Small Wooden Boxes For Sale In Canada

By using this website, you accept the use of cookies , that in turn allows us to give you personalised services and content. For example, if the preparation requires the scroll saw technique, maple or red oak wood will not be the good choice for the beginners, because they are difficult to cut, and if you want your wooden box to look attractive, you should choose a wood with a nice texture… Selection of the wood type is very important, when you are making decorative boxes – the proper choice of wood and the finish can virtually turn an unnoticeable box into the fantastic ornament for your house.

We can help you design boxes that increase your brand value and create a difference from your competition. If you see them in real you understand, these boxes and trays are just too cute to dispose. Small custom boxes with walled lids – the lid has a small portion of the box wall. Note that these boxes are solid cocobolo, not a thin veneer on a less expensive wood.

Specifically, you’ll want to determine how long, wide, and tall to make your box. It was exciting to gradually recollect my bearings from my 2011 visit and surprisingly locate four artist workshops in Grecia, Sarchi, Naranja, and Escazu, Costa Rica where mounds of cocobolo logs would be transformed into highly polished, smooth, richly colored and grained boxes. In many cases we have more than one box of the styles and sizes shown below, each with different grain and color. In early 2011 my son, Jay, and I visited Costa Rica to seek out the best craftsmen of wooden boxes.

Fashion a wood box purse by adding a handle to the top with small screws, a latch to keep it closed – if it doesn’t have one already – and an over-the-shoulder strap, if desired, by securing strap ends with screw hooks to the sides of the box. If the boxes you plan to make should serve only as the storage for redundant stuff in the basement or for tools in the workshop, their manufacture is not some big challenge. Draw a design on the box first in pencil or chalk, then paint over it with acrylics.

For instance I’ve always wanted to see a ‘ible on building a working personal aircraft out of wooden pallets and plastic milk crates, using only sheet rock screws, duct tape, and basic hand tools. BN Wooden French Provincial Vintage Storage Jewellery Tea Decorative Box Container. As you have any questions about these cocobolo wooden boxes please call or email us now. BN Wooden French Provincial Vintage Storage Jewellery Tea Decorative Box Container.

Decoupage gives your wooden box any theme you’d like – vintage travel maps, seed packets or random pages from damaged old books and comic books. Cover the entire box this way, or use small seashells along with or instead of the glass. By the way, there is a nice book called Wood Joining (or Joinery) one can download from KAT. Please note that since each of these small wood boxes are made with unique pieces of wood, each one is different.

Roy with one of the artists after he and photographer Jay hand-selected dozens of cocobolo wood boxes from the workshop in Costa Rica. Laps would involve having the two piece of wood overlap on the joint rather than just butting together like you have there. For beginners, the main limitation in box manufacture is experience in woodworking techniques required for particular box model.

Unlike furniture making, the box manufacture does not require a large amount of wood. Outside the workshops we saw cut cocobolo trees that would some day become boxes like these that we were so excited to discover and bring back home to Saper Galleries for you to enjoy. AfarPack strictly following FDA and FLGB (FOOD PACKAGING Standards) to make your wooden packaging box. Each European wood oak box includes an acrylic sliding lid that has enough transparency to reveal the box’s contents, and enough opacity that the eye focuses on the color of the lid and the fine craftsmanship of the wood box.

Buy this NEW Wooden Wood Shabby Beach Vintage Wedding Wishing Well Box Suitcase Chest. And, when you give a gift as personal and unique as this, they’ll feel so much more special than if you get just a factory produced boxes item from a store. The boxes we selected are all from the dark, richer heartwood with some displaying highlights of the lighter color sapwood. These make the most wonderful Affirmation Boxes for our Club Ophelia kids – a great value with all the supplies coming in the kit- paint, brushes, stones, even a table cover!