoor projects, that is what I will be shooting for. If applying by brush always brush well out along the length of timber when using an oil resin based wood stain. Though frustrating at the time, this trouble led me to discover a process that yields the richest looking outdoor wood finish I’ve ever seen. Wood that was once bright and beautiful is now reduced to wood that is gray, cracked, dirty, warped, stained and unsightly.

I have just applied a vinyl sticker on the bare wood and was wondering if you have any experience with finishing over vinyl decals. Also, linseed oil isn’t the best for woods like Padauk , Purpleheart , or Cocobolo (if you like the color of the wood as-is, this isn’t the finish to use; light-colored woods will yellow, and colorful woods age/darken much faster). There is a wide range of finish types with selection being governed by the degree of protection required and the appearance sought.

Begin by inspecting your outdoor wood furniture to see if any repairs are required. Quick drying, quick cleanup: Water-based finish sprays or brushes on easily, but it dries quickly enough that you have to work fast to avoid brush marks. Anything that is remarkably easy to use and effective will always keep a prominent place in my shop and this one is my go to finish for woodwork and antique furniture. Decking Treatments Protect, colour or revive your decking with these high-quality decking oils, stains, wood preservers and cleaners. The term Spar” originates with its use as a coating for the spars on sailing ships.

Although there are wrong choices for a clear finish, there usually isn’t one right choice for a given project, either. Beginning at the highest point, brush on your stain in the direction of the wood grain. I would use a simple minwax stain whatever color you prefer and then brush 3 coats of clear polyurethane in either semi-gloss or satin sheen. I wish I had the time to agonize over what specialty product to paint a chair with but instead I’ve simply been learning the ins and outs of using what’s on the shelf at Home Depot. Often used for exterior timbers where protection is required as well as an attractive finish.

This approach is useful for moving large, awkward shaped wood products that are difficult or impossible to lift or hang overhead, such as four-legged wood furniture. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth to raise the fibers; after the surface dries, knock them back with 220-grit sandpaper. Yeah, takes awhile to build the finish – but I really like the way it comes out.