TREME Bird Feeders

Welcome back to our Friday eco-friendly craft series We’re getting in Halloween spirit by bringing you a craft that does double duty by being a fun activity and a cool decoration for your home. The house dimensions front, side and rear are 8 inches square, wall height is the length of a Popsicle stick. I tell the children that they can use the sticks to make a house or two houses or if they really don’t want to make some kind of house, they can do something else. So once our plan was in place, Marisol and I hit the ground running for craft supplies and food for our party. Do a second row of popsicle sticks going in the opposite direction to strengthen the base (I actually did this at the end because it was a last minute decision, but doing it at the beginning will give it more support as you build).

I then came back and added some distressing to make the house look nice and haunted by using a darker color of paint and wiping/blotching it off with a paper towel. You can also try cutting the sticks and sanding the edges to add extra detail to you popsicle stick creation. His brother (4) also took an interest in the popsicle sticks and started building little boxes by laying the sticks on top of each other.

Glue one cut-off stick perpendicular to another (add clay inside; flowers are beads and paper leaves on cut-off toothpicks). Aside from this, I thought that building a house with sugary coated sticks would make things difficult. I cut squares out of construction paper in the color of their choice & glued Popsicle sticks around them like shown. You’ll get a better effect if you wrap over the top of each stick rather than underneath.

Use beads or buttons to create doorknobs, use craft sticks to form doors and use toothpicks to create window muntins. Attach one end of the shorter Skill Stick to the end of a full size Skill Stick. Glue two or more popsicle sticks together in the middle to make the frame, then tie or glue string to various cut-outs of characters and tie or glue these to the parts of the frame. The crafter needs 11 popsicle sticks to create each of the four walls of the house. You can discover the ice cream stick craft work pictures here that will inspire you.

By adding more support sticks, kids can make houses into snack shops – every stick village needs one. You can either buy one heck of a lot of Popsicles, and then eat your way to your goal, or go out and purchase wood craft sticks” to build your project. Continue alternating popsicle sticks around the outside until you have 6 rows, gluing each popsicle stick down as you go. Set aside to dry. If you’re familiar with Movoto’s previous pieces where we’ve used wacko stuff to build imaginary houses, you’ll know that we have a standard-sized house I use.

Now, put the arched stick in the glass again for some time so that it can hold on to its new shape and keep it so for 10 hours or so. To make the base of the bird house, lay down (12) Wood Craft Sticks horizontally. Now as children’s pastor at Abba’s House in Hixson, she’s in charge of Bible school curricula for 200 children that is much more interactive, high-tech and themed. You can also create a cool looking pencil/ pen/ crayon holder for the kids’ table and decorate it using your a wonderful Popsicle Sticks Crafts Idea.

I eyeballed it with the roof, gluing two more walls” together but adding an extra stick in length so that the roof would overlap a bit, then glued these two identical walls together propped up in an A-shape. But when has that stopped us from fanciful ideas—just look at our Bacon House post for clarification. I’m always looking for new crafts to do with my daughter , and I’m adding this to our list!

Create an easy jigsaw puzzle by simply gluing a picture onto popsicle sticks and then cutting along each one to make them individual. Add double-sided tape to the back of the frames so the kids can peel the backing layer off to stick their artwork on later. If it works better for you, you can do this painting step after you have glued all the craft sticks together. The idea is to make a backing board that is slightly smaller than your craft stick frame.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, was to build bird houses using wood, and after I accepted my mission, I was advised that a mystery product also needed to be used, and I could choose glitter or buttons. You can use a book or a box to help them stand on their own while you glue a popsicle stick across connecting the two surfaces at almost the widest point ‘ not quite the longest, it looks nice to have a bit of the roof hanging down. Acrylic paints work great if you want to add some color to your finished popsicle stick masterpiece.