10 DIY Rabbit Hutch Building Designs And Plans DIY Ideas Tips

There are a number of DIY tutorial and these will help you in a better way. I sprayed mine with Thompsons wood sealant, and while I don’t know if the folks at r/rabbits would agree, my rabbit is around 11 years old with no problems at all over the past 3 years we’ve had him in it. I’ve also made hutches out of the same wood you have(at least it looks like it) and they have held up pretty decently to the weather for over 5 years, without anything treating it. It looks like you put more effort into it, though, and would like it to last a very long time.

Another way of handling this is when you cut your doorways, leave the wire stub one inch long and fold it over so the end points away from the door. And the rabbit rescues will of course latch on to the most startling statistics. After nailing sections rigidly together, cover with 1 inch chicken wire and attach hinges. Someone inattentive to this would eat rabbit and think they were eating chicken.

You can easily build a rabbit house in your house all selves rather than going to the market and making a customized outdoor and indoor bunny hutch. To add support thread a length of wood through one of the grid squares from one side of the cage to the other and rest the shelf on this. If your rabbits have impeccable litter training habits and don’t chew your carpet then you could stand the cube cage directly on the floor.

I’m currently doing a campaign to expose the companies that continue to sell tiny rabbit hutches despite being told the guidelines. DIY or furniture hacks for bunny housing is def the thing to do at the moment, during my research I came across some scary unsuitable rabbit homes! You may need to replace the wood supports now and then if your rabbit chews on it. You can make wooden shelves to rest on the supports if you prefer these to using the grids.

Suggested Materials include dimensional lumber, PVC piping, chicken wire fencing, exterior grade plywood, galvanized aluminum roofing and reclaimed lumber. It is commonly underestimated just how far 3 hops are – tests show that 3 hops from an average sized rabbit covers 6-7 feet. Of course, like any caged pet the cage has to be kept clean to keep the odor down.

One way to make a tunnel for your rabbit is to use a piece of poster board— you can even recycle one that you used for a garage sale sign. While a rabbit will eat almost anything, you should feed the foods that provide god nutrition and don’t upset his sensitive digestive tract. Rabbit and chicken droppings are mixed in the bedding material by the chickens, creating great compost.