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Free PDF plans for building a wooden whelping box and easy free woodworking projects. I wouldnt ever use 1 with my breed wouldnt last a day LOL we make ours and only costs about £5 🙂 we go to ikea get the oddments of wood that would of been a wardrobe we cut down to size hubby makes a flap at the front for mum to step in and out ,the flap goes up when pups are older (mum can still get in and out easy) we then skip it when pups are gone!

There’s no harm in having pig rails yet it’s riskier to not have them…. Some people build the boxes without bottoms to make it easier to secure bedding and clean the surface below (ie removable box bottom, piece of laminate, or directly on your hard floors-for the latter make sure chilling is not an issue, eg w/thick bedding), plus it makes the boxes lighter.

Please contact your breeder or veterinarian or refer to a good book on your breed for more information on how to deal with these specific issues. The whelping box will need to be of a large enough size for your bitch to stretch out, turn around and generally be comfortable, as well as having room to accommodate the new puppies. A box that is too small may result in her stepping on her puppies or smothering them, but a box that is too large will be colder or feel less safe to her.

Gayle speaks on all things dogs, focusing primarily on using science to breed and rear stable, healthy puppies. You agree to indemnify petheaters from any claims, damages, personal injuries and expenses in regards to any building projects and plans found on this web site. The dam should be in the box with the pups for long periods of time, especially when they are first born to allow almost constant nursing.

The only reason I went with the box this time is that it can be used in the kennel after whelping, offers more insulation from the cold, and the pups tend to find their way in easier after they climb out. Because plywood will absorb smells, and can give splinters, it is best to purchase plywood that has a smooth finish, and cover the area within the box with contact paper or linoleum to make cleaning much simpler. When day 1 of puppies whelping is over, I get momma dog and puppies out for a bit, take the whole thing out in the driveway and hose it down, wipe it down, and put it back.

Once the puppies are older I bring the box into the kitchen which is busier and is an ideal way to socialise puppies from a young age. The total cost for building the box was approximately $200.00 and includes everything listed above including the whelping pad, thermometer, lights and heater. Whelping Supply list: Having the necessary tools to whelp a litter can make the difference between success and failure. The free plans are for personal use only and have all been built and tested for strength and operation and to my knowledge they are correct and accurate.

It covers the responsible breeding of dogs to produce quality puppies and give them the best start in life. If you can hammer a nail, you can probably build a simple whelping box for very little money. A whelping box needs to be large enough for your bitch to stretch out in comfortably. Many breeders use shredded newspaper, towels and sheets to line their whelping boxes. Cut a 1 foot by 1 foot section out of one side to make a door for your momma dog. When it drops to 98, or lower, and stays down, whelping is going to happen, soon. Take great care to assure that the mother and puppies are not exposed to other dogs.

Once all of the puppies are born, clean up the whelping box and add fresh towels to it. You want to keep the room warm, to prevent chilled puppies. Keep newspaper and some old rags on hand to use for whelping itself, which understandably can get messy. Once your decision is made, you’ll want to notify the stud dog owner about when you expect your bitch to come in season so that they can make their own plans. The dimensions are specific for Cockers and other medium size breeds so if you have found this page by searching for plans for building whelping box then you will need to make the width of the side panels to suit your particular breed.

We know that you are busy, so our courses are designed with sound teaching and dog training principles to ensure you and your dog acquire new concepts quickly and effectively. I have looked all over the net and found lots of really nice boxes with excellent instructions on how to build them. Though a puppy can squirm out of a whelping box, it is impossible for it to get back into the box, and mom can not get the puppy back in on her own either. Since it’s nearing winter, I’d suggest you buy a heating pad now that only covers a portion of your box or a Whelping Nest to put in the box.